Ken Fussichen's History Of The Day For
March 27th

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1306*Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scotland at Scone Abbey by Isabella, countess of Buchan.Ref: 16
1536*Swiss Protestants in Strassbourg and Constance signed the First Helvetic Confession. It became the first major document setting forth the common faith of the Swiss Protestant churches.Ref: 5
1599 Robert Devereux becomes Lieutenant-General of Ireland.Ref: 5
1625*Charles I, King Of England, Scotland & Ireland, ascends to throne upon the death of James I.Ref: 5
1668*English King Charles II gives Bombay to East India CompanyRef: 5
1708*English pretender to the throne James III flees to DunkerkRef: 5
1709*Dike at Hardinxveld breaks (Alblasserwaard flooded).Ref: 5
1713 Spain loses Menorca & GibraltarRef: 5
1782*British Home Office created.Ref: 10
1794*President Washington and Congress authorize the creation of the US Navy.Ref: 5
1798*Simon Kenton marries Elizabeth Jarboe.Ref: 58
1836*In Kirtland, Ohio, Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion, dedicates the first Mormon temple.Ref: 3
1861*Black demonstrators in Charleston stage ride-ins on street carsRef: 5
1866*President Andrew Johnson vetoes the civil rights bill, which later becomes the 14th amendment.Ref: 2
1884*The first long-distance telephone call was made, between Boston and New York City.Ref: 70
1890*Universal suffrage in Spain.Ref: 10
1893 The American Bell Telephone Company makes the first long distance telephone call to its branch office in New York.Ref: 2
1900*The London Parliament passes the War Loan Act, which gives 35 million pounds to the Boer War cause.Ref: 2
1906*(Shipp) Joseph Shipp is re-elected sheriff in a landslide.Ref: 87
1912*First Lady Helen (Nellie) Taft, wife of U.S. President William Howard Taft, and the Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese Ambassador, planted the first two cherry trees in Washington DC. The trees are Yoshino cherries, and are still standing several hundred yards west of the John Paul Jones statue at the south end of 17th Street.Ref: 4
1920*Hermann Müller becomes German chancellor (SPD).Ref: 5
1921*The first Southern Baptist church to be constituted in the state of Arizona was organized in Phoenix formed principally of churchmen who protested the doctrinal views held by leaders of the Northern Baptist Convention.Ref: 5
1924*Canada recognizes the USSR.Ref: 5
1924*New French government of Poincaré begins.Ref: 5
1933*Japan leaves League of Nations.Ref: 5
1933*Some 55,000 people stage a protest against Hitler in New York.Ref: 2
1933*(Scottsboro Boys) Haywood Patterson's second trial begins in Decatur, AL before Judge James Horton.Ref: 87
1933*Farm Credit Administration (US) authorized.Ref: 5
1941*Britain leases defense bases in Trinidad to US for 99 yearsRef: 5
1941*Tokeo Yoshikawa arrives in Oahu, Hawaii, to begin spying for Japan on the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor.Ref: 2
1942*The start of deportation of French Jews to Auschwitz.Ref: 35
1943*Tolman writes Oppenheimer about using explosives to collapse a shell into a critical mass. This is the earliest surviving reference to the idea of implosion (although this term was not used).Ref: 91
1943*Assassination attempt on Van de Peat at Amsterdams census bureau.Ref: 5
1944*Children's Aktion. Nazis collect all the Jewish children of Lovno.Ref: 5
1944*One thousand Jews leave Drancy, France for the Auschwitz concentration camp.Ref: 5
1946*Members of Baptist congregations in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks met at Anchorage to form the Alaska Southern Baptist Convention.Ref: 5
1950 Netherlands recognizes People's Republic of ChinaRef: 5
1952*Failed assassination attempt of German Chancellor Adenauer.Ref: 5
1953 Nikita Khrushchev becomes the Soviet Premier.Ref: 3
1955*1st coast to coast color TV broadcast.Ref: 51
1956*US seizes US communist newspaper "Daily Worker"Ref: 5
1958 The Havana Hilton opens.Ref: 2
1958*Nikita Khrushchev becomes Soviet premier & first Secretary of Communist Party.Ref: 5
1961*Failed assassination attempt on King Saif al-Islam Achmad of YemenRef: 5
1961 Belgian government of Eyskens resigns.Ref: 5
1962*In Louisiana, Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel ordered all Roman Catholic schools in the New Orleans diocese to end segregation.Ref: 5
1964*Great Train Robbers sentenced to a total of 307 years behind barsRef: 5
1964*UN troops arrive on CyprusRef: 5
1968*Suharto succeeds Sukarno as President of IndonesiaRef: 5
1968*Japanese Trade & Cultural Center (Japan Center) dedicated in San FranciscoRef: 5
1970*USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR.Ref: 5
1976*Twenty-year old Bill Gates gives the opening address at the First Annual World Altair Computer Convention (WACC) held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
1976*Washington, D.C. opens its subway system, Metro.Ref: 2
1979*Supreme Court rules, 8-1, cops can't randomly stop cars.Ref: 5
1980*Mount St Helens becomes active after 123 yearsRef: 5
1991*In a surprising flap, President George Bush publicly disagreed with Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who claimed he had urged further fighting in the Persian Gulf War at the time Bush ordered a cease-fire. (Schwarzkopf later apologized to Bush.)Ref: 64
1993 A top UN relief official accuses Bosnian Serbs of breaking their promises by blocking an aid convoy for trapped Muslims in eastern Bosnia, a day after a cease-fire agreement. (XDG, p 4A, 3/27/2003)Ref: 83
1995*The Cray Computer Corporation, headed by 68-year-old computer guru Seymour Cray, filed for bankruptcy protection.Ref: 3
