Ken Fussichen's History Of The Day For
May 7th

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558*The dome of the church of St. Sophia in Constantinople collapses. Its immediate rebuilding is ordered by Justinian.Ref: 2
1274*The Second Council of Lyons convened under Gregory X. attended by approximately 500 bishops, this council accomplished a temporary reunion of the separated Eastern Orthodox churches with the Roman Catholic Church.Ref: 5
1416*Monk Nicolaas Serrurier arrested because of heresy at Tournay.Ref: 5
1579 Congress of Cologne forms in Netherlands.Ref: 5
1692*(Salem Witch Trials) George Burroughs is returned to Salem and placed in jail.Ref: 87
1700*William Penn began monthly meetings for Blacks advocating emancipation.Ref: 5
1727*Jews are expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I of Russia.Ref: 5
1763*Indian chief Pontiac begins his attack on a British fort in present-day Detroit, Michigan.Ref: 2
1775 Turkish state of Bukovina secedes from Austria.Ref: 5
1787*The New Jerusalem Church was formally established in London. More popularly known as Swedenborgianism, its theological tenets were based on the writings of Swedish scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). The first congregation in the US was formed in Baltimore in 1792.Ref: 5
1789*The first Presidential Inaugural Ball was held in NY City. Each lady in attendance received as a gift a portrait of George Washington. Actually, the ball was the first such event held for the incoming President of the United States.Ref: 4
1800*Congress divides the Northwest Territory into two parts. The western part will becomes the Indiana Territory and the eastern section remains the Northwest Territory.Ref: 2
1821*Sierra Leone, Gambia & Gold Coast taken over by British forming British West Africa.Ref: 10
1832*Otto of Bavaria is chosen king of Greece; Greece becomes independent republic.Ref: 5
1847*The American Medical Association is formed in Philadelphia.Ref: 2
1848 Prussians stop insurrection in Varsovia.Ref: 5
1850*In a three-hour speech to the US Senate, Daniel Webster endorsed the Compromise of 1850 as a means of preserving the Union.Ref: 6
1856 Argentine & Brazilian sign a navigation pact.Ref: 5
1862*Much of Enschede Netherlands destroyed by fire.Ref: 5
1866*German premier Otto von Bismarck seriously wounded in an assassination attempt.Ref: 5
1867*Blacks stage ride-in to protest segregation in New Orleans.Ref: 5
1877*Indian chief Sitting Bull enters Canada with a trail of Indians after the Battle of Little Big Horn.Ref: 2
1885 John E W Thompson, named minister to Haiti.Ref: 5
1899*Amer Presbyterian missionary James Burton Rodgers, 34, preached his first sermon in the Philippines. Rodgers spent the next 35 years in evangelistic and educational ministries, and is regarded as the first Protestant missionary to the Philippines.Ref: 5
1904*Flexible Flyer trademark registered.Ref: 5
1909 Construction begins on first 100 houses in Ahuzat Bayit (Tel Aviv).Ref: 5
1913*British House of Commons rejects woman's right to vote.Ref: 5
1914*Woodrow Wilson's daughter Eleanor marries in the White House.Ref: 5
1914*US Congress establishes Mother's Day.Ref: 5
1919*Treaty of Versailles submitted to German delegation. 
1920*USSR recognizes independence of Georgia.Ref: 5
1923*Mine strike at Belgian Borinage railroad.Ref: 5
1924 Peruvian Torre forms APRA, Alianza Popular Revolutionaria Americana.Ref: 5
1927*San Francisco Municipal Airport (Mills Field) dedicatedRef: 5
1928*England lowers age of women voters from 30 to 21.Ref: 5
1933*(Scottsboro Boys) In one of many protests around the nation, thousands march in Washington protesting the Alabama trials.Ref: 87
1934*Netherlands Princess Juliana opens Juliana Canal.Ref: 5
1934*Part of Khabarovsk becomes a Jewish Autonomous Region.Ref: 5
1934*Pulitzer prize awarded to Sidney Kingsley (Men in White).Ref: 5
1934*Pearl of Allah, 9.5 inches long, 5.5 inches in diameter, 6.4 kg, found in shell of giant clam at Palawan, Philippines.Ref: 5
1938*Dutch Minister of Justice Goseling calls fugitives of Nazi-Germany "undesired strangers".Ref: 5
1941*Cornerstone of Bank of America building at 300 Montgomery laid.Ref: 5
1942*Nazi decree orders all Jewish pregnant women of Kovno Ghetto executed.Ref: 5
1945 Princess Irene Brigade moves into the Hague Netherlands.Ref: 5
1945*The 100-ton test is conducted. 108 tons of TNT, laced with 1000 curies of reactor fission products, are exploded 800 yards from Trinity ground zero to test instrumentation for Trinity. This is the largest instrumented explosion conducted up to this date.Ref: 91
1946*William H Hastie inaugurated as first black governor of Virgin Islands.Ref: 5
1947*General MacArthur approves Japanese constitution.Ref: 5
1947 Paraguayian Government unleashes contra revolt.Ref: 5
1954 US, Great-Britain & France reject Russian membership in NATO.Ref: 5
1955 USSR signs peace treaty with France & Great-Britain.Ref: 5
1955 West Europe Union established.Ref: 5
1960*Leonid Brezhnev replaces Kliment Voroshilov as President of the USSR.Ref: 5
1960*USSR announces Francis Gary Powers confessed to being a CIA spy.Ref: 5
1962*US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island.Ref: 5
1965*A march by civil rights demonstrators was broken up in Selma, AL, by state troopers and a sheriff's posse.Ref: 6
1969*Lieutenant General Robert E Cushman, Jr, USMC, becomes deputy director of CIA.Ref: 5
1975*The Senate revised its filibuster rule, allowing 60 senators to limit debate in most cases, instead of the previously required two-thirds of senators present.Ref: 6
1979 5th UNCTAD-conference opens in Manila.Ref: 5
1982*US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.Ref: 5
1984*A $180 million out-of-court settlement was announced in the Agent Orange class-action suit brought by Vietnam veterans who charged they had suffered injury from exposure to the defoliant.Ref: 70
1987*105º F in Sacramento CA.Ref: 5
1988*USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR.Ref: 5
1989 Panamanian voters reject dictator Manuel Noriega's bid for presidency.Ref: 5
1991 In the wake of the allied victory in the Persian Gulf, Secretary of State James A. Baker III left for a tour of the Middle East, seeking to promote a new Arab-Israeli dialogue.Ref: 6
