Ken Fussichen's History Of The Day For
April 14th

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193*Lucius Septimus Severus crowned emperor of Rome.Ref: 5
754 Pact of Quierzy between Pope Stephen II, [III] & Pippin the Korte.Ref: 5
972*Notger becomes bishop of Liege.Ref: 5
979*Challenge to throne of King Aethelred II of England.Ref: 5
1028*German emperor Conrad II the Sailor crowns his son Henry III, king.Ref: 5
1191*(date speculative) Hyacinth Bobo, age 85, is elected Pope Celestine III.Ref: 69
1536*English king Henry VIII expropriate minor monasteries.Ref: 5
1570*Polish Calvinists/Lutherians/Hernhutters unify against Jesuits.Ref: 5
1756*Governor Glen of South Carolina protests against 900 Acadia Indians.Ref: 5
1775*The first American society for the abolition of slavery (Society for Relief of Free Negroes Held in Bondage) was organized by Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush.Ref: 5
1777*New York adopts new constitution as an independent state.Ref: 5
1789*George Washington notified by the Commerce Secretary that he had been voted President.Ref: 10
1799*Napoleon called for establishing Jerusalem for Jews.Ref: 5
1818*US Medical Corp forms.Ref: 5
1836*Congress forms the Territory of Wisconsin.Ref: 5
1853*Harriet Tubman began her Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape.Ref: 5
1860*The first Pony Express rider arrives in San Francisco with mail originating in St. Joseph, Missouri.Ref: 2
1865*(Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy) Meanwhile, Lewis Powell (alias Lewis Payne), claiming to have medicine for Secretary of State William H. Seward, enters the Secretary's home. Powell assaults the Secretary's son and tries to stab Secretary Seward in his bed. Three people fight Powell off and he flees into the night.Ref: 87
1865*(Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy) Word of a Confederate conspiracy to assassinate government officials reaches Secretary of War Edwin Stanton as he waits anxiously near Lincoln's deathbed.Ref: 87
1865*John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor, was permitted upstairs at Ford’s Theatre. Thus, he gained access to U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s private theatre box as Lincoln watched the performance of Our American Cousin. It was just after 10 p.m. when Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, shot Lincoln in the head. After shooting the President, Booth leaped to the stage below, shouting, “Sic semper tyrannis!” (“Thus always to tyrants!”, the state motto of Virginia.) He broke his leg in the fall but managed to escape the theatre (which was in Washington, D.C.), mount a horse, and flee to Virginia. Booth was hunted down and shot as he hid in a barn near Port Royal, Virginia. Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m. the next day.Ref: 4
1868*South Carolina voters approve constitution, 70,758 to 27,228.Ref: 5
1869*Daniel Sickles is placed on the retired list with the full rank of Major General.  
1871*Canada sets denominations of currency as dollars, cents, & mills.Ref: 5
1872*Dominion Lands Act passed-Canada's Homestead Act.Ref: 5
1872*San Francisco organizes Bar Association.Ref: 5
1900*Veteran's Hospital at Fort Miley is established.Ref: 5
1902*J.C. (James Cash) Penney opened his first store, called "The Golden Rule" -- in Kemmerer Wyoming. In partnership with Thomas M. Callahan and William Guy Johnson, Penney named the store "Golden Rule". The dry goods and clothing store had a first-year profit of $8,514.36 on sales of $28,898.11.Ref: 4
1906*President Theodore Roosevelt denounces "muckrakers" in US press.Ref: 5
1906*The Azusa Street Revival -- proto-mission out of which the modern Pentecostal movement spread world-wide -- officially began when the services led by black evangelist William J. Seymour, 36, moved into the building at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles.Ref: 5
1909 Anglo-Persian Oil Company forms in London.Ref: 5
1912*The Titanic, launched on 31 May 1911, on route from Southampton to New York with 2200 passengers, strikes an iceburg some 400 miles south of Newfoundland, sinks in the early morning hours on the next day.. (1500+ death toll).Ref: 5
1912 Pan American Union forms.Ref: 5
1913*Belgium begins general strike for voting rights.Ref: 5
1921*Largest snowfall on record 76 inches in 24 hours at Silver Lake, CO.Ref: 10
1921*Prince Henry opens Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Bremen-Hamburg air route.Ref: 5
1922*Republic rebels occupy 4 government courts in Dublin.Ref: 5
1928*Maddus Airlines starts first regular passenger flights between San Francisco & Los Angeles.Ref: 5
1930*Over 100 farm workers were arrested for their unionizing activities in Imperial Valley, California. Eight were subsequently convicted of `criminal syndicalism.'Ref: 59
1931 King Alfonso the 13th of Spain went into exile, and the Spanish Republic was proclaimed.Ref: 5
1935*Sandstorm ravages US midwest (Dust Bowl).Ref: 5
1941*First massive German raid in Paris France, 3,600 Jews rounded up.Ref: 5
1944*First transports of Jews from Athens to Auschwitz, totaling 5,200 persons.Ref: 35
1944*Greek Colonel Venizelos forms government.Ref: 5
1948*NYC subway fares jump from 5¢ to 10¢.Ref: 5
1948*US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak.Ref: 5
1949*International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg's last judgment.Ref: 5
1950*Doorne's Auto factory opens in Netherlands.Ref: 5
1954*Soviet diplomat Vladimir Petrov asks for political asylum in Canberra.Ref: 5
1959*The (Robert) Taft Memorial Bell Tower dedicated in Washington DC.Ref: 5
1960*First underwater launching of Polaris missile.Ref: 5
1961*The U.N. General Assembly condemns South Africa because of apartheid.Ref: 2
1962 Demonstration for sovereign status of New-Guinea in Amsterdam.Ref: 5
1962*Georges Pompidou becomes President of France.Ref: 5
1965*US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.Ref: 5
1967*General Gnassingbe Eyadema becomes President of Togo.Ref: 5
1969*Student Afro-American Society seized at Columbia College.Ref: 5
1971*Fort Point, San Francisco dedicated as a national historic site.Ref: 5
1971*President Richard Nixon ends blockade against People's Republic of China.Ref: 5
1971*Supreme Court upheld busing as means of achieving racial desegregation.Ref: 5
1973*Acting FBI director L Patrick Gray resigns after admitting he destroyed evidence in the Watergate scandal.Ref: 5
1977*Supreme Court says people may refuse to display state motto on license.Ref: 5
1980*First Cubans of the Mariel boatlift sail to Florida.Ref: 5
1983*President Ronald Reagan signs $165 billion Social Security rescue.Ref: 5
1985*Alan Garcia wins elections in Peru.Ref: 5
1985*Jack C Burcham is 5th to receive "Jarvik 7" permanent artificial heart.Ref: 5
1986*Desmond Tutu elected Anglican archbishop of Capetown.Ref: 5
1987*Turkey asks to join European market.Ref: 5
1988*USSR, US, Pakistan & Afghánistán sign Afghánistán treaty.Ref: 5
1989 1,100,000,000th Chinese born.Ref: 5
1989*In the Iran-Contra trial, Oliver North's case goes to the jury.Ref: 5
1992*UN imposed embargo against Libya takes effect.Ref: 5
1992*UAW ends 5 month strike against Caterpillar Inc.Ref: 5
1992*Court throws out Apple's lawsuit against Microsoft.Ref: 5
1993*Top Army Special Forces officials are asked to offer their views of an FBI assault plan for the Branch Davidian compound but refused to do so. The meeting was called by the Justice Department and attended by Attorney General Janet Reno and top FBI officials at FBI headquarters in Washington. 