1996*An Israeli court convicts Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's confessed assassin of murder, then sentenced former law student Yigal Amir to life in prison.Ref: 64
1997*Dexter King, son of Martin Luther King Jr., met with James Earl Ray, the man in prison for the assassination of the civil rights leader. Ray denied having anything to do with the shooting, to which King replied, "I believe you."Ref: 70
2000*DaimlerChrysler AG announced it would buy 34 percent of Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Corp.Ref: 64
2000*The Supreme Court decided the federal government could deny food stamps and other welfare benefits to people who live permanently in the United States but who are not citizens.Ref: 64
2001*California regulators approved electricity rate hikes of up to 46 percent.Ref: 70
1512*Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sights Florida.Ref: 2
1790*The shoelace is invented.Ref: 5
1841*The first steam fire engine was tested in New York City.Ref: 5
1848*John Parker Paynard originates medicated adhesive plasterRef: 5
1849*Joseph Couch patents steam-powered percussion rock drill.Ref: 5
1855*Abraham Gesner patents kerosene.Ref: 5
1860*M L Byrn patents "covered gimlet screw with a 'T' handle" (corkscrew).Ref: 5
1866*Andrew Rankin patents the urinal.Ref: 5
1899*The Italian inventor G. Marconi achieves the first international radio transmission between England and France.Ref: 2
1901*Marconi transmits first Morse code message by radio from England to France.Ref: 10
1914*First successful blood transfusion (in Brussels).Ref: 5
1933*Polythene discovered at ICI labs in Northwich Cheshire by Reginald Gibson and Eric William Fawcett.Ref: 5
1953*A University of Pittsburgh team finds a vaccine that effectively combats polio.Ref: 25
1958*The United States announces a plan to explore space near the moon.Ref: 2
1958*CBS Laboratories announced a new stereophonic record that was playable on ordinary LP phonographs, meaning, monaural. In stereo, on the proper equipment, a new rich and fuller sound was heard. It eventually became a standard for record and equipment buyers.Ref: 4
1969*Launch of Mariner 7, flies 2,190 miles above southern Mars.Ref: 5
1972*Venera 8 launched to Venus.Ref: 5
1998*The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug Viagra, made by Pfizer, saying it helped about two-thirds of impotent men improve their sexual function.Ref: 5
2134*32nd recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet.Ref: 5
1721 France & Spain sign Treaty of Madrid.Ref: 5
1758*Battle at Emmerich: British army floats around France the Rhine.Ref: 5
1802*The Treaty of Amiens is signed, ending the French Revolutionary War.Ref: 2
1814*U.S. troops under Gen. Andrew Jackson inflict a crushing defeat on the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend in Northern Alabama.Ref: 2
1836*On the order of General Santa Anna, Fannin and a force of almost 350 men are executed at Goliad. Ref 
1847*Siege of Vera Cruz, Mexico begins; 10,000 troops under Winfield Scott in first amphibious operation. (TWA, 1958)Ref: 95
1854*France declares war on Russia.Ref: 10
1863*President Davis calls for this to be a day of fasting & prayerRef: 5
1865*Siege of Spanish Fort AL: captured by FederalsRef: 5
1939*At a Foreign Policy Committee meeting of the British Cabinet, the Ministers decide to side with Poland, rather than try for a multi-nation agreement involving the Soviet Union. 
1940*Himmler orders building of Auschwitz concentration camp, at Katowice.Ref: 5
1941*A military revolt in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, overthrows the pro-Axis government of Prince Paul. Hitler orders the military annihilation of Yugoslavia (Directive 27) in retaliation for its coup. Operation Barbarossa, the planned attack on the Soviet Union, is postponed from May 15 for at least a month. Yugoslavia and Greece are to be attacked on April 6.Ref: 36
1941*Hitler signs Directive 27 (assault on Yugoslavia).Ref: 5
1942*In Canada, an order-in-council is issued giving the Custodian of Enemy Alien Property the power to sell confiscated property. 
1942*Japan forces Java to use "Tokyo time" 1˝ hour forward.Ref: 5
1942*The British raid the Nazi submarine base at St. Nazaire, France.Ref: 2
1943*US begins assault on Fondouk-pass, TunisiaRef: 5
1945*The US 20th Army corps captures Wiesbaden.Ref: 5
1945*B-29s lay mines in Japan's Shimonoseki Strait to interrupt shipping. 
1945*British premier Churchill sails to eastern banks of Rhine.Ref: 5
1945*Iwo Jima occupied, after 22,000 Japanese & 6,000 US killed.Ref: 5
1945*During World War II, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower told reporters in Paris that German defenses on the Western Front had been broken.Ref: 70
1952*Elements of the U.S. Eighth Army reach the 38th parallel in Korea, the original dividing line between the two Koreas.Ref: 2
1956*French commandos land in Algeria.Ref: 5
1966*Anti Vietnam war demonstrations in US, Europe & Australia.Ref: 5
1987 President Habré's troops reconquer Faya Largeau Chad.Ref: 5
1871 First international rugby game-Scotland 1, England 0.Ref: 5
1879*Longest championship fight (136 rounds)Ref: 5
1902*The Chicago Daily News becomes first-known entity to pen "Cubs" nickname as team moniker.Ref: 86
1917*The Seattle Metropolitans, of the Pacific Coast League of Canada, defeated the Montreal Canadiens to become the first U.S. hockey team to win the Stanley Cup.Ref: 4
1928 US Ladies Figure Skating Championship won by Maribel Vinson.Ref: 5
1928 US Men's Figure Skating Championship won by Roger Turner.Ref: 5