1991*France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island.Ref: 5
1992*(Long Island) 5 NYC cops arrested in Hauppauge Long Island for selling cocaine.Ref: 5
1992*A 203-year-old proposed constitutional amendment barring Congress from giving itself a midterm pay raise was ratified when Michigan became the 38th state to approve it.Ref: 70
1993 South Africa agrees to multi-racial elections.Ref: 5
1994*Gary Hart's girlfriend Donna Rice (36) weds Jack Hughes (42).Ref: 5
1994*The Supreme Court ruled that parodies that poke fun at an original work can be considered "fair use" that doesn't require permission from the copyright holder.Ref: 6
1995*Jacques Chirac wins French presidential electionRef: 5
1996*Three US servicemen were convicted in the rape of a 12-year-old Okinawan girl and sentenced by a Japanese court to six and a-half to seven years in prison.Ref: 6
1996*Bob Dole handily won the New York Republican primary.Ref: 6
1998*An F-0 tornado touches down in northeast Xenia, OH. Damage is minor. (Dayton Daily News, p. 3B, 9/16/2001) 
1998*The parent company of Mercedes-Benz agreed to buy Chrysler Corp. for more than $37 billion.Ref: 70
2000*The Nasdaq composite crossed the 5000 mark for the first time before retreating.Ref: 6
2000*TX Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore were the big winners in Super Tuesday primaries.Ref: 6
2000*President Vladimir Putin took the oath of office in Russia's first democratic transfer of power.Ref: 70
2001*Ronnie Biggs, the "Great Train Robber," who had eluded capture for decades following his prison escape in 1965, returned to Britain, where he was arrested and jailed to complete the 28 remaining years of his sentence.Ref: 70
2002*Authorities arrested 21-year-old college student Luke J. Helder in a series of rural mailbox bombings that left six people wounded in Illinois and Iowa.Ref: 70
2003*The 6th US Court of Appeals throws out the death sentence of Tony M Powell, ordering a new sentencing by the lower court within six months. Powell threw a 7-year old he was trying to rape out of a 4th story window. The appeals court said Powell did not receive effective legal representation. Powell could be sentenced to death at a new hearing. (XDG, p 14, 5/08/2003)Ref: 83
2003*The Ohio Supreme Court delays the death sentence of Jerome Campbell from May 14th to June 27th to allow DNA testing on blood samples. (XDG, p 14, 5/08/2003)Ref: 83
2003*(Grasso) The Wall Street Journal discloses NYSE Chairman Dick Grasso's pay and retirement package of $80M - $100M. (WSJ, p 1, 9/18/2003)Ref: 33
1624*Admiral Hermites conquering fleet reaches Callao the Lima, Peru.Ref: 5
1638*Cornelis S Goyer takes possession of Mauritius (uninhabited).Ref: 5
1660*Isaack B Fubine of Savoy, in The Hague, patents macaroni.Ref: 5
1771*Samuel Hearne explores the Copper Mine River of Canada.Ref: 5
1792*The Columbia River and Grays Harbor are discovered by Capt. Robert Gray.Ref: 5
1876*Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his telephone.Ref: 6
1888*George Eastman patents "Kodak box camera".Ref: 5
1912*The first airplane equipped with a machine gun flew over College Park, MD.Ref: 4
1958*Major Howard Johnson, USAF, sets aircraft altitude record in F-104 (Lockheed Starfighter), 27,810 meters.Ref: 5
1963*The United States launched the Telstar Two communications satellite.Ref: 6
1975*Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 53 launched to study X-rays.Ref: 5
1982*IBM releases PC-DOS version 1.1.Ref: 5
1992*US space shuttle STS-49 launched (maiden voyage of Endeavour).Ref: 5
1997*Galileo, 4th Ganymede Flyby (Orbit 8)Ref: 5
1429*English siege of Orléans broken by Joan of Arc.Ref: 5
1525 The German peasants' revolt is crushed by the ruling class and church.Ref: 2
1748*French troops conquer Maastricht.Ref: 5
1765*Admiral Nelson's sailboat HMS Victory runs aground.Ref: 5
1861*Riot occurs between prosecessionist & Union supporters in Knoxville TN.Ref: 5
1862*Confederate troops strike Union troops at the Battle of Eltham's Landing in Virginia.Ref: 2
1862*Battle of West Point VA (Eltham's Landing, Barnhamsville).Ref: 5
1864*The Battle of the Wilderness ends (total losses: USA-17,666; CSA-7,500).Ref: 5
1864*Skirmish at Port Walthall Junction VA (Drewry's Bluff).Ref: 5
1873*US marines attack Panama.Ref: 5
1891 Battle in Bunyoro: Captain F Lugard stops Moslem rebellion, 300 killed.Ref: 5
1915*Alfred G Vanderbilt, US millionaire, dies aboard Lusitania.Ref: 5
1915*On its return trip from New York to Liverpool, England, the British ocean liner, Lusitania, is torpedoed by Germany's U-20 off the Kinsale Head, Irish coast, with loss of 1152 lives; 102 Americans. The Lusitania, carrying a cargo of ammunition from the U.S. to Great Britain, sank in 21 minutes.. This was Germany’s reason for the attack even though the ship was carrying over 2,000 civilian men, women and children. 1,198 lives were lost.Ref: 4
1915*Germans capture Libau, Russian Baltic port.Ref: 38
1915*Alfred Scott Witherbee Jr US Lusitania officer, dies.Ref: 5
1915*Charles Frohman dies aboard Lusitania.Ref: 5
1915*Elbert Hubbard author: A Message to Garcia, Little Journeys; founder: Roycroft Press; lost life aboard the ill-fated Lusitania.Ref: 4
1918*Rumania forced to sign humiliating Treaty of Bucharest with Germans.Ref: 10
1936*Adolf Hitler orders his troops to march into the Rhineland, thereby breaking the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact.Ref: 6
1937*The German Condor Legion arrives in Spain to assist Fransico Franco's forces.Ref: 2
1939*Germany and Italy announced a military and political alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis.Ref: 70
1941*British House of Commons votes for Churchill (477-3).Ref: 5
1942*In the Battle of the Coral Sea, Japanese and American navies attack each other with carrier-launched warplanes. It is the first time in the history of naval warfare where two fleets fought without seeing each other. Two crucial battles in 1942 marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific.Ref: 2
1942*Submarine U-136 shells and sinks Canadian merchant ship Mildred Pauline in the North Atlantic. There are no survivors. 