1993*Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender after completion of his Seven Seals manuscript.Ref: 5
1994*The chiefs of the nation's seven largest tobacco companies spent more than six hours being grilled by the House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee about the effects of smoking.Ref: 6
1994*Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender after completion of his Seven Seals manuscript.Ref: 5
1994*Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis operated on for a bleeding ulcer.Ref: 5
1994*US F-15 accidentally shoots 2 US helicopters down over Iraq, 26 die.Ref: 5
1997*Whitewater figure James McDougal drew a three-year prison sentence for 18 felony fraud and conspiracy counts.Ref: 70
2000*On Wall Street, stocks plummeted in heavy trading, with the Dow industrials down 617 points and the Nasdaq composite index falling 355 points, capping one of the worst weeks ever for US stocks.Ref: 6
2000*In Washington, protesters dumped manure on Pennsylvania Avenue, seeking to disrupt meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.Ref: 6
2002*Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to office two days after being ousted and arrested by his country's military.Ref: 70
2003*Dr James A Smith announces his plan to retire as Superintendent of Xenia City Schools on July 31, 2004, at a school board meeting. (XDG, p 1A, 4/16/2003)Ref: 83
2003*U.S. commandos in Baghdad captured Abul Abbas, leader of the Palestinian group that killed an American on the hijacked cruise liner "Achille Lauro" in 1985.Ref: 70
1543*Bartoleme Ferrelo returns to Spain after discovering a large bay in the New World (San Francisco).Ref: 2
1611*Word "telescope" is 1st used (Prince Federico Cesi).Ref: 5
1863*William Bullock patents continuous-roll printing press.Ref: 5
1894*The kinetoscope was demonstrated by its inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, at 1155 Broadway, New York City. A viewer that held 50 feet of film -- about 13 seconds worth -- showed images of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. The demonstration was actually called the first peep show, as one had to peep into the device to see what was on the film. Movies were not projected on a screen at that time.Ref: 4
1902*Marie & Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive element radium.Ref: 5
1903*Dr Harry Plotz discovers vaccine against typhoid (New York NY).Ref: 5
1914*Stacy G Carkhuff patents non-skid tire pattern.Ref: 5
1915*Dutch merchant navy ship Katwijk sunk by Germany torpedo.Ref: 5
1923*Etienne Oehmichen sets helicopter distance record of 358 meters.Ref: 5
1940*RCA demonstrates its new electron microscope in Philadelphia.Ref: 5
1948*A flash of light is observed in the crater Plato on the Moon.Ref: 5
1956*Ampex Corporation of Redwood City, CA demonstrated the first commercial magnetic tape recorder for sound and picture. The videotape machine had a price tag of $75,000. These early Ampex units were too large to fit in a small room. That’s back when bigger was better.Ref: 4
1960*The first navigational satellite is launched into Earth's orbit.Ref: 2
1961 US element 103 (Lawrencium) discovered.Ref: 5
1981*The first test flight of America's first operational space shuttle, the "Columbia," ended successfully with a landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California.Ref: 70
1471*Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, who fought on both sides in the War of the Roses, is killed at age 42, at the Battle of Barnet with the defeat of the Lancastrians; King Henry VI deposed.Ref: 2
1544 Battle at Carignano French troops under Earl d'Enghien beat Swiss.Ref: 5
1574 Battle of Mookerhei-D'Avila beats Louis of Nassau.Ref: 5
1629*England & France sign Peace of Susa.Ref: 5
1671*Cosaks capture Russian boer leader Stenka Razin.Ref: 5
1792*France declares war on Austria, starting French Revolutionary Wars.Ref: 5
1793*A royalist rebellion in Santo Domingo is crushed by French republican troops.Ref: 2
1809*Napoleon defeated Austria in the Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria.Ref: 5
1847 Persia & Osmaanse sign 2nd Treaty of Erzurum.Ref: 5
1861*Formal Union surrender of Fort Sumter.Ref: 5
1861*Robert E Lee resigns from Union army.Ref: 5
1862*Battle of Fort Pillow TN.Ref: 5
1865*Mobile, Alabama is captured.Ref: 5
1865*Union troops reoccupy Fort Sumter, South Carolina, site of the Civil War's first conflict.Ref: 87
1914*Lt. Douglas Campbell becomes first American to shoot down German plane.Ref: 10
1918*Marshal Ferdinand Foch appointed Commander-in-Chief of Allied forces on western front.Ref: 10
1918*Douglas Campbell is first US ace pilot (shooting down 5th German plane).Ref: 5
1940*Soviet Foreign Minister Vyadieslav Molotov informs the German government that Russia is "vitally interested" in Sweden remaining neutral. 