1931*John McGraw says night baseball will not catch on.Ref: 5
1932*De Bataven soccer team forms in Gendt.Ref: 5
1937 Feyenoord-stadium official opens in Rotterdam.Ref: 5
1939*First NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: University of Oregon beats Ohio State 46-33.Ref: 5
1942*Joe Louis KOs Abe Simon in 6 to retain heavyweight boxing title (New York NY).Ref: 5
1945*7th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Oklahoma State beats NYU 49-44Ref: 5
1945*DePaul beats Bowling Green for NIT title.Ref: 5
1951*13th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Kansas 68-58Ref: 5
1960*Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Royal Crown Golf Open.Ref: 5
1962*Jacques Plante ties record winning 6th NHL Vezina trophy.Ref: 5
1966*Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Louise Suggs Delray Beach Golf Invitational.Ref: 5
1971*33rd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Villanova 68-62; this is UCLA's 5th consecutive NCAA basketball titleRef: 5
1972*Adolph Rupp of the the University of Kentucky retired after 42 years of coaching the Wildcats. During his long tenure at Kentucky, Rupp won 874 games for a winning average of 82.1 percent.Ref: 4
1973*Twins' pitcher Jim Perry becomes the first player to use the '10 and 5 rule' when he okays his own trade to the Tigers for minor league pitcher Dan Fife and cash.Ref: 1
1973*Two days before his 29th birthday, the Braves release former 30-game winner Denny McLain. In a career which spanned ten years, McLain compiled a 131-92 record with an ERA of 3.39Ref: 1
1976*Delta States beat Immaculata, 69-64, for AIWA basketball titleRef: 5
1977*Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Kathryn Crosby/Honda Civic Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1978*40th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Duke 94-88Ref: 5
1982*Mariners sign 43-year old Gaylord Perry to a one-year contract. The ancient mariner needs only three victories to reach the 300 win mark.Ref: 1
1982*Randy Holt sets Washington Capital record of 34 penalty minutes.Ref: 5
1983*Larry Holmes beats Lucien Rodriguez in 12 rounds for the heavyweight boxing title.Ref: 5
1987*The Mets trade catcher Ed Hearn, pitcher Rick A. Anderson and pitching prospect Mauro Gozzo to the Royals for David Cone and minor leaguer Chris Jelic.Ref: 1
1988 Wrestlemania IV at Trump Plaza, "Macho Man" Savage pins Ted DibiaseRef: 5
1988*Ok-Hee Ku wins Standard Register Turquoise Classic Golf Tournament.Ref: 5
1988 World Ice Dance Championship in Budapest won by Bestemianova & Bukin (USSR).Ref: 5
1988 World Ice Pairs Figure Skating Championship in Budapest won by E Valova & O Vasiliev (USSR).Ref: 5
1988 World Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Budapest won by Katarina Witt (German Democratic Republic).Ref: 5
1988 World Men's Figure Skating Championship in Budapest won by Brian Boitano (USA).Ref: 5
1989*Sports Illustrated exposes Pete Rose's gambling activities; the article alleges Charlie Hustle bet from the Riverfront dugout using hand gestures with an associate.Ref: 1
1991*NCAA bans University of Minnesota football team from postseason play in 1992Ref: 5
1991*Scotty Bowman & Neil Armstrong elected to NHL Hall of Fame.Ref: 5
1992*The Brewers trade Gary Sheffield to the Padres for pitcher Ricky Bones and minor leaguers Jose Valentin and Matt Mieske.Ref: 1
1994*23rd Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Donna Andrews.Ref: 5
1994 World Ice Dance Championship in Chiba Japan won by Gritschuk & Platov (Russia).Ref: 5
1994 World Ice Pairs Figure Skating Championship in Chiba won by Shishkova/Vadim Naumov (Russia).Ref: 5
1994 World Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Chiba won by Yuka Sato (Japan).Ref: 5
1994 World Men's Figure Skating Championship in Chiba won by Elvis Stojko (Canada).Ref: 5
1998*In the first exhibition game at Tropicana Field, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat Atlanta, 5-0, in front of 26,519. Rolando Arrojo beats Tom Glavine and Russ Mormon hits the first home run, a 380-foot shot to left-center.Ref: 86
2002*After being told he would not be an everyday player, thirty-seven year old Jose Canseco is given his release by the Expos. The 1988 American League MVP, who needs 38 homers to reach 500, batted .258 and hit 16 home runs for the White Sox last season while appearing in 76 games.Ref: 1
1808*Joseph Haydns oratorio "Die Schöpfung" premieres in Vienna.Ref: 5
1920*Film stars Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks wed.Ref: 5
1930*First US radio broadcast from a ship at sea.Ref: 5
1931*Charlie Chaplin receives France's distinguished Legion of Honor.Ref: 5
1943 Blue Ribbon Town was first heard on CBS radio. The show lasted only a year, but it became widely known as the program that introduced audiences to the one, the only, Groucho Marx.Ref: 4
1945*Ella Fitzgerald & Delta Rhythm Boys record "It's Only a Paper Moon"Ref: 5
1950*Jazz pianist Erroll Garner became one of the first jazz instrumentalists to give a solo concert. He played the Music Hall in Cleveland, OH. In 1954, Garner would gain international applause for writing and recording a standard that has been presented many times since: Misty. Johnny Mathis and Sarah Vaughan are but two of many recording artists to offer vocal renditions of this renowned Garner composition. Play Misty for me.Ref: 4
1951*Frank Sinatra recorded "I'm a Fool to Want You"Ref: 5
1952*First public announcement of Walt Disney's plans to build Disneyland are printed in the Burbank Daily Review.Ref: 67
1952*Sun Records of Memphis begins releasing recordsRef: 5