1942*In Canada, the Prime Minister recommends to Cabinet that the National Resources Mobilization Act be amended, to allow conscription for overseas war duty.Ref: 37
1943*The last major German strongholds in North Africa--Tunis and Bizerte--fall to Allied forces.Ref: 2
1943*Liberty Ship George Washington Carver, named after scientist, launched.Ref: 5
1943*Dutch men 18-35 obliged to report to labor camps.Ref: 5
1943*British 11th Huzaren occupies Tunis Tunisia.Ref: 5
1943*US first Armour division occupies Ferryville Tunisia.Ref: 5
1943*US 9th Infantry division occupies Bizerta/Bensert Tunisia.Ref: 5
1944*German assault on Tito's hideout in Drvar Bosnia.Ref: 5
1945*During World War Two, US forces crossed the Rhine River at Remagen, Germany, using the damaged but still usable Ludendorff Bridge.Ref: 4
1945*Nazi Colonel General Alfred Jodl, representing the German government, entered the headquarters of the Allied forces at Reims early this day. He was in a red school building in Reims, France for one purpose only ... signing the terms of unconditional surrender. Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff, Lt. General Walter B. Smith signed for the Allies.Ref: 4
1945*Mauthausen Concentration Camp liberated.Ref: 5
1945*SS open fire on crowd in Amsterdam, killing 22.Ref: 5
1952*In Korea, Communist POWs at Koje-do riot against their American captors.Ref: 2
1954*The Battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam ended after 55 days with Vietnamese insurgents overrunning French forces.Ref: 70
1956*Battle at Oran, Algeria, kills 300.Ref: 5
1975*President Ford formally declared an end to the "Vietnam era." In Ho Chi Minh City -- formerly Saigon -- the Viet Cong celebrated its takeover.Ref: 5
1877*Cincinnati Enquirer, first uses the term "Bullpen" to indicate foul territory.Ref: 5
1898*The first Intercollegiate Trapshooting Association meet was held in New Haven, CT. Clay pigeons were used for the competition.Ref: 4
1907 Charles Collier wins first Isle of Man TT Race (38.22 mph).Ref: 5
1910*35th Preakness: R Estep aboard Layminster wins in 1:40.6.Ref: 5
1917*Red Sox Babe Ruth beats Washington Senator Walter Johnson, 1-0.Ref: 5
1921*47th Kentucky Derby: Charles Thompson on Behave Yourself wins 2:04.2.Ref: 5
1922*Walter Mueller of the Pittsburgh Pirates hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 12
1922*Belgian soccer team defeats Netherlands, 1-2.Ref: 5
1922*New York Giant Jesse Barnes no-hits Phillies, 2-0.Ref: 5
1925*Pirate shortstop Glenn Wright catches Jim Bottomley's line drive, doubles up Jimmy Cooney at second and tags Rogers Hornsby coming from first to complete an unassited triple play in a 10-9 loss to the Cardinals.Ref: 1
1925*Phillies have their 8th game postponed in a row.Ref: 5
1932*58th Kentucky Derby: Eugene James aboard Burgoo King wins in 2:05.2.Ref: 5
1938*64th Kentucky Derby: Eddie Arcaro aboard Lawrin wins in 2:04.8.Ref: 5
1940*The Brooklyn Dodgers become the first National League team to fly when they travel by air to Chicago from St. Louis.Ref: 1
1941*Pirate outfielder Lloyd Waner, known as Little Poison, is traded to the Braves for pitcher Nick Strincevich.Ref: 1
1945*Baseball owner Branch Rickey announced the organization of the United States Negro Baseball League, consisting of six teams.Ref: 4
1949*75th Kentucky Derby: Steve Brooks aboard Ponder wins in 2:04.2.Ref: 5
1951*Russia was admitted to participate in the 1952 Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee.Ref: 4
1953 Record 537-kg swordfish is caught by L E Marron, in Chile.Ref: 5
1955*81st Kentucky Derby: Bill Shoemaker aboard Swaps wins in 2:01.8.Ref: 5
1956*Bill White of the New York Giants hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 5
1957*Indian pitcher Herb Score suffers a season-ending injury when he's struck in the face by Yankee Gil McDougald's line drive.Ref: 1
1959*It was one of the most touching and memorable nights in all of baseball on this night. 93,103 fans packed the LA Coliseum for an exhibition game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New Y ork Yankees. Sandy Koufax pitched for the Dodgers and lost to the Yankees, 6-2. It was Roy Campanella Night. The star catcher for the Dodgers, paralyzed in an automobile accident, was honored for his contributions to the team for many years. ‘Campie’ continued to serve in various capacities with the Dodger organization for many years.Ref: 4
1960*Los Angeles Dodger Norm Sherry's 11th homerun wins the game for brother Larry.Ref: 5
1960*Michael Tal beats Botvinnik 12½-8½ for world chess championship.Ref: 5
1960*86th Kentucky Derby: Bill Hartack on Venetian Way wins in 2:02.4.Ref: 5
1961*Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Peach Blossom Golf Open.Ref: 5
1963*Houston Colt .45s' Don Nottebart no-hits the Philadelphia Phillies.Ref: 86
1963 Bruno Sammartino becomes WWF champion.Ref: 5
1966*After only four victories in the first twenty games, Yankee skipper Johnny Keane is fired and is replaced by the team's general manager, Ralph Houk.Ref: 1
1966*92nd Kentucky Derby: Donald Brumfield aboard Kauai King wins in 2:02.Ref: 5