1940*Allied troops land in Norway.Ref: 5
1941*Rommel attacks Tobruk.Ref: 36
1941*German troops capture Belgrade, Yugoslavia. King Peter leaves Yugoslavia.Ref: 2
1942*Destroyer Roper sinks German U-85 of US east coast.Ref: 5
1943*Generals Alexander/Eisenhower/Anderson/Bradley discuss assault on Tunis.Ref: 5
1944*The Freighter "Fort Stikene" explodes in Bombay India, killing 900.Ref: 5
1944*General Eisenhower becomes head commander of allied air fleet.Ref: 5
1945*American B-29 bombers's damage the Imperial Palace during firebombing raid over Tokyo.Ref: 2
1945*Vienna falls to Soviet troops.Ref: 2
1945*Arnhem/Zwolle freed from Nazi's.Ref: 5
1945*US forces conquer Motobu peninsula on Okinawa.Ref: 5
1945*US marines attack Yae Take on Okinawa.Ref: 5
1953*The Viet Minh invade Laos with 40,000 troops in their war against French colonial forces.Ref: 2
1961*Cuban-American invasion army departs Nicaragua.Ref: 5
1967*In the Vietnam War, US planes bomb Haiphong for first time.Ref: 5
1986*Americans got first word of a US air raid on Libya (because of the time difference, it was the early morning of April 15th where the attack occurred.).Ref: 5
1991*The final withdrawal of American combat troops from southern Iraq began, 88 days after the United States launched its massive offensive to drive Saddam Hussein's forces from Kuwait.Ref: 6
1996 Israel's four-day-old military campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas continued, with aircraft bombarding guerrilla strongholds in Beirut and southern Lebanon, provoking guerrilla vows to turn northern Israel into a "fiery hell."Ref: 6
2003*Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit fell with unexpectedly light resistance, the last Iraqi city to succumb to overpowering U.S.-led ground and air forces.Ref: 70
2003*Looting in Baghdad slows and discussions begin to restore the capital with water, power, security and other essentials. (XDG, p 5A, 4/21/2003)Ref: 83
1890 Pan American Day-1st conference of American states (Washington DC).Ref: 5
1901 Alfred West champion cyclist/record hair splitter (17 splits), is born.Ref: 5
1910*The Philadelphia Athletics, under manager Connie Mack, played the Washington Senators in what became a most historic game. This game was not only the season opener; but also, the first time a United States President had thrown out the first ball to the Washington Senator's opening day pitcher, Walter Johnson. The president was William Howard Taft. The game was held in Washington, DC and appropriately, the Senators won 3-0. And so began a baseball tradition.Ref: 4
1915*Giving up a scratch hit to Harry Hooper with two outs in the ninth, A¹s Herb Pennock loses his bid to throw an Opening Day no-hitter in Philadelphia. The southpaw still blanks the Red Sox, 5-0.Ref: 1
1917*Chicago White Sox Eddie Cicotte no-hits the Browns, 11-0. The Michigan native will finish the season with twenty-eight wins.Ref: 1
1921*NHL Championship Ottawa Senators sweep Toronto St Patricks in 2 games.Ref: 5
1925*WGN is the first radio station to broadcast a regular season game; listeners hear Cub hurler Grover Alexander beat Pirates, 8-2.Ref: 1
1925*The Indians start the season drubbing the Browns, 21-4 to establish the major league mark for the most runs scored by one club on Opening Da. Cleveland tallies 12 times in the eighth inning with the help of five St. Louis errors.Ref: 1
1928*NY Rangers beat Montreal Maroons 3 games to 2 for Stanley Cup.Ref: 5
1929*Monaco Grand Prix first run.Ref: 10
1930*Continuing the tradition, President Herbert Hoover throws out the first pitch before the Red Sox edge the hometown Senators, 4-3.Ref: 1
1931*Stanley Cup Montréal Canadiens beat Chicago Blackhawks, 3 games to 2.Ref: 5
1935*Babe Ruth played his first game for the National League in Fenway Park in Boston, MA. This time, he was playing for the Boston Braves, not his old Red Sox. Ruth was in his last year of pro ball in the major leagues. In this, his last season, Ruth played only 28 games, getting 13 hits and six home runs, before hanging up his spikes for good.Ref: 4
1936*Eddie Morgan of the St. Louis Cardinals hits a home run in his first major league at bat on the first pitch.Ref: 12
1948*Toronto Maple Leafs sweep Detroit Red Wings for the Stanley Cup.Ref: 5
1953*Billy Bruton hits the 1st home run at Milwaukee's County Stadium. 
1953*Montreal Canadiens beat Boston Bruins 4 games to 1 for the Stanley Cup.Ref: 5
1955*Elston Howard, who will be named the American League's MVP in 1963, becomes the first black to play for the Yankees. The former Monarchs' catcher will appear in nine All-Star Games and 54 World Series games, compiling a .274 batting average during his 12-year playing career.Ref: 1
1955*Detroit Red Wings beat Mont Canadiens 4 games to 3 for the Stanley Cup.Ref: 5
1957 Leah Neuberger wins her 8th women's singles ping pong championship.Ref: 5
1957*Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Dallas Golf Open.Ref: 5
1960*Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup.Ref: 5
1964*Sandy Koufax throws his 9th complete game without allowing a walk.Ref: 5
1967*At Yankee Stadium, Billy Rohr, 21, is one out from pitching a no-hitter in his major league debut when Elston Howard singles on a 3-2 pitch ruining the rookie's shot at immortality; a heartbroken six year-old fan, John-John, sitting near the Red Sox dugout has to be consoled by his mother, Jackie Kennedy.Ref: 1
1968*Roberto de Vicenzo loses Masters for signing an incorrect score card.Ref: 5
1968*First NBA game at Madison Square Garden, Knicks beat San Diego Clippers.Ref: 5
1968*32nd Golf Masters Championship Bob Goalby wins, shooting a 277.Ref: 5
1968*Marilynn Smith wins LPGA O'Sullivan Golf Open.Ref: 5
1969*In the first regular season game is played outside the U.S., the Expos played their first home game, treating 29,184 fans at Jarry Park to an 8-7 win over the Cardinals.Ref: 1
1974*38th Golf Masters Championship Gary Player wins (his 2nd), shooting a 278.Ref: 5