1952*Sun Records of Memphis begins releasing records.Ref: 5
1955*9th Tony Awards: Desperate Hours & Pajama Game win.Ref: 5
1955*Steve McQueen made his network TV debut on Goodyear Playhouse. McQueen starred in The Chivington Raid. In 1958, McQueen was starred in his own TV series, Wanted Dead or Alive, on NBC.Ref: 4
1957*29th Academy Awards: "Around World in 80 Days", Yul Brynner & Ingrid Bergman winRef: 5
1957*Steve McQueen makes his network TV debut (Goodyear Playhouse).Ref: 5
1962 Ann Jellicoe's "Knack" premieres in London.Ref: 5
1969*Black Academy of Arts & Letters forms in BostonRef: 5
1970*Ringo releases his 1st solo album "Sentimental Journey".Ref: 5
1971*Janis Joplin started her second (and final) week at the top of the pop music charts with the hit, Me and Bobby McGee, written by Kris Kristofferson.Ref: 4
1973*45th Academy Awards: "Godfather", Marlon Brando & Liza Minnelli win Marlon Brando turns down Oscar for best actor in support of IndiansRef: 5
1973*Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) stopped for speeding & LSD possession.Ref: 5
1978*Bob Fosse's "Dancin'" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 1,774 performances.Ref: 5
1978*Rutles "All You Need is Cash" is shown on British TV.Ref: 5
1980*"Happy New Year" opens at Morosco Theater NYC for 17 performances.Ref: 5
1980*"Reggae" opens at Biltmore Theater NYC for 21 performances.Ref: 5
1981*John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels" is released in UKRef: 5
1982*"Best Little Whorehouse..." closes at 46th St NYC after 1577 performances.Ref: 5
1983*13th Easter Seal Telethon.Ref: 5
1983*Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs" premieres in NYC.Ref: 5
1984 Andrew Lloyd Webber/Richard Stilgoe's "Starlight Express" premieres.Ref: 5
1985*Billy Dee Williams receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of FameRef: 5
1986*Disney-MGM Studio Tour ground breaking.Ref: 5
1989*First half-black soap opera, "Generations" premieres on NBC-TV.Ref: 5
1991*New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg arrested on arson charges in Kentucky.Ref: 5
1992*Bruce Springsteen releases "Human Touch" & "Lucky Town"Ref: 5
1994*Radio personality Rush Limbaugh weds wife #3, Marta FitzgeraldRef: 5
1995*67th Academy Awards: "Forest Gump", Tom Hanks & Jessica Lange winRef: 5
1996*"State Fair" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 118 performances.Ref: 5
1997*"Young Man From Atlanta" opens at Longacre NYC for 85 performances.Ref: 5
1998*Soul Train Awards.Ref: 5
1416*Antonio Squarcialupi composer, is born.Ref: 5
1416 St Francis of Paola is born.Ref: 10
1554 Everhardus van Bronchorst Dutch lawyer, is born.Ref: 5
1665*Benjamin Neukirch German poet (Herrn von Hofmannswaldau), is born.Ref: 5
1702*Johann Ernst Eberlin composer, is born.Ref: 5
1710*Joseph Marie Clement dall' Abaco composer, is born.Ref: 5
1746*Carlo Bonaparte Corsican attorney/father of emperor Napoleon, is born.Ref: 5
1746*Augustin Ullinger composer, is born.Ref: 5
1753*Andrew Bell, Scottish clergyman who developed popular education, is born.Ref: 70
1757*Richard John Samuel Stevens composer, is born.Ref: 5
1760*Ishmail Spicer composer, is born.Ref: 5
1760*MJ Auguste Vestrius French ballet dancers, is born.Ref: 5
1765*Franz Xaver von Baader German philosopher/theologist, is born.Ref: 5
1772*Giovanni Liverati composer, is born.Ref: 5
1780*August L Crelle German inventor/mathematician (1st Prussian Railway), is born.Ref: 5
1785*Louis XVII pretender to the throne during the French Revolution (1793-95), is born.Ref: 5
1797*Alfred V Comte de Vigny, French poet/musketeer/writer (Moďse, Chatterton), is born.Ref: 5
1809*Georges-Eugene Haussmann, French architect, town planner, designed modern-day Paris, is born.Ref: 2
1810*A Glabbrenner writer, is born.Ref: 5
1813*Nathaniel Currier lithographer: Currier & Ives hand-colored lithograph prints of 19th century daily life; is born.Ref: 4
1816*George Elvey composer, is born.Ref: 5
1818*Jakob Axel Josephson composer, is born.Ref: 5
1823*Samuel Kosciusko Zook Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), is born.Ref: 5
1844*Adolphus Washington Greely US, Arctic explorer, is born. US Army General Greely was a Medal of Honor recipient, decorated by Great Britain and France to acknowledge his numerous contributions to telecommunications; General Greely was an outstanding soldier/communicator to whom Greely Hall, Fort Huachuca, Arizona was rededicated in a bicentennial year, observance on 21 June 1976; His nineteen year service as Chief Signal Officer (1887-1906) represents the longest continuous period an incumbent has occupiedRef: 5
1845*Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Germany, discovered X-rays (Nobel 1901), is born.Ref: 5
1847*Otto Wallach Germany, chemist (Nobel 1910), is born.Ref: 5
1851*Paul-Marie-Theodore-Vincent D'indy, French count/composer, is born in Paris. (Also: Cross, Milton, "Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music", Doubleday & Co, 1953)Ref: 5
1851*Ruperto Chapi y Lorente composer, is born.Ref: 5
1854*Edgar Tinel Flemish composer (Le Chant Grégorien), is born.Ref: 5
1857*Karl Pearson London England, mathematician, is born.Ref: 5
1858*Peter Christian Lutkin composer, is born.Ref: 5
1863*Sir Henry Royce, the British cofounder the Rolls-Royce automotive company with C.S. Rolls, is born.Ref: 68
1867*Edyth Walker US singer, is born.Ref: 5
1868*Patty Smith Hill author/songwriter (Happy Birthday To You), is born.Ref: 5
1871*Heinrich Mann Germany, novelist/essayist (Blue Angel); brother of Thomas, is born.Ref: 5
1871 Petrus J M Aalberse Dutch minister of Labor (1918-25), is born.Ref: 5