1967*Carol Mann wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open.Ref: 5
1969*2nd ABA championship: Oakland Oaks beat Indiana Pacers, 4 games to 1.Ref: 5
1970*Wes Parker hits a triple to beat the Mets in the tenth inning. The three-bagger completes the cycle for the Dodger first baseman.Ref: 1
1972*26th NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers beat NY Knicks, 4 games to 1.Ref: 5
1972*Betty Burfeindt wins Sealy LPGA Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1975*Flyers 3-Isles 4 (OT)-Semifinals-Flyers hold 3-1 lead.Ref: 5
1977*103rd Kentucky Derby: Jean Cruguet on Seattle Slew wins in 2:02.2.Ref: 5
1978*Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds, plays the last of 678 consecutive games. ("The 1999 ESPN Sports Almanac") 
1979*Gary Roenicke hits into Orioles 13th triple play (Oakland).Ref: 5
1982*Federal jury rules NFL violates antitrust laws in preventing Oakland Raiders from moving to Los Angeles.Ref: 5
1983 August Hoffman performs record 29,051 consecutive sit-ups.Ref: 5
1983*109th Kentucky Derby: Ed Delahoussaye on Sunny's Halo wins in 2:02.2.Ref: 5
1984*Sharon Barrett wins LPGA Potamkin Cadillac Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1985*The Edmonton Oilers set a National Hockey League record for playoff wins (12). Edmonton won its second Stanley Cup with a 7-3 win over the Chicago Black Hawks.Ref: 4
1986*Phillies outfielder Garry Maddox, retires.Ref: 5
1988*114th Kentucky Derby: Gary Stevens on Winning Colors wins in 2:02.2.Ref: 5
1989 Mark Merrony (Wales) cycles for 30 minutes in Nepal at 21,030 feet.Ref: 5
1989*Juli Inkster wins LPGA Crestar Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1991*Darryl Strawberry returns to NY as a Dodger with mixed results. A crowd of 49,118 mostly booing fans watch him hit a two-run HR, and they cheer when he makes the last out of the game with the potential tying and winning runs on base in the 6-5 Met victory.Ref: 1
1992*Jockey Angel Cordero retires after winning over 7,000 horse races.Ref: 5
1994*Denver Nuggets become NBA's first #8 seed to beat a #1 seed (Seattle).Ref: 5
1994*120th Kentucky Derby: Chris McCarron on Go For Gin wins in 2:03.6.Ref: 5
1995*Twins beat Indians 10-9 in 17 innings, 6 hours & 36 minutes.Ref: 5
1995*Michelle McGann wins LPGA Sara Lee Golf Classic.Ref: 5
1996*The Tampa Bay Devil Rays announce they will host Spring Training in St. Petersburg in 1998, becoming the first team in the "modern era" to host spring training in their home city. The National League's St. Louis Cardinals will leave after training in St. Petersburg since 1946.Ref: 86
1997*Expos scores 13 in 6th at GiantsRef: 5
1999*In the biggest comeback in Jacobs Field history, the Indians score 18 runs in the final three innings to overcome a 9-1 deficit to beat the Devil Rays, 20-11. Tampa Bay's first baseman Fred McGriff sets a major league record by homering in his 34th park.Ref: 1
1999*Rookie Bruce Aven hits the first pinch-hit grand slam in Marlin history helping Florida beat the Dodgers, 6-3.Ref: 1
1999*Jim Lites named Texas Rangers President.Ref: 86
1999*Yankee Hideki Irabu opposes Matt Suzuki in the first matchup of Japanese starters in major league history.Ref: 1
1999*The Rockies, by scoring in the first inning on a Larry Walker two-out homer tie a National League record established by the 1894 Pirates and 1949 Giants scoring in 14 consecutive innings, The major league mark is 17 set by the 1903 Red Sox.Ref: 1
1999*In a 7-1 victory over the A's, Carlos Lee becomes the first White Sox to homer in his first major league at-bat.Ref: 1
2003*A man wanted by the police on drug and parole-violations is apprehended at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. The 24-year-old Westwood man's cover was blown when his parole officer saw him kissing his girlfriend on the stadium's scoreboard during Kiss Cam.Ref: 1
1663 Theatre Royal in Drury Lane London opens.Ref: 5
1824*Beethoven's Ninth Symphony ("The Choral”) with famous tune "Ode to Joy" premieres in ViennaRef: 5
1888*Edouard Lalo's opera "Le roi d'Ys" premieres in Paris France.Ref: 5
1912*Columbia University approves plans for awarding the Pulitzer Prize in several categories.Ref: 5
1928*Pulitzer prize awarded to Thornton Wilder for (Bridge of San Luis Rey).Ref: 5
1934*Pulitzer prize awarded to Sidney Kingsley (Men in White).Ref: 5
1941*Glenn Miller and His Orchestra recorded "Chattanooga Choo Choo" for RCA Victor.Ref: 5
1943 ”The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand published.Ref: 10
1945*Pulitzer prize awarded to John Hersey (Bell for Adano).Ref: 5
1947*"Kraft Television Theater" premieres on NBC.Ref: 5
1951*Religious program "The Circuit Rider" broadcast for the last time over ABC television. Featuring sacred music and biographies of great evangelists, the series had premiered only two months earlier, in March.Ref: 5
1951*Pulitzer prize awarded to Conrad Richter (The Town).Ref: 5
1953*"Can Can" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 892 performances.Ref: 5