1978*The largest Opening Day Cub crowd ever, 45,777, attend the Wrigley Field opener against Pittsburgh.Ref: 1
1979 The world's longest doubles ping-pong match ends after 101 hours.Ref: 2
1980*Stan Mikita retired after 21 years with the Chicago Black Hawks of the NHL. His #21 jersey became the first Blackhawks number to be retired.Ref: 4
1983*North Carolina State beats Houston for NCAA basketball title.Ref: 5
1983*New York Islanders tie own record with 2 shorthanded playoff goals in a period vs New York Rangers.Ref: 5
1983*New York Rangers 1-New York Islanders 4-Patrick Division Finals-Islanders hold 1-0 lead.Ref: 5
1985*Bob Carpenter is unsuccessful on Wash Caps 1st playoff penality shot.Ref: 5
1985*Washington Capitals 4-New York Islanders 6-Patrick Division Semifinals-Series tied at 2-2.Ref: 5
1985*49th Golf Masters Championship Bernhard Langer wins, shooting a 282.Ref: 5
1985*Ahmed Salah wins first World Cup marathon (2:08:09).Ref: 5
1985*Beth Daniel wins LPGA Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1988*New Jersey Devils 6-5 over New York Islanders-Devils take first round 4-2.Ref: 5
1990*Oriole Cal Ripken begins a streak which leads to a major league record for the most errorless games [95] and total chances [431] by a shortstop.Ref: 1
1991*55th Golf Masters Championship Ian Woosnam wins, shooting a 277.Ref: 5
1991*Chicago Blackhawks becomes first NHL regular season champion in 20 years to lose in 1st round of the playoffs (To Minnesota North Stars).Ref: 5
1993*After establishing the all-time career major league record last night with his 358th save, Cardinal reliever Lee Smith breaks the NL mark recording his 301st in the senior circuit.Ref: 1
1994*New Jersey Devils end best regular season, 47-25-12 record for 106 points.Ref: 5
1995*Rosie Jones wins LPGA Pinewild Women's Golf Championship.Ref: 5
1996*60th Golf Masters Championship Nick Faldo wins, shooting a 276.Ref: 5
1996*Detroit Red Wings win NHL record 62 games.Ref: 5
1999*In a 7-6 loss to the Blue Jays, Devil Ray Jose Canseco becomes the 28th player in major league history to hit 400 home runs.Ref: 1
2001*By scoring in their 175th consecutive game, the Reds set the modern National League record for not being shut out by an opponent. Ironically, to break the record, Cincinnati beats Al Leiter and the Mets, 1-0, the last team and pitcher to blank the franchise.Ref: 1
2001*A total eleven one-run games (six in AL and five in NL) breaks a 1967 record set on May 30 when there were a combined 10 one-run contests in the major leagues.Ref: 1
2002*Seattle Mariner Ron Wright's major league debut results in six outs in three at bats when he strikes out, and hits into both adouble-play and a triple-play. Wright is sent to the minors after the ame. (Sports Illustrated, 4/29/2002, p. 24) 
2002*Tiger Woods became only the third player to win back-to-back Masters titles as he wins the 66th Golf Masters Championship.Ref: 70
2003*Basketball coach Roy Williams leaves Kansas to replace Matt Doherty at UNC (University of North Carolina). (USA Today, p 3C, 2/02/2004)Ref: 13
1828 The first edition of Noah Webster's "American Dictionary of the English Language" is published.Ref: 5
1859 Charles Dickens' "A Tale Of Two Cities" published.Ref: 5
1883*Leo Delibes' opera "Lakmé", premieres in Paris France.Ref: 5
1887*Fiction: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Reigate Squires" (BG).Ref: 5
1895*First performance of Gustav Mahler's (incomplete) 2nd Symphony.Ref: 5
1896*John Philip Sousa's "El Capitan", premieres (NYC).Ref: 5
1900*President Loubet opens International Fairs in Paris France.Ref: 5
1904 George Bernard Shaw's "Candida", premieres in London.Ref: 5
1912*Frederick Rodman Law was a stunt man and became the first man to intentionally jump from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York without intending to take his own life. He was OK after the leap.Ref: 4
1930*Philip Barry's "Hotel Universe", premieres in NYC.Ref: 5
1932 Bizet, Massine & Miró's "Jeux d'Enfants", premieres in Monte Carlo.Ref: 5
1939 The John Steinbeck novel "The Grapes of Wrath" was first published.Ref: 5
1941*Hildegarde recorded the standard Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup on Decca Records. Hildegarde was the elegant singer with the long white gloves who was accompanied by the Harry Sosnik Orchestra. It took another 14 years, but Nat ‘King’ Cole turned the song into an even bigger hit, landing at number 7 on the pop music charts.Ref: 4
1942*Detroit radio priest, Father Charles E. Coughlin was censured for anti-Semitism. Coughlin's broadcasts had railed against "godless capitalists, the Jews, the Communists, international bankers and plutocrats."Ref: 5
1943 James Gow & A d'Usseau's "Tomorrow the World", premieres in NYC.Ref: 5
1946*"Day Before Spring" closes at National Theater NYC after 167 performances.Ref: 5
1950*First edition of British strip "Eagle".Ref: 5
1956*"Plain & Fancy" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 476 performances.Ref: 5
1958*Pianist Van Cliburn was presented on national TV for the first time on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jack Paar.Ref: 4
1958*Laurie London reached the top spot on the music charts with He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, knocking Perry Como’s Catch a Falling Star down a peg or two.Ref: 4
1960*The musical Bye Bye Birdie opened at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York City. Chita Rivera and Dick Van Dyke starred in the Broadway show which ran for 607 performances.Ref: 4
1961*The first live broadcast is televised from the Soviet Union.Ref: 2
1963*George Harrison is impressed by the unsigned group "Rolling Stones".Ref: 5
1964*Sidney Poitier becomes the first black to win an Oscar for best actor.Ref: 2
1967*Herman’s Hermits, featuring lead singer Peter Noone, went gold with the single, There’s a Kind of Hush. It was a two-sided hit, with the flip-side, No Milk Today, also receiving considerable play. Hush, however, was a top five song, while the ‘B’ side just made it into the top 40 at number 35.Ref: 4