1879*Edward Steichen artist, photographer: US Army supervisor of aerial photographic operations [WWI], Vogue, Vanity Fair, US Navy special unit of photographers shot naval aviation and combat [WWII], Director of Dept. of Photography at Museum of Modern Art, New York; is born.Ref: 4
1883*Jan Kunc composer, is born.Ref: 5
1886*Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the German-born architect who helped introduce the International Style to the United States, is born.Ref: 70
1889*Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu Turkish writer/diplomat, is born.Ref: 5
1891*Lajos Zilahy Hungarian/US author (Ararát/Süd a nap), is born.Ref: 5
1892*Ferde (Ferdinand Rudolf von) Grofé New York NY, composer, is born.Ref: 5
1892*Thorne Smith author (Topper, Rain in the Doorway, Stray Lamb), is born.Ref: 5
1893*Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic Yugoslavian General/Nazi collaborator, is born.Ref: 5
1893*Karl Mannheim Hung/German/British sociologist (Ideology & Utopia), is born.Ref: 5
1893*William Harrigan New York NY, actor (Affair of Three Nations, Cabaret), is born.Ref: 5
1897*Gloria Swanson Chicago IL, actress (Sadie Thomson, Queen Kelly), is born.Ref: 68
1897 Carlo Mierendorff German politician/anti-fascist, is born.Ref: 5
1897*Douglas Rayner Hartree mathematician, is born.Ref: 5
1901*Albert Henneberg composer, is born.Ref: 5
1901 Erich Ollenhauer German politician (SPD), is born.Ref: 5
1901*Sato Eisaku (Liberal) Japanese Prime Minister (1964-72) (Nobel 1974), is born.Ref: 5
1902*Mary Armour artist, is born.Ref: 5
1903*Walt Kiesling NFL guard/coach (Hall of Fame), is born.Ref: 5
1905*László Kalmár Edde Hungary, mathematician/promoted the development of computer science in Hungary, is born.Ref: 5
1906*Pee Wee Russell, jazz clarinetist, is born.Ref: 2
1907*Mary Treen St Louis MO, actress (Emily-Willy), is born.Ref: 5
1908*Jacques [Izaäk] den Haan Dutch writer (Dangerous Book), is born.Ref: 5
1909*Ben[jamin F] Webster US tenor saxophonist, is born.Ref: 5
1909*Golo Mann [Gottfried], German/US historian (Antisemitism), is born.Ref: 5
1910*Rudi Ball Germany, Jewish ice hockey star (Olympics-bronze-1932), is born.Ref: 5
1910*John Robinson Pierce, the father of comunications satellites, is born.Ref: 2
1912*James Callaghan (L) British Prime Minister (1976-79), is born.Ref: 5
1912*Reuel Lahmer composer, is born.Ref: 5
1912*Robert Watson Hughes composer, is born.Ref: 5
1913*Godfrey Turner composer, is born.Ref: 5
1914*Budd Schulberg, journalist, novelist and screenwriter (What Makes Sammy Run), is born in New York City.Ref: 2
1914*Snooky Lanson Memphis TN, singer (Your Hit Parade, 5 Star Jubilee), is born.Ref: 5
1914*Richard Denning (Denninger) actor: Mr. & Mrs. North, Hawaii Five-O, Alice Through the Looking Glass, An Affair to Remember, Black Beauty, Creature from the Black Lagoon; is born in Poughkeepsie NY.Ref: 4
1915*Denton Welch, English painter and novelist, is born.Ref: 70
1915*Richard Sharp civil servant, is born.Ref: 5
1917*Cyrus R Vance US Secretary of State (1977-80), is born.Ref: 5
1917 Harry West, Unionist party leader (Unionist), is born.Ref: 5
1917*Harry West Unionist party leader (Unionist), is born.Ref: 5
1919*Julian Amery conservative minister, is born.Ref: 5
1919*Simon van Collem Dutch journalist/TV host (Amsterdamned), is born.Ref: 5
1920*Richard Hayman bandleader/conductor/pianist (Theme of 3 Penny Opera), is born.Ref: 5
1921*Tom Bevill (Representative-Democrat-AL, 1967- ), is born.Ref: 5
1922 Margaret Stacey sociologist, is born.Ref: 5
1923*Louis Simpson, Pultizer Prize-winning Jamaican/US poet (Good News of Death), is born.Ref: 5
1923*Shusaku Endo writer, is born.Ref: 5
1923*Victor Hochhauser British impresario (Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra), is born.Ref: 5
1924*Harold Nicholas US actor (Tap, 5 Heartbeats, Stormy Weather), is born.Ref: 5
1924*Sarah Vaughan ‘The Divine One’: jazz singer: Broken-Hearted Melody; Make Yourself Comfortable, Whatever Lola Wants, Passing Strangers [w/Billy Eckstine]; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award [1989]; is born in Newark NJ.Ref: 4
1925*Lord Plumb MEP, is born.Ref: 5
1925*Robert P Cohan artistic director/choreographer (Contemporary Dance Trust), is born.Ref: 5
1926 Louis Blom-Cooper QC press arbiter, is born.Ref: 5
1927*Anthony Lewis newspaper columnist (New York Times)/author (Gideon's Trumpet), is born.Ref: 5
1927*Cecil Bödker writer, is born.Ref: 5
1927*Lord Fanshawe of Richmond MP, is born.Ref: 5
1927*Mstislav Leopold Rostropovich, Baku USSR, cellist/conductor/teacher (Moscow Conservatory), is born.Ref: 17
1928*Douglas Applegate (Representative-Democrat-OH, 1977- ), is born.Ref: 5
1930*Bob den Uyl Dutch journalist/writer (Bird Watching), is born.Ref: 5
1930*Richard Hayman Cambridge MA, orchestra leader (Vaughn Monroe Show), is born.Ref: 5
1931*David Janssen (David Harold Meyer) actor: The Fugitive, The Green Berets, Two Minute Warning, Francis Goes to West Point, Once is Not Enough; died Feb 13, 1980Ref: 68
1931*Burt Collins, jazz musician: trumpet, flugel horn: played w/Jess Roden Band, Lalo Schifrin, T. Rex, is born.Ref: 4
1931 R P Bauman CEO (British Aerospace), is born.Ref: 5
1931*Yoriaki Matsudaira composer, is born.Ref: 5
1932*Junior Parker blues musician (Driving Wheel, Outside Man), is born.Ref: 5
1932*Wes (John Wesley) Covingtonl: baseball: Milwaukee Braves [World Series: 1957, 1958], Chicago White Sox, KC Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers [World Series: 1966], is born.Ref: 4
1933 DRG Andrews CEO (Land Rover-Leyland), is born.Ref: 5
1933 Frank Taylor Chief Constable (Durham), is born.Ref: 5