1956*Pulitzer prize awarded to Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett.Ref: 5
1958*Pianist Van Cliburn signed an artist’s contract with RCA Victor Records.Ref: 4
1960*"Christine" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 12 performances.Ref: 5
1960*"Flower Drum Song" closes at St James Theater NYC after 602 performances.Ref: 5
1960*"From A to Z" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 21 performances.Ref: 5
1961*"Young Abe Lincoln" closes at Eugene O'Neill NYC after 27 performances.Ref: 5
1962*Pulitzer prize awarded to Theodore H White (Making of President 1960).Ref: 5
1966*The Mamas & The Papas made the climb to the top of the Billboard pop music chart with Monday, Monday. For three weeks Monday, Monday stayed at the top of the pop music world.Ref: 4
1970*"Long & Winding Road" becomes Beatles' last American release.Ref: 5
1973*Pulitzer prize awarded to Eudora Welty (Optimist's Daughter).Ref: 5
1974*Pulitzer prize awarded to Robert Lowell (Dolphin).Ref: 5
1977*"Happy End" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 75 performances.Ref: 5
1980*Samm-Art Williams' "Home" premieres in NYC.Ref: 5
1982*"Is There Life after High School?" opens at Barrymore NYC for 12 performances.Ref: 5
1987*Shelly Long made her last appearance as a regular on the popular TV show, Cheers. Long, who played cocktail server, Diane Chambers, to often hilarious results, left the hit comedy to pursue a movie career.Ref: 4
1994 Norway's most famous painting, "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, was recovered almost three months after it was stolen from an Oslo museum.Ref: 5
1994*Edvard Munchs painting "The Scream" recovered 3 months after stolen.Ref: 5
1994*Matlock actor Daniel Roebuck (30) weds Kelly Durst (24).Ref: 5
1995*"On the Waterfront" closes at Atkinson Theater NYC after 8 performances.Ref: 5
1996*Comedian Martin Lawrence suffers a nervous breakdownRef: 5
1999*A jury in Pontiac, Mich., ordered "The Jenny Jones Show" to pay $25 million to the family of a gay man who was shot to death after revealing a crush on a male guest on the talk show.Ref: 70
1530*Louis I Condé French prince/leader of Hugenots, is born.Ref: 5
1574*Innocent X [Giambattista Pamfili] 236th Roman Catholic pope (1644-55), is born.Ref: 69
1667*Germain Boffrand, French architect; worked in the Baroque and Rococo styles, is born.Ref: 70
1700*Gerard van Swieten Dutch botanist, is born.Ref: 5
1704*Carl Heinrich Graun composer, is born.Ref: 5
1711*David Hume, Scottish philosopher, historian, economist and essayist, is born.Ref: 70
1763*Josef Poniatovski Polish general/marshal of France, is born.Ref: 5
1769*Giuseppe Farinelli composer, is born.Ref: 5
1774*Sir Francis Beaufort naval officer; devised wind force scale, is born.Ref: 5
1776*Dániel Berzsenyi [Hungarian Horatius], Hungarian poet, is born.Ref: 5
1795 Gerhard M Roentgen industrialist (founder dockyard Fijenoord), is born.Ref: 5
1803*Johan Peter Cronhamm composer, is born.Ref: 5
1812*Robert Browning, London England, poet (The Pied Piper), is born.Ref: 5
1826*Varina Howell Davis, first lady (Confederacy), died in 1905, is born.Ref: 5
1827*Charles T H Coster Belgian literary (Légendes Flamandes) [or Aug 20], is born.Ref: 5
1827*Francis Engle Patterson Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1862, is born.Ref: 5
1832*Carl G Neumann German mathematician/physicist (Neumann-functions), is born.Ref: 5
1833*Johannes Brahms, the composer, born in Hamburg. Works include Brahms Lullaby. (Cross, Milton, "Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music", Doubleday & Co, 1953) 
1839*Birth of Elisha A. Hoffman, American clergyman and a prolific writer of Gospel songs. His musical legacy has left the Church such favorites as: "What a Wonderful Savior," "I Must Tell Jesus," "Are You Washed in the Blood?" "Glory to His Name" and "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms."Ref: 5
1840*Peter I. Tchaikovsky, composer, is born. Works include Marche Slave, 1812 Overture, Swan Lake and the Nutcracker Suite.Ref: 68
1847*Archibald Primrose Earl of Rosebery (Liberal), British PM (1894-95), is born.Ref: 5
1855*Oskar von Miller, German engineer; founded the Munich Museum of Science and Technology, is born.Ref: 70
1866 Cornelis J K van Aalst president (Dutch Trading Company), is born.Ref: 5
1867*Philippine "Pine" Belder [Mary de Klerk], actress (Hope of Blessing), is born.Ref: 5
1870*Marcus Loew, film executive, consolidated studios to create MGM, is born.Ref: 2
1873*Clarence Dickinson composer, is born.Ref: 5
1882*Willem Elsschot [Alfons J de Ridder] Flemish writer (Mend), is born.Ref: 5
1883*Gino Roncaglia composer, is born.Ref: 5
1883*Martin Albertz German theologist (Church Jesus Christ), is born.Ref: 5
1885*George "Gabby" Hayes Wellesvile NY, actor (In Old Santa Fe, El Paso), is born.Ref: 5
1887*Henri Pourrat French writer (Gaspard of the Montagnes), is born.Ref: 5
1888*Selmer Jackson Lake Mills IA, actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp), is born.Ref: 5
1890*Billy House Minnesota, actor (Imitation of Life, Bedlam, Egg & I), is born.Ref: 5