1969*41st Academy Awards "Oliver", Cliff Robertson & Katharine Hepburn/Barbra Streisand win.Ref: 5
1970*"Boy Friend" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 119 performances.Ref: 5
1971*Stephen Sondheim's musical "Follies", premieres in NYC.Ref: 5
1972*"That's Entertainment" opens at Edison Theater NYC for 4 performances.Ref: 5
1978 David Hare's "Plenty", premieres in London.Ref: 5
1979*Susan Horvath, of Pennsylvania, crowned America's Young Woman of the Year.Ref: 5
1980*52nd Academy Awards "Kramer vs Kramer", Dustin Hoffman & Sally Field win.Ref: 5
1980*Pulitzer prize awarded to Norman Mailer (Executioner's Song).Ref: 5
1984*Farewell concert of "Doe Maar" in Den Bosch Netherlands.Ref: 5
1985*"Take Me Along!" opens/closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC.Ref: 5
1986*21st Academy of Country Music Awards George Strait, Alabama, Reba McEntire.Ref: 5
1988*"Mail" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 36 performances.Ref: 5
1991*"Mule Bone" closes at Ethel Barrymore Theater NYC after 67 performances.Ref: 5
1991*"Oh, Kay!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC.Ref: 5
1992*"Guys & Dolls" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC on Broadway for 1143 performances.Ref: 5
1992 "Les Miserables", opens at Palace Theatre, Manchester.Ref: 5
1994*Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley announce plans to divorce.Ref: 5
1996*"Apple Doesn't Fall" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 1 performance.Ref: 5
1578*Philip III, king of Spain and Portugal (1598-1621), is born.Ref: 2
1592*Abraham Elsevier book publisher/publisher, is born.Ref: 5
1629*Christiaan Huygens Holland, astronomer (discovered Saturn's rings), is born.Ref: 5
1676*Ernst Chreistian Hesse composer, is born.Ref: 5
1710*Marie A C de Camargo Spanish/Italian/Belgian dancer, is born.Ref: 5
1718*Emanuele Barbella composer, is born.Ref: 5
1721*William August [Duke of Cumberland] English army leader, is born.Ref: 5
1721*John Hanson, first U.S. President under the Articles of Confederation, is born.Ref: 2
1723*John Wainwright composer, is born.Ref: 5
1738*Duck of Portland (C) British PM (1783, 1807-09), is born.Ref: 5
1742*Pope Pius VII is born.Ref: 69
1762*Giuseppe Valadier Italian architect/archaeologist, is born.Ref: 5
1770*George Canning London, British PM (1827), is born.Ref: 5
1782*Carlo Coccia composer, is born.Ref: 5
1797*Adolphe Thiers first President of 3rd French Republic (1871-77), is born.Ref: 5
1802*Horace Bushnell, American Congregational minister and controversial theologian, is born.Ref: 70
1803*Friedrich von Amerling Austrian painter, is born.Ref: 5
1809 George W Vreede Dutch lawyer/politician, is born.Ref: 5
1813*Junius S Morgan US, merchant/philanthropist (Metropolitan Museum of Art), is born.Ref: 5
1819*Charles Halle pianist/conductor/founder (Halle Orchestra), is born.Ref: 5
1820*Harry Thompson Hays Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1876, is born.Ref: 5
1827*Augustus Pitt-Rivers, English archaeologist called the "father of British archaeology", is born.Ref: 70
1831*Gerhard Rohlfs, German explorer/ambassador in Abyssinia, is born.Ref: 5
1832*James Hewett Ledlie Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1882, is born.Ref: 5
1842*Sven August Korling composer, is born.Ref: 5
1842*Adna R. Chaffee, American army officer; chief of staff (1904-06), is born.Ref: 70
1843*Gustave Leon Huberti composer, is born.Ref: 5
1852*Henrique Oswald composer, is born.Ref: 5
1857*Edgar Stillman Kelley Sparta WI, composer (Gulliver), is born.Ref: 5
1862*Pyotr A Stolypin premier Russia (1906-11), is born.Ref: 5
1866*Anne Mansfield Sullivan (Macy) ‘The Miracle Worker’, teacher who educated Helen Keller, is born.Ref: 2
1873*Viktor Joseph Keldorfer composer, is born.Ref: 5
1874*Count Alexander of Athlone, Governor-General (South-Africa/Canada), is born.Ref: 5
1877*Daniël Plooy Dutch new testament scholar, is born.Ref: 5
1879*James Branch Cabell, American novelist/essayist (Restless Heads), is born.Ref: 5
1881*-Anton Wildgans Austrian writer/director (Burg Theater), is born.Ref: 5
1886*Edward C Tolman US psychologist (behaviorism), is born.Ref: 5
1886*Ernst R Curtius German literature historian, is born.Ref: 5
1889*Efim D Bogoljubov Russian chess player, is born.Ref: 5
1889*James Stephenson actor (Letter, Espionage Agent, Nancy Drew), is born.Ref: 5
1889*Arnold Toynbee, English historian; wrote 12-volume "Study of History", is born.Ref: 68
1892*Giorgio Cesana Italy, coxswain, (Olympic-gold-1906), is born.Ref: 5
1892*Vere G Childe British archaeologist/prehistorian, is born.Ref: 5
1892*Juan Belmonte, Spanish bullfighter, is born.Ref: 70
1895*Mary Marquet St Petersburg Russia, actress (Matter of Resistance), is born.Ref: 5
1895*Wiktor Labunski composer, is born.Ref: 5
1897*Barbara Baroness Wootton of Abinger English Lower house leader, is born.Ref: 5
1898*Harold Black, electrical engineer, is born.Ref: 2
1898*Lee Tracy Atlanta GA, actor (Martin Kane-Martin Kane Private Eye)Ref: 5
1900*Salvatore Baccaloni Rome, actor (Merry Andrew, Rock-a-Bye Baby), is born.Ref: 5
1901*Martin Kessel writer, is born.Ref: 5
1902*Menachem A Schneerson rebel (head of Lubavitcher Jews), is born.Ref: 5
1904*John Gielgud London England, actor (Arthur, Ages of Man), is born.Ref: 5
1904*Reinout W van Bemmelen Dutch geologist, is born.Ref: 5
1904*Sonia Gaskell Russian/Netherlands choreographer, is born.Ref: 5
1905 Frits Philips Dutch engineer/CEO (Philips), is born.Ref: 5
1906*Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz King Saudi-Arabia (1964-75), is born.Ref: 5
1906*Hunter Johnson composer, is born.Ref: 5
1906*Samuel Beckett, playwright, Nobel Prize winner (Waiting for Godot), is born.Ref: 2
1907*Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, Haitian dictator, is born.Ref: 68
1907 Otto F A H van Nispen Dutch mayor (Pannerden)/MP (KVP), is born.Ref: 5
1907*Phyllis Konstam London England, actress (Murder, Skin Game), is born.Ref: 5