1933*J Geoffrey Parker high master (Manchester Grammar School), is born.Ref: 5
1934*Arthur Mitchell choreographer (Dance Theater of Harlem), is born.Ref: 5
1934*David Hancock secretary (British Department of Education & Science), is born.Ref: 5
1935*Julian Glover London England, actor (QED, Heat & Dust, Mandela) is born.Ref: 5
1936*Jerry Lacy Sioux City IA, actor (Play it Again Sam, Reverend Trask-Dark Shadows), is born.Ref: 5
1936*Malcolm Goldstein composer, is born.Ref: 5
1937*Johnny "Clyde" Copeland US blues guitarist/singer (Lion's Den), is born.Ref: 5
1938*A J Bellingham president (Royal College of Pathologists), is born.Ref: 5
1938 P Daubeny CEO (Electricity Association), is born.Ref: 5
1938*Jock Slater Admiral, is born.Ref: 5
1939*Actress Judy Carne (of "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In") is born.Ref: 4
1939*Cale Yarborough auto racer: Daytona 500 winner [1968, 1977, 1983, 1984], is born.Ref: 68
1939*Jay C Kim (Representative-Republican-CA), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Ruth Ashton, general secretary (Royal College of Midwives), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Lord Lyell, is born.Ref: 5
1940*Austin Pendleton Warren OH, actor (Short Circuit, Simon, Hello Again), is born.Ref: 5
1940*June Wilkinson Eastbourne England, actress (Absolutely Glamorous, Pajama Tops), is born.Ref: 5
1941*Charles Pashayan Jr (Representative-Republican-CA, 1979- ), is born.Ref: 5
1941*Liese Prokop Austria, pentathlete (Olympics-silver-1968), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Raymond J McGrath (Representative-Republican-NY, 1981- ), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Michael York (York-Johnson) actor: Cabaret, The Three Musketeers, Murder on the Orient Express, Logan’s Run, The Heat of the Day, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Wrongfully Accused, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, is born in Fulmer Buckinghamshire England.Ref: 4
1943*M Robert Carr (Representative-Democrat-MI, 1975-81, 83- ), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Briton Selby NHLer, is born.Ref: 5
1946*Bill (William Paul) ‘Suds’ Sudakis baseball: LA Dodgers, NY Mets, Texas Rangers, NY Yankees, California Angels, Cleveland Indians, is born.Ref: 4
1946*Carl Weintraub actor (Harry-Executive Suite), is born.Ref: 5
1947*Doug Wilkerson football: North Carolina Central, Houston Oilers, is born.Ref: 4
1947*Daphne Todd president (Royal Society of Portrait Painters), is born.Ref: 5
1947*Tom Sullivan Boston MA, blind actor (If You Could See What I Hear), is born.Ref: 5
1949 Patrick Deuchar CEO (Albert Hall), is born.Ref: 5
1950*Vic (Victor Lanier) Harris baseball: Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, SL Cardinals, SF Giants, Milwaukee Brewers, is born.Ref: 4
1950*Maria Ewing opera singer, is born.Ref: 5
1950*Tony Banks, East Heathly Sussex England, rock keyboardist (Genesis-Invisible Touch, Misunderstanding), is born.Ref: 5
1951*Bobby Lalonde hockey: NHL: Vancouver Canucks, Atlanta Flames, Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Chick Vennera, Herkimer NY, actor (High Risk, Milagro Beanfield War), is born.Ref: 5
1952*Maria Schneider, Paris France, actress (Last Tango in Paris, Crime of Honor), is born.Ref: 5
1952*Rocky Maffit rocker (Champaign), is born.Ref: 5
1953*Annemarie Moser-Pröll Austria, downhill skier (Olympics-gold-1980), is born.Ref: 5
1953*Pamela Roylance Seattle WA, actress (Sarah-Little House on Prairie), is born.Ref: 5
1955*Kim Brassey racehorse trainer, is born.Ref: 5
1955*Patrick McCabe novelist, is born.Ref: 5
1956*Brian Kelly CFL wide receiver (Edmonton Eskimos), is born.Ref: 5
1956*Thomas Wassberg Sweden, 15K/50K cross country skier (Olympics-gold-1980), is born.Ref: 5
1957*Billy MacKenzie rock vocalist (The Associates-Affectionate Punch), is born.Ref: 5
1957*Duncan Goodhew England, 100 meter breast stroke swimmer (Olympics-Gold-1980), is born.Ref: 5
1957*Nicholas Hawkins MP, is born.Ref: 5
1958*Bart Connor gymnast/sportscaster (Olympics-gold-1984), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Michael O'Leary St Paul MN, actor (Guiding Light, Fatal Games), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Shaun Cassidy rocker/actor (Hardy Boys, Texas Guns), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Susan Molinari (Representative-Republican-NY), is born.Ref: 5
1959*Andrew Farriss musician: keyboards: group: INXS: Just Keep Walking, The One Thing, Original Sin, Me, Melting in the Sun, This Time, is born.Ref: 4
1960*Clare Lucy Madeleine Evans historian, is born.Ref: 5
1960*Jennifer Grey actress (Dirty Dancing); Joel Grey's daughter, is born.Ref: 5
1960*Steve Jarvin Australian soling yachter (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1961*Ellery Hanley rugby league player, is born.Ref: 5
1963*Quentin Tarantino director/screenwriter (Pulp Fiction), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Dave Koz saxophonist, is born.Ref: 5
1963*Ed Pinckney NBA forward (Philadelphia 76ers), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Randall Cunningham NFL QB (Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Todd Graves Laurel MS, skeet (Olympics-1992, 96), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Xuxa [Maria da Graca Meneghel] Brazil, actress (Xuxa Park), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Quentin Tarantino, Academy Award-winning screenwriter: Pulp Fiction [1994]; writer, director: From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, is born.Ref: 4
1964*Clark Datchler vocalist (Johnny Hates Jazz-Shattered Dreams), is born.Ref: 5