1892*Archibald MacLeish Pulitzer Prize-winning poet: Conquistador [1933], Collected Poems, 1917-1952 [1953]; U.S. Librarian of Congress; is born in Glencoe IL.Ref: 4
1896*Kitty Godfree, English tennis player; won Olympic gold medal in 1920, is born.Ref: 70
1897*Kitty McKane England, tennis (Olympics-gold/2 silver/2 bronze-1920, 24), is born.Ref: 5
1898*Vera Chapman writer, is born.Ref: 5
1900*Bauke Tuinstra Dutch/Frisian notary/author (Earste Keur), is born.Ref: 5
1900*Ralph Truman London England, actor (Web of Evidence), is born.Ref: 5
1901*Gary (Frank James) Cooper Helena MT, actor (2 Academy Awards-Sergeant York, High Noon), is born.Ref: 5
1901*L T Coggeshall medical scientist/ US Secretary of HEW (1956-58), is born.Ref: 5
1901*Marcel Poot Belgian baron/composer, is born.Ref: 5
1902*Sal Gliatto baseball player, is born.Ref: 5
1903 Basil Nield judge/politician, is born.Ref: 5
1907*Jef van Durme composer, is born.Ref: 5
1908*Ed MacDonald actor (Mysteries of Chinatown), is born.Ref: 5
1908*Wouter Paap composer, is born.Ref: 5
1909*Edwin Herbert Land, American inventor and physicist; developed the Polaroid Land Camera, is born.Ref: 70
1912*Paul H F Brenneker Netherlands/Antillian photographer/folklorist, is born.Ref: 5
1913*Bob Clampett, classic Warner Bros. cartoon director and creator of Beany and Cecil, born.Ref: 73
1917*Daniel Gillès Belgian writer, is born.Ref: 5
1917*David Tomlinson Scotland, actor (Mary Poppins, Helter Skelter), is born.Ref: 5
1917 William Geoffrey Biddle bomb disposal expert, is born.Ref: 5
1918*Argeliers Leon composer, is born.Ref: 5
1919*Eva (Evita) Peron Argentina’s spiritual leader and wife of Argentina’s President, Juan Peron; actress on stage, film and radio, is born.Ref: 4
1921*Gale Robbins actress, singer: The Barkley’s of Broadway, The Fuller Brush Girl, Three Little Words, The Belle of New York; is born.Ref: 4
1922*Darren McGavin Spokane WA, actor (Night Stalker, Tribes, Turk 182), is born.Ref: 5
1922*Gale Robbins Chicago IL, actress/singer (Hollywood House, Fuller Brush Girl, Mr Hex), is born.Ref: 5
1923*Anne Baxter Michigan City IN, actress (Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel), is born.Ref: 5
1923*Pete V Domenici (Senator-R-NM, 1973- ), is born.Ref: 5
1926*Val Bisoglio NY NY, actor (Lieutenant Marsh-Police Woman, Danny-Quincy ME), is born.Ref: 5
1927*Jim Lowe songwriter/singer: Green Door; songwriter: The Gambler’s Guitar, Close the Doors They’re Coming in the Windows; DJ: WCBS, WNBC, WNEW; syndicated host: Jim Lowe and Friends, is born.Ref: 4
1927*Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, British author, is born.Ref: 17
1928*John Ingle actor (Edward Quartermaine-General Hospital), is born.Ref: 5
1928*Marvin Mitchelson, US attorney known for the palimony trial involving Lee Marvin and Michelle Triola Marvin, is born.Ref: 17
1929*Sally L Smith educator/founder (Lab School of Washington), is born.Ref: 5
1929*Dick (Richard Hirschfeld) Williams baseball: Brooklyn Dodgers [World Series: 1953], Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Athletics, Boston Red Sox; manager: Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics [winning 2 World Series], California Angels, Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, is born.Ref: 4
1930*-Photographer Lord Snowdon is born.Ref: 6
1930*Babe (Vito) Parilli football: Univ of Kentucky: all-American; NHL: Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, NY Jets [Super Bowl III]; offensive coach: Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, is born.Ref: 4
1930*Aviard Gavrilovich Fastovets Russia, cosmonaut, is born.Ref: 5
1930*Horst Bienek German poet, is born.Ref: 5
1930*Totie Fields (Sophie Feldman) entertainer, comedienne: “I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is two weeks.”; died August 2, 1978Ref: 4
1931*Teresa Brewer Toledo OH, singer (Put Another Nickel In), is born.Ref: 5
1931*Gene [Rodman] Wolfe US, sci-fi author (Soldier of Arete), is born.Ref: 5
1931*Nel J Ginjaar-Maas Dutch under-secretary of Education (VVD), is born.Ref: 5
1932*Jenny Joseph, English poet and novelist (The Thinking Heart, The Inland Sea), is born.Ref: 2
1932*Hans Boskamp [Johan HG Hoelscher] actor/producer (Oh My Papa), is born.Ref: 5
1932*Pete Domeneci (Senator-R-NM), is born.Ref: 5
1933*Johnny Unitas NFL QB (Baltimore Colts, San Diego); one of the greats, is born.Ref: 5
1934*Ben Smith Atlanta GA, PGA golfer (Ralphs Senior Classic-4th), is born.Ref: 5
1934*Donald Russell Holler composer, is born.Ref: 5
1934*Heinz Marti composer, is born.Ref: 5
1934*Willard Scott weatherman (Today), is born.Ref: 5
1936*Cornelius Cardew composer, is born.Ref: 5
1938*Johnny Caldwell Ireland, flyweight boxer (Olympics-bronze-1956), is born.Ref: 5
1938*Kevin O'Connor Honolulu HI, actor (Bogie, Special Effects), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Jimmy Ruffin singer: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, Hold on to My Love, There Will Never be Another You, is born.Ref: 4