1909*Eudora Welty, Southern writer (Delta Wedding, The Optimist's Daughter), is born.Ref: 2
1910*Werner Wolf Glaser composer, is born.Ref: 5
1912*Belinda Quirey dance historian/teacher, is born.Ref: 5
1912*Piet van Egmond Dutch organist/conductor (Netherlands Chamber Orchestra), is born.Ref: 5
1912*Robert Doisneau photographer, is born.Ref: 5
1913*John Howard Cleveland OH, actor (Dave-My Three Sons), is born.Ref: 5
1913*Everhard van Royen Dutch flautist/founder (Alma musica), is born.Ref: 5
1913*Jean Fournet French conductor, is born.Ref: 5
1914*Richard Salant, US communications executive, is born.Ref: 17
1916*Denis ApIvor composer, is born.Ref: 5
1916*Emerson Buckley composer, is born.Ref: 5
1917*Valerie Hobson North Ireland, actress (Great Expectations), is born.Ref: 5
1918*Mary Healy New Orleans, actress (2nd Fiddle, He Married his Wife), is born.Ref: 5
1920*Eduardo Maturana composer, is born.Ref: 5
1922*David Alexandrovich Toradze composer, is born.Ref: 5
1922*Maria Luisa Bemberg film maker, is born.Ref: 5
1922*John Gerard Braine, British novelist (Room at the Top), is born.Ref: 2
1923*Roberto DeVicenzo golf: champ: British Open [1967]; won 230 tournaments worldwide during career; is born.Ref: 4
1923*William Darling journalist, is born.Ref: 5
1924*Shorty Rogers (Milton Rajonsky) musician: trumpet, bandleader, songwriter: Keen and Peachy, Martians Go Home, Sweetheart of Sigmund Freud; composer, arranger: film: That Certain Girl; is born.Ref: 4
1925*Abel Muzorewa bishop/premier (Rhodesia), is born.Ref: 5
1925*Bill Harris US guitarist (Clovers-Good Lovin'), is born.Ref: 5
1925*(Long Island) Rod Steiger (Rodney Stephen Steiger), West Hampton NY, actor (Illustrated Man, Pawnbroker, Chosen), is born.Ref: 5
1926*Jan Carl Christian Maegaard composer, is born.Ref: 5
1927*Gloria Jean (Schoonover), Buffalo NY, actress (Never Give a Sucker an Even Break), is born.Ref: 5
1927*Dany Robin actress (Follow the Boys, Topaz, Jupiter, Julietta), is born.Ref: 5
1928*Robert Mugabe President (Zimbabwe, 1988- ), is born.Ref: 5
1929*William Edgar Thornton Faison NC, MD/astronaut (STS-8, 51-B, sk:49), is born.Ref: 5
1930*Bradford Dillman San Francisco CA, actor (Piranha, Sudden Impact, Enforcer), is born.Ref: 5
1930*Jay Robinson New York NY, actor (Born Again, Malibu Bikini Shop), is born.Ref: 5
1930*George W Gekas (Representative-Republican-PA, 1983- ), is born.Ref: 5
1933*Buddy Knox Happy TX, rock vocalist (Party Doll, Lovey Dovey), is born.Ref: 5
1933*Morton Subotnick Los Angeles CA, composer (Wild Bull), is born.Ref: 5
1935*Marty (Richard Martin) Keough baseball: Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, is born.Ref: 4
1935*Joan Darling Boston MA, actress (Frieda-Owen Marshall), is born.Ref: 5
1935*Loretta Lynn, Butcher's Hollow KY, country singer (Coal Miner's Daughter), is born.Ref: 5
1936*Robert Herman Nichols, Louisville KY, PGA golfer (1986 Showdown), is born.Ref: 5
1936*Francisco Vincent 'Frank' Serpico, US police officer, exposed corruption in the NY City police force, is born.Ref: 17
1938*Gloria Dean Randle Scott educator/president (Beaumont College), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Jennifer Fowler composer, is born.Ref: 5
1939*Seamus Heaney, Irish poet, Nobel laureate, is born.Ref: 2
1940*Patricia Bruder Brooklyn NY, actress (Ellen-As the World Turns), is born.Ref: 5
1940*Julie Christie, Assam India, actress (Dr Zhivago), is born.Ref: 17
1941*Anatoli Pavlocich Fyodorov cosmonaut, is born.Ref: 5
1941*Julie Christie actress: Dr. Zhivago, Petulia, Shampoo, Separate Tables, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Fahrenheit 451, is born in Assam, India.Ref: 4
1941*Pete (Peter Edward) Rose ‘Charlie Hustle’: baseball: Cincinnati Reds [Rookie of the Year: 1963/all-star: 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1985/World Series: 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976/Baseball Writer’s Award: 1973/manager: 1986-89]; Philadelphia Phillies [all-star: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982/World Series: 1980, 1983], Montreal Expos; banished from baseball [1989] for alleged gambling on major-league games; lifetime totals: hits: 4,256, games: 3,562, at bats: 14,053, lifetime batting average: .303, is born in Cincinnati OH. (Also: Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball 2000, ISBN 0-312-20437-X)Ref: 4
1941*Ryan O'Neal actor (Love Story, Paper Moon), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Dick Brooks auto racer: NASCAR legend, is born.Ref: 4
1942*Valentin Vitaliyevich Lebedev cosmonaut (Soyuz 13, 35, T-5), is born.Ref: 5
1943*Clarice Elaine Gaylord director of research grants (EPA), is born.Ref: 5
1943 Yvonne Vriens-Auerbach Dutch MP (CDA), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Uwe Beyer German DR, shot-putter (Olympic-gold-1976), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Ritchie Blackmore musician: guitar: solo: Getaway, Little Brown Jug, LP: Rainbow; groups: Deep Purple: Black Night, Strange Kind of Woman, Fireball, Smoke on the Water; LPs: Deep Purple in Rock, Made in Japan, Who Do We Think We Are?, Machine Head; Rainbow: Since You’ve Been Gone, All Night Long, I Surrender, Stone Cold, LPs: Rainbow Rising, Straight Between the Eyes, Bent Out of Shape, is born.Ref: 4
1945*Derek Leckenby rocker/actor (Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Steve Martin Waco TX, writer/actor (Jerk, Housesitter), is born. (TWA, 1997)Ref: 95
1946*Patrick Fairley guitarist (Marmalade-Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da), is born.Ref: 5
1946*Tom Monteleone American writer (Dark Star & Illumination), is born.Ref: 5
1948*Larry Ferguson musician: keyboards: group: Hot Chocolate: Emma, Disco Queen, You Sexy Thing, So You Win Again, I’ll Put You Back Together Again, Every 1’s a Winner, Girl Crazy, Chances, is born.Ref: 4
1948*Chester G Atkins (Representative-Democrat-MA), is born.Ref: 5
1948*John Shea North Conway NH, actor (Honeymoon, New Life, Lois & Clark), is born.Ref: 5
1948*Ty Grimes rocker (Captain Beefheart Band Drums, is born.Ref: 5