1966*Kate Donahoo Las Vegas NV, US judoka (Olympics-92), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Jaime Navarro Bayamon PR, pitcher (Chicago Cubs), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Talisa Soto [Miriam], Brooklyn NY, actress (License to Kill), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Tom Hammonds NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets), is born.Ref: 5
1968*Irina Belova Russian pentathlete (world record 1992), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Tom Beer NFL running back (Detroit Lions), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Mariah Carey New York NY, singer (Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Hero), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Anthony Prior NFL cornerback/safety (New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Corey Page actor (Richard Wilkins-Loving/City), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Ed Philion NFL nose tackle (Buffalo Bills), is born.Ref: 5
1972*Kirby Dar Dar wide receiver (Miami Dolphins), is born.Ref: 5
1973*Serge Tremblay La Malbaie Québec Canada, weightlifter (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1974*Rosanna Gimenez Miss Paraguay-Universe (1997), is born.Ref: 5
1975*B J Gallis CFL linebacker (British Columbia Lions), is born.Ref: 5
1975*Gregory DuBois hockey defenseman (Team France 1998), is born.Ref: 5
1976*Danny Fortson NBA forward (Denver Nuggets), is born.Ref: 5
1976*Roberta Alma Anastase Miss Romania-Universe (1996), is born.Ref: 5
1977*Tom van der Leegte Dutch soccer player (PSV), is born.Ref: 5
1984*Emily Ann Lloyd actress (Sarah Kramer-Something So Right), is born.Ref: 5
1984*J P Steur actor (Grace Under Fire), is born.Ref: 5
1986*Melissa Stern aka "Baby M" aka Sara Whitehead, surrogate baby, awarded to her dad William Stern, is born.Ref: 5
1988*Kerri Ann Darling actress (Alli Fowler-Another World)Ref: 5
922*Al-Hallaj al-Mughith-al-Hsayn Mansur Persian mystic, beheaded at 64.Ref: 5
965*Arnulf I the Elder/the Great, count of Flanders (918-65), dies.Ref: 5
1211*Sancho I King of Portugal (1185-1211), dies at 56.Ref: 5
1350*While besieging Gibraltar, Alfonso XI of Castile dies of the black death.Ref: 2
1378*(or 28th) Gregory XI [Pierre R the Beaufort], last French Pope (1370-78), dies.Ref: 5
1472*Janus Pannonius Hungarian poet/translator, dies at 37.Ref: 5
1482*Maria duchess of Burgundy/countess of Holland, dies at 25.Ref: 5
1615*Margaret of Valois, Queen consort of Navarre known mainly for her "Memoires", dies at age 61.Ref: 70
1625*James I, Stuart king of Scotland (1567)/England (1603-25), dies at 58Ref: 5
1668*Clemens Thieme composer, dies at 36.Ref: 5
1679*Abraham Mignon Dutch still life painter, dies at 38.Ref: 5
1701*Anne Hilarion de Cotentin count of Tourville/French Admiral, dies at 58.Ref: 5
1714*Anton Ulrich German duke of Brunswick/poet, dies at 80.Ref: 5
1757*Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz composer, dies at 39.Ref: 5
1761*Johann Ludwig Steiner composer, dies at 72.Ref: 5
1769*Josef Antonin Gurecky composer, dies at 60.Ref: 5
1770*Giovanni B Tiepolo Italian painter (Banquet of Cleopatra), dies at 73.Ref: 5
1809*Joseph M Vien French (court)painter/etcher, dies at 92.Ref: 5
1826*Jakob Haibel composer, dies at 63.Ref: 5
1835*The Mexican army massacres Texan rebels at Gohad.Ref: 2
1850*Wilhelm Beer, German astronomer; made first map of moonerman astronomer; made first map of moon, dies at age 53.Ref: 70
1875*Edgar Quinet French writer/historian (Ahasvérus), dies at 72.Ref: 5
1878*Dobri Voynikov composer, dies at 44.Ref: 5
1878*George Gilbert Scott architect, dies.Ref: 5
1889*Moritz Furstenau composer, dies at 64.Ref: 5
1894*Verney L Cameron English explorer (Tanganyika), dies at 49.Ref: 5
1898 Sajjid Ahmad Chan co founder (Pakistan), dies at 80.Ref: 5
1900*Pieter J Joubert [Smart Piet] South African General, dies at 69.Ref: 5
1910*Alexander E Agassiz US businessman/biologist/geologist, dies at 74.Ref: 5
1910*David Duffle Wood composer, dies at 72.Ref: 5
1918*Henry Adams, U.S. historian, son and grandson of the presidents, dies at age 80.Ref: 70
1920*Johan G Danser Dutch poet (Meetings), dies at 26.Ref: 5
1922*Nikolay Alexandrovich Sokolov composer, dies at 63.Ref: 5
1923*Ellen Elizabeth Quinn, mother of Australian bushranger and folk hero Edward "Ned" Kelly, dies in Greta Vic. Australia. Ref 
1923*Sir James Dewar, English chemist and physicist, dies at age 80.Ref: 70
1924*Walter Parratt composer, dies at 83.Ref: 5
1925*Carl G Neumann German mathematician/physicist, dies at 92.Ref: 5
1928*Leslie Stuart composer, dies at 64.Ref: 5
1929*... Shatunovsky mathematician, dies.Ref: 5
1931*Arnold Bennett novelist: The Old Wives’ Tale, How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day; dies.Ref: 4
1938*Louis William Stern German/US philosopher/psychologist, dies at 66.Ref: 5
1939*Constance Lindsay Skinner author (Rivers of America), dies at 57.Ref: 5
1943*Grigori Yakovlevich Bakhchivangi test pilot (BI-1), killed in crash.Ref: 5
1944*Thousands of Jews are murdered in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Gestapo shoots forty Jewish policemen in the Riga, Latvia ghetto.Ref: 2
1944*40 Jewish policemen in Riga Latvia ghetto are shot by the gestapo.Ref: 5
1945*Jřrgen Nielsen Danish writer (romance), dies at 42.Ref: 5
1945*Vincent Bendix, American inventor and industrialist, dies at age 62.Ref: 70
1946*Gabriela Preissová writer, dies.Ref: 5
1948*Karel Candael Flemish composer, dies at 64.Ref: 5
1953*21 die in a train crash in Conneaut OH.Ref: 5
1953*Narciso Garay composer, dies at 76.Ref: 5
1956 Frans Beelaerts van Blokland minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 84.Ref: 5