1939*Johnny Maestro New York NY, rock vocalist (Crests-16 Candles, Brooklyn Bridge), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Marco St John New Orleans LA, actor (Rayford-Ball Four), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Rudolphus FM "Ruud" Lubbers director Dutch/CDA-premier (1982-94), is born.Ref: 5
1939*Volker Braun writer, is born.Ref: 5
1940*Armando Krieger composer, is born.Ref: 5
1940*John Irvin actor (Moment in Time), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Lorrie (Lawrencine May) Collins country singer: rockabilly group [w/Larry Collins]: The Collins Kids: Rock Away Rock, In My Teens, Rock Boppin’ Baby, Hop Skip & Jump; featured on TV: Town Hall Party, Grand Ole Opry, Steve Allen Show, is born.Ref: 4
1943*Peter Carey, Australian writer (Illywhacker, Oscar and Lucinda).Ref: 2
1943*Christopher Taylor White rocker, is born.Ref: 5
1943 Peter Horak jetboat jumper, is born.Ref: 5
1943*Rick West [Richard Westwood] rocker (Brian Poole & Tremeloes), is born.Ref: 5
1944*Alison Margaret Bauld composer, is born.Ref: 5
1944*John Heard actor (Pelican Brief, CHUD, Radio Flyer, Big), is born.Ref: 5
1944*Sivi Aberg actress (Batman TV show), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Robin Strasser New York NY, actress (Dorian-One Life to Live, Another World), is born.Ref: 5
1945 Wim A Mateman Dutch MP (CDA), is born.Ref: 5
1946*Marv Hubbard football: Colgate Univ., Oakland Raiders, is born.Ref: 4
1946*Bill Danoff Springfield MA, vocalist (Starland Vocal Band), is born.Ref: 5
1946*Richard L Brodsky US lawyer/NY State Assemblyman (D) (1983- ), is born.Ref: 5
1947*Dave Hampton football: Green Bay Packers: First 1,000-Yard Rusher [1,002 yards: 1975], Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, is born.Ref: 4
1948*-Singer Peggy March is born.Ref: 6
1948*Peter Wingfield Wales, rocker/actor (Methos-Highlander), is born.Ref: 5
1949*Kathy Ahern golf champion: LPGA [1972]; died July 6, 1996Ref: 4
1949*Marilyn Cole Portsmouth England, playmate of the year (January 1972), is born.Ref: 5
1949*Stuart Marshall director (Desire), is born.Ref: 5
1950*Football Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris is born.Ref: 68
1950*Tim Russert TV host, moderator: NBC: Meet the Press, CNBC: Tim RussertRef: 4
1950*Janis Ian [Janis Eddy Fink] New York NY, rock vocalist (At 17, Society's Child), is born.Ref: 5
1950*Prairie Prince rocker (Tubes), is born.Ref: 5
1951 David Whitton campaigner, is born.Ref: 5
1951*Robert Hegyes Metuchen NJ, actor (Underground Aces, Welcome Back Kotter), is born.Ref: 5
1951*Janis Ian (Janis Eddy Fink) Grammy Award-winning songwriter, singer: At Seventeen [1975]; Society’s Child, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Amy Heckerling Bronx NY, director (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless), is born.Ref: 5
1952*Derek Taylor rocker (Let it Be, Beatles Anthology), is born.Ref: 5
1953*Terry Richardson hockey: NHL: Detroit Red Wings, SL BluesRef: 4
1954*Amy Heckerling director: Clueless, Look Who’s Talking series, National Lampoon’s European Vacation, Johnny Dangerously, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is born.Ref: 4
1955*Peter Reckell Elkhart IN, actor (Days of our Lifes), is born.Ref: 5
1957*[Christopher St John] "Sinjin" Smith Los Angeles CA, volleyballer (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1957*Shauna McDonald Brown TV producer, is born.Ref: 5
1959*Michael E Knight Princeton NJ, actor (Date with Angel, All My Children), is born.Ref: 5
1959*Robin L Freeman St Charles MO, PGA golfer (1993 Northern Telecom-3rd), is born.Ref: 5
1959*Tamara E Jernigan Chattanooga, PhD/astronaut (STS 40, 52, 67, 80), is born.Ref: 5
1960*Arnon Ohad co-pilot (El Al) plane that crashed on Bijlmer Amsterdam, is born.Ref: 5
1961*Linda Somers Bitburg Germany, US marathoner (Olympics-31st-96), is born.Ref: 5
1962*Robbie Knievel daredevil, son of Evel (Chips Something Special), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Leslie O'Neal NFL defensive end (San Diego Chargers, St Louis Rams), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Mustapha Zerqti Moroccan/Netherlands writer (Ihtidaar hub fi el-mahd), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Ronnie Harmon NFL running back (San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Oilers), is born.Ref: 5
1965*Reuben Davis NFL defensive tackle (San Diego Chargers), is born.Ref: 5
1968*Traci Lords [Nora Louise Kuzma], Steubenville OH, porn actress (Cry Baby), is born.Ref: 5
1968*Joe King NFL safety (Oakland Raiders), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Katerina Maleeva Bulgaria, tennis player (US Open Junior 1984), is born.Ref: 5
1969*Melanie Valerio 400 meter freestyle swimmer (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Edwin Zoetebier Dutch soccer player (FC Volendam), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Mark Smith Pasadena CA, outfielder (Baltimore Orioles), is born.Ref: 5
1970*Sebastien Britten Brossard Québec Canada, figure skater (1995 Canadian Champion), is born.Ref: 5
1971*Cameron McFadzean Melbourne Victoria Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1971*Dave Karpa Regina, NHL defenseman (Anaheim Mighty Ducks), is born.Ref: 5