1949*Dennis Bryon musician: drums: groups: Amen Corner; Bee Gees: Jive Talkin’, Fanny [Be Tender with My Love], How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, How Deep is Your Love, is born.Ref: 4
1949*John Shea Emmy Award-winning actor: Baby M [1988]; WIOU, Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman, Backstreet Justice, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Small Sacrifices, A Case of Deadly Force, Nativity, is born.Ref: 4
1950*Randolph Powell Iowa City IA, actor (Alan-Dallas, Logan's Run), is born.Ref: 5
1950*Anna M "Ansje" Beentjes actress (Blindgangers), is born.Ref: 5
1951*Matima Kinuani Mpiosso musician, is born.Ref: 5
1952*Kenny Aaronson rocker, is born.Ref: 5
1953*Irina Rudolfovna Pronina Russian cosmonaut, is born.Ref: 5
1954*Bruce Sterling US, sci-fi author (Involution Ocean, Schismatrix), is born.Ref: 5
1955*Simone Griffeth Savannah GA, actress (Death Race 2000, Bret Maverick, Amanda's), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Prince of Monaco, is born.Ref: 5
1958*Michael Patrick Hulbert Elmira NY, PGA golfer (1989 British Columbia Open), is born.Ref: 5
1960*Brian Forster rocker (Partridge Family Drums), is born.Ref: 5
1961*John Clarke South Bend IN, actor (Michael-Days of Our Lives), is born.Ref: 5
1962*James Carpenter Canton CT, fencer-epee (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Cynthia Cooper WNBA guard (Houston Comets/Olympics-gold-1988), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Meg Mallon Natick MA, LPGA golfer (1991 US Women's Open), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Allen James Sacramento CA, 50K walker (Olympics-24th-92, 96), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Greg Battle CFL linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Jim Grabb Tucson AZ, tennis star, is born.Ref: 5
1965*Stan Humphries NFL quarterback (San Diego Chargers), is born.Ref: 5
1966*David Justice baseball player (Atlanta Braves)/husband of Halle Barry, is born.Ref: 5
1966*Greg Maddux San Angelo TX, pitcher (Atlanta Braves), is born.Ref: 5
1966*Greg Myers Riverside CA, catcher (Minnesota Twins), is born.Ref: 5
1966*Ricky Andrews WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Marla Wynne Easton PA, Miss Pennsylvania-America (1991) (top 10), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Barret Martin rocker (Screaming Trees), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Jeff Finley Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Winnipeg Jets), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Steve Chiasson Barrie, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames), is born.Ref: 5
1968*Anthony Michael Hall actor: The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Edward Scissorhands; comedian: Saturday Night Live, is born in Boston MA.Ref: 4
1968*Andrew Trim Sydney New South Wales Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1968*Jesse Levis Philadephia PA, catcher (Milwaukee Brewers), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Brad Ausmus New Haven CT, catcher (Detroit Tigers), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Brad Pennington Salem IN, pitcher (California Angels), is born.Ref: 5
1969*David Archibald Chilliwack, NHL center (Ottawa Senators), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Mark Macon NBA guard (Detroit Pistons), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Tim Roberts NFL defensive end (New England Patriots), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Brian Stablein NFL wide receiver (Indpls Colts), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Jan Siemerink Netherlands, tennis star, is born.Ref: 5
1970*Steve Avery Trenton MI, pitcher (Atlanta Braves), is born.Ref: 5
1971*Antonio London NFL linebacker (Detroit Lions), is born.Ref: 5
1971*Gregory Zaun Glendale CA, catcher (Baltimore Orioles), is born.Ref: 5
1972*Jason Mallett CFL safety (Saskatchewan Roughriders), is born.Ref: 5
1972*Zev Lumelski WLAF guard (Amsterdam Admirals), is born.Ref: 5
1974*Mike Allen Lambert, Honolulu HI, volleyball opposite hitter (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1975*Petra Begerow Germany, tennis star (1996 quarter Hilton Head), is born.Ref: 5
1976*Baedon Choppy Australian field hockey forward (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1976*Jason Wiemer Kimberley, NHL left wing (Tampa Bay Lightning), is born.Ref: 5
1977*Sarah Michelle Gellar actress (Kendall-All My Children, Buffy)Ref: 5
1986 Anthony Michael Hall is born.Ref: 10
73*According to Jewish historian Josephus, 967 Jewish zealots committed mass suicide within the fortress of Masada on this last night before the walls were breached by the attacking Roman Tenth Legion. (Two women and five children survived by hiding in a cistern, and were later released unharmed by the Romans.).Ref: 5
711*Childebert III king of French, dies at about 27.Ref: 5
911*Sergius III Italian Pope (904-11), dies.Ref: 5
1099*Conrad bishop of Utrecht, stabbed to death.Ref: 5
1240*Llywelyn ap Iorwerth Prince of Wales, dies.Ref: 5
1427*John IV duke of Brabant, dies.Ref: 5
1433*Liduina van Schiedam Dutch mystic (Christ's Bride)/saint, dies at 53.Ref: 5
1552*Laurentius Andreae [Lars Andersson] Swedish church reformer, dies.Ref: 5
1574*Christoffel Palts German General strategist, dies in battle.Ref: 5
1574*Hendrik count of Nassau-Dillenburg, dies in battle.Ref: 5
1574*Louis earl of Nassau-Dillenburg, dies in battle at 35.Ref: 5
1655*Johann Erasmus Kindermann composer, dies at 39.Ref: 5
1685*Thomas Otway, English dramatist and poet, dies in London, England at age 33.Ref: 68
1692 Carlos de Gurrea Spanish viceroy (Spanish Netherlands), dies.Ref: 5
1695*Jean de la Fontaine French poet (Fables), dies at 73.Ref: 5
1759*Organist/baroque German-born English composer George Frideric Handel dies in London at age 74.Ref: 68
1764*Peder [Nielsen] Horrebow Danish astronomer, dies at 84.Ref: 5
1768*François de Cuvilliés Belgian architect of Bayern, dies.Ref: 5