1959*Grant Withers actor (Oklahoma Annie), suicide with sleeping pills at 54.Ref: 5
1960*Ian Whyte composer, dies at 58.Ref: 5
1961*Jack Kane orchestra leader (Steve & Eydie, Andy Williams Show), dies at 37.Ref: 5
1964*The strongest earthquake in American history, measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale, slams into southern Alaska, killing one hundred and twenty-five people and injuring thousands.Ref: 3
1966*Mien Labberton Dutch poet, dies at 82.Ref: 5
1967*Gerardus H de Vet the Bold, bishop of Breda (1962-67), dies at 49.Ref: 5
1968*Yuri Aleksayevich Gagarin USSR cosmonaut (Vostok I), 1st man to orbit Earth, dies in a plane crash at 34.Ref: 5
1972*Maurits C Escher Dutch lithograph carver (Praedestinatie), dies at 73.Ref: 5
1973*Boyan Georgiev Ikonomov composer, dies at 72.Ref: 5
1975*Arthur Bliss English composer/conductor (Checkmate), dies at 83.Ref: 5
1975*Gertrude Niesen actress (Start Cheering), dies at 63.Ref: 5
1977*582 people were killed when a KLM Boeing 747, attempting to take off, crashed into a Pan Am 747 on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. (TWA, 1997)Ref: 95
1977*Diana Hyland (Gentner), Emmy Award-winning actress: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The ABC Friday Night Movie [11/12/76], One Man’s Way, Eight is Enough, Peyton Place; dies at age 41.Ref: 4
1977*Eve Meyer [Turner] Playboy Playmate/actress (Immoral Mr Teas), dies in a plane crash at 46.Ref: 5
1977*Lodewijk de Vocht composer, dies at 89.Ref: 5
1978*Wilfred Pickles actor (Billy Liar, Gay Dog), dies at 73.Ref: 5
1979*Ronald Adam actor (Phantom Shot), dies at 82.Ref: 5
1980*Elevator in Vaal Reef South Africa gold mine crash 1900 meter down (23 die)Ref: 5
1980*A North Sea floating oil platform, the Alexander I, capsizes in a storm, killing 137 workers. (XDG, p 4A, 3/27/2003)Ref: 83
1982*Joris Noë Flemish literary, dies at 68.Ref: 5
1983*James Hayter actor (Pickwick Papers, Trio, Great Game), dies at 75.Ref: 5
1983*Janis Ivanovs composer, dies at 76.Ref: 5
1986*Cass Canfield, US publisher, dies at 88.Ref: 5
1987*Lloyd Goodrich American Arts Museum director, dies at 90.Ref: 5
1988*Jan van den Weghe Flemish writer, dies at about 67.Ref: 5
1989*May Allison actress (Youth for Salem Men of Steel), dies.Ref: 5
1989*Malcolm Cowley, American literary editor of The New Republic (1929-44), author (Flowering of New England), dies at age 90.Ref: 70
1990*Bus accidentally touches high voltage wire in Karagpur India; 21 dieRef: 5
1991*Aldo Ray western actor (Battle Cry), dies of cancer at 64.Ref: 5
1991*Elinor Remick Warren composer, dies at 91.Ref: 5
1991*Leueen McGrath actress (Edward My Son, Saint's Vacation), dies at 77.Ref: 5
1991*Ralph Bates British actor (Persecution, Graveyard), dies at 50.Ref: 5
1992*Anita Colby US model/actress/author (Pepsi Coke), dies at 77.Ref: 5
1992 Easley Blackwood expert bridge player, dies at 89.Ref: 5
1992*James E Webb head of NASA (1961-68), dies at 84.Ref: 5
1992*Martin Engelman Dutch cartoonist/painter/graphic artist, dies.Ref: 5
1992*Gerry Duggan dies at 82.Ref: 5
1993*Carlos Gimenez director (Theater Festival of Caracas), dies at 47.Ref: 5
1993*Clifford Jordan tenor saxophonist, dies of cancer at 61.Ref: 5
1993*Kate Reid actress: Death of a Salesman, The Andromeda Strain, Atlantic City, Death Ship, Gavilan, Lil-Dallas, dies of cancer at 62.Ref: 4
1993 Wilhelmus M J Russell Dutch MP (KVP, CDA), dies at 74.Ref: 5
1993*Katherine Hynes De Groot dies of stroke at 88.Ref: 5
1994*Church in Piedmont AL collapses in tornado, 19 killedRef: 5
1994*Dennis Hartas flier, dies at 69.Ref: 5
1994*Walter Lantz, American film animator; creator of "Woody Woodpecker", dies at age 94.Ref: 70
1995*Albert Drach writer, dies.Ref: 5
1995*Bernard Cornfeld Romanian/US financier (Fund of Funds), dies at 67.Ref: 5
1995*Chet Gierlach music publisher/composer, dies at 75.Ref: 5
1995*Rene Allio film Director, dies at 70Ref: 5
1998*Ferdinand Porsche Jr., founder of the sports car firm that bears his name, dies at age 88, in Zellam See, Austria. (XDG, p 4A, 3/27/2003)Ref: 83
2000*Ian Dury singer: Rough Kids, Billy Bentley, Upminster Kid; songwriter: What a Waste, Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick, Sink My Boats, This is What We Find, Reasons to be Cheerful, Delusions of Grandeur, Dance of the Crackpots, The Body Song, Spasticus Autisticus, Profoundly in Love with Pandora; group: Ian Dury & The Blockheads: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Sweet Gene Vincent, Billericay Dickie, Paistow Patricia; actor: No. 1, Pirates, King of the Ghetto, Talk of the Devil, Rocinante, Hearts of Fire; dies.Ref: 4
2002*Dudley Moore actor: Arthur, Arthur 2, 10, Crazy People, Parallel Lives, Bedazzled, The Hound of the Baskervilles; dies.Ref: 4
2002*A suicide bomber killed 29 Israelis during a Passover Seder in Netanya, Israel.Ref: 70
2002*Milton Berle (Berlinger) comedian: Uncle Miltie, Mr. Television: The Milton Berle Show, Texaco Star Theatre; actor: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Oscar, Side by Side; dies at age 93.Ref: 4
2002*Billy (Samuel) Wilder Academy Award-winning director: The Apartment [1960], The Lost Weekend [1945]; Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Witness for the Prosecution, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like it Hot, Sabrina, Irma La Douce, The Front Page, Buddy, Buddy; dies.Ref: 4
2003*Paul Zindel writer: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds; dies.Ref: 4
2003*Serbian police killed two major suspects in the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.Ref: 70

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