1971*José Munoz WLAF offensive tackle (Rhein Fire), is born.Ref: 5
1971*Rondell Jones NFL safety (Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens), is born.Ref: 5
1972*Chris Hayes safety (New York Jets), is born.Ref: 5
1972*John Holecek NFL linebacker (Buffalo Bills), is born.Ref: 5
1972*Vince Stewart WLAF defensive tackle (Barcelona Dragons), is born.Ref: 5
1973*Dameian Jeffries NFL defensive end (New Orleans Saints), is born.Ref: 5
1973*Kristian Lundin record producer, is born.Ref: 5
1974*Scott Whittaker center/tackle (Oakland Raiders), is born.Ref: 5
1975*Jason Tunks London Ontario, discus thrower (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1976*Nicholas Butcher Los Angeles CA, field hockey midfielder/forward (Olympics-96), is born.Ref: 5
1977*Marko Milic NBA guard (Phoenix Suns), is born.Ref: 5
1987*Katie Danza daughter of Tony & Tracy DanzaRef: 5
685*Marwan I ibn al-Hakam 4th kalief of Omajjaden (684-85), dies.Ref: 5
721 Saint John of Beverley A.D. 721Ref: 10
973*Otto I the Great, German king (936-73) and Holy Roman emperor (962-73), dies at 60.Ref: 5
1166*Willem I the Bad, king of Sicily (1154-66), dies.Ref: 5
1205*Ladislaus III Arpad King of Hungary (1204-05), dies at 5 or 6.Ref: 5
1355*1,200 Jews of Toledo Spain killed by Count Henry of Trastamara.Ref: 5
1523 Franz von Sickingen German knight/protect of poor, dies of wounds at 42.Ref: 5
1617*David Fabricius German astronomer, dies at 53.Ref: 5
1667*Johann Froberger, German composer, organist and harpsichordist, dies at age 50.Ref: 70
1671*Edward Montagu English baron Kimbolton, dies at about 68.Ref: 5
1671 Pieter Stockmans Flemish chairman of Opperkrijgshof, dies at 62.Ref: 5
1673*Johannes Teellinck Dutch vicar, dies at about 58.Ref: 5
1736*John Weldon composer, dies at 60.Ref: 5
1792*Aert Schouman Dutch bird/portrait painter, dies at 82.Ref: 5
1793*Johan A Zoutman Dutch Lieutenant Admiral (battle of Doggersbank), dies at 68.Ref: 5
1793*Pietro Nardini composer, dies at 71.Ref: 5
1800 Laurens P van Spiegel regent/pension advisor (1787-95), dies at 64.Ref: 5
1800*Niccolò Piccinni, Italian composer (Roland), dies at 72.Ref: 5
1805*William Lansdowne, English statesman; viceroy of Canada (1883-88), viceroy of India (1888-94) secretary of state for war (1895-1900) and foreign secretary (1900-06), dies at age 67.Ref: 70
1814*Franz Volrath Buttstett composer, dies at 79.Ref: 5
1818*Leopold Jan Antonin Kozeluh composer, dies at 70.Ref: 5
1825*Antonio Salieri, Italian composer, dies in Vienna at 74.Ref: 68
1836*Norbert Burgmuller composer, dies at 26.Ref: 5
1840*Tornado strikes Natchez MS, kills 317.Ref: 5
1863*Amiel Weeks Whipple US Union general-major, dies of injuries at 46.Ref: 5
1871 Louis Papineau political reformer, dies.Ref: 5
1873*Jose Antonio Paez, Venezuelan soldier and politician, dies at age 82.Ref: 70
1873*Salmon Chase, American politician/lawyer, dies at age 65.Ref: 70
1875*German SS Schiller sinks near Scilly Islands, 312 killed.Ref: 5
1876*Franz count of Pocci German artist/composer (Alchemist), dies at 69.Ref: 5
1884*Judah P Benjamin confederate minister of War, dies at 72.Ref: 5
1900*Richard Storrs Willis composer, dies at 81.Ref: 5
1902*(and 8th) Mount Soufriere on St. Vincent, West Indies, erupts, killing 2000 to 5000.Ref: 81
1904*Peter Hille writer, dies.Ref: 5
1914*Edward Mollenhauer composer, dies at 87.Ref: 5
1917*Albert Ball, English World War I fighter pilot, dies at age 20.Ref: 70
1925 William Hesketh Lever, English entrepreneur; built the Lever Brothers firm, dies at age 73.Ref: 70
1928*Alexander Afanasii Spendiaryan composer, dies at 56.Ref: 5
1929*John Scalise, Joseph "Top Toad" Giunta and Albert Anselmi, all US gangsters, are murdered by Al Capone.Ref: 5
1932*Albert Thomas French social minister of Weapon production, dies.Ref: 5
1934*Edward Naylor composer, dies at 67.Ref: 5
1941*Sir James George Frazer, British anthropologist, wrote Golden Bough, dies at age 87.Ref: 70
1941 David Wijnkoop, revolutionary socialist, dies.Ref: 5
1942*Felix Paul von Weingartner Austria conductor/composer, dies at 79.Ref: 5
1946*Anton A Mussert engineer/NSB leader, executed.Ref: 5
1948*Nazi collaborator V-Mann Antonius van de Waals sentenced to death.Ref: 5
1951*Warner Baxter dies at 62.Ref: 5
1957*(Prohibition) Eliot Ness untouchable (Prohibition Agent for Department of Treasury-Chicago, Untouchables), dies at age 54.Ref: 5
1958*Nyogen Senzaki first Zen teacher to reside in USA, dies at 81.Ref: 5
1962*Jimmy Conlin dies at 77.Ref: 5
1967*Judith Evelyn dies of cancer at 54.Ref: 5
1968*Lurleen Burns wife of George Wallace/Governor of Alabama, dies at 41.Ref: 5
1970*Carlos Estrada composer, dies at 60.Ref: 5
1971*Willem Banning Dutch theologist/sociologist (Karl Marx), dies at 83.Ref: 5
1977*Irwin Fischer composer, dies at 73.Ref: 5
1980*Josip Tito, Yugoslav President, buried.Ref: 5
1981*Anti-government guerrillas in Colombia executed kidnapped American Bible translator Chester Allen Bitterman, whom they accused of being a CIA agent.Ref: 6
1981*Mieczyslaw