1796*Death of Joseph Swain, 35, author of the hymn, "O Thou in Whose Presence My Soul Takes Delight."Ref: 5
1813*Joachim Nicolas Eggert composer, dies at 34.Ref: 5
1828*18-gun sloop "Acorn" sinks off Halifax with 115 men aboard.Ref: 5
1843*Joseph Franz Karl Lanner Austria, composer/violist, dies at 42.Ref: 5
1874*Hermanus J Abbring Dutch author/engineer on Curaçao, dies at 86.Ref: 5
1888*William Fisk Sherwin composer, dies at 62.Ref: 5
1913 Karl Hagenbeck German animal trainer (Von Tieren), dies at 68.Ref: 5
1914 Paul Ehrenreich German etnologist/mythologist, dies at 58.Ref: 5
1915*James Hutton Brew "Pioneer of West African Journalism", dies.Ref: 5
1917 Lew [Lejzer L] Zamenhof Polish doc/linguist (Esperanto), dies at 57.Ref: 5
1920*Tornadoes killed 219 people in Alabama & Mississippi.Ref: 5
1924*Roland Napoleon Bonaparte French officer/explorer (Surinam), dies at 65.Ref: 5
1924*Louis H. Sullivan, father of modern US architecture, gained fame for his design of the Chicago Auditorium Theater, dies at age 67.Ref: 2
1925*Pieter D van Essen Dutch artillery officer, dies at 54.Ref: 5
1930*W Majakowski writer, dies at 36.Ref: 5
1934*Gerald du Maurier British actor-manager (Unmarried, Escape), dies.Ref: 5
1934*Karl Dane dies at 57.Ref: 5
1941*Jack Edmonson Australian corporal in Tobruk (Victoria Cross), dies.Ref: 5
1943 Asser B Kleerekoper SDAP-Second-Member of parliament, dies at 62.Ref: 5
1943*Geoffrey Turton Shaw composer, dies at 63.Ref: 5
1948*Gerhard Anschütz German professor, dies at 81.Ref: 5
1948*Walter P Reuther President (United Auto Workers), shot at his home.Ref: 5
1949*Joseph A Cushman US paleontologist, dies at 68.Ref: 5
1950*Ramana Maharshi, Hindu philosopher and yogi, dies at age 70.Ref: 70
1951*Ernest Bevin, English statesman and trade unionist, dies at age 70.Ref: 70
1953*Emmanuel K de Bom Flemish writer (Scheldelucht), dies at 84.Ref: 5
1958*Sputnik 2 (with dog Laika) burns up in atmosphere.Ref: 5
1960*Archibald McIndoe plastic surgeon, dies.Ref: 5
1964*Rachel Carson, the American biologist whose books (including "Silent Spring") helped inspire the environmental movement, dies at age 56.Ref: 17
1964*Earle Hodgins actor (Guestward Ho!), dies at 64.Ref: 5
1964*Rachel Carson author: Silent Spring, The Sea Around Us; dies.Ref: 4
1965*Perry E Smith US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged.Ref: 5
1965*Robert E Hickok US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged.Ref: 5
1965*Leonard Mudie dies of heart ailment at 82.Ref: 5
1969*Tornado strikes Dacca East Pakistan killing 540.Ref: 5
1971*Armand Spitz developer of small educational planetarium, dies.Ref: 5
1973*Magda Janssens Flemish actress (Nederlands in 7 Lessons), dies at 88.Ref: 5
1973*Minna Gombell dies in Santa Monica CA.Ref: 5
1975*Frederic March Wisc, actor (Dr Jeckyll-Acad Awards 1932/1946), dies from cancer at age 77.Ref: 4
1976*Maude Prickett actress (Rosie-Hazel), dies at 60.Ref: 5
1976 Gerard Romsée Flemish nationalist, dies at 74.Ref: 5
1977*Riekus Waskowsky Dutch poet, dies at 44.Ref: 5
1978*Korean Air Lines Boeing 707, fired on by Soviets, crashes in Russia.Ref: 5
1980*Tom Fadden actor (Duffeild-Broken Arrow, Cimarron City), dies at 84.Ref: 5
1981*William H. (Henry) Vanderbilt politician: Governor of Rhode Island [1939-1941]; grandson of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt; dies.Ref: 4
1983*Nina Dumbadze Russian discus thrower (Olympics-bronze-1952), dies at 64.Ref: 5
1983*Pete Farndon rock bassist (Pretenders), dies.Ref: 5
1983*Willem F Bon Dutch composer, dies at 42.Ref: 5
1985*Reginald Beane pianist (Starlit Time, Once Upon a Tune), dies at 63.Ref: 5
1985*Enver Hoxha Albanian leader (1944-85), dies.Ref: 5
1986*Simone de Beauvoir, French feminist writer, dies at age 78.Ref: 70
1986*Double-decker ferry sinks in stormy weather in Bangladesh killing 200.Ref: 5
1986*Jean Genêt French, playwright (Lesson Nègres), dies at 75.Ref: 5
1987*Karl Holler composer, dies at 79.Ref: 5
1988*Herbert Reynolds Inch composer, dies at 83.Ref: 5
1988*Johan Franco composer, dies at 79.Ref: 5
1990*Martin Kessel writer, dies on 89th birthday.Ref: 5
1990*Peter Dunn actor (Invaders from Mars) dies.Ref: 5
1992*Sammy Price US boogie-woogie pianist, dies.Ref: 5
1992*David Miller dies of cancer at 82.Ref: 5
1993*Jo Boer Dutch painter/writer/author (Heir), dies at 85.Ref: 5
1993*Sam Ntombani ANC-Secretary in Soweto South-Africa, shot to death.Ref: 5
1994*Harry Touw Dutch comic (Fred Haché Show), dies at 70.Ref: 5
1994*Selometsi Baholo vice-premier of Lesotho, murdered.Ref: 5
1995*Brian Coffey poet, dies at 89.Ref: 5
1995 Donald Keech entrepreneur, dies at 74.Ref: 5
1995*James Daniel "Danny" Turner saxophonist, dies at 75.Ref: 5
1995*Michael Scott Montague Fordham jungian analyst educator, dies at 89.Ref: 5
1995*Burl (Icle Ivanhoe) Ives singer: A Holly Jolly Christmas, A Little Bitty Tear, Funny Way of Laughin’, Call Me Mr. In- Between; Academy Award winning actor: The Big Country [1958], Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, East of Eden, Smokey, Our Man in Havana, The Bold Ones, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; radio series: The Wayfaring Stranger [1944]; dies at age 85.Ref: 4
1996 Benjamin "Zik" Azikiwe Nnamdi politician, dies at 91.Ref: 5
1996*Gaylord Birch drummer (Pointer Sisters, Herbie Hancock), dies at 50.Ref: 5
1996*Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill record producer, dies at 80.Ref: 5
1996*Mervyn Levy artist/critic, dies at 81.Ref: 5
1996*William K Everson film historian, dies at 67Ref: 5
1999*Actor Anthony Newley dies.Ref: 4
1999*Bill Wendell (William Joseph Wenzel, Jr.) announcer: Tonight, Late Night with David Letterman; dies.Ref: 4
1999 NATO mistakenly bombed a convoy of ethnic Albanian refugees; Yugoslav officials said 75 people were killed.Ref: 70
2003*New Orleans, La. One 15-year-old killed, and three students wounded at John McDonogh High School by gunfire from four teenagers (none were students at the school). The motive was gang-related. Ref 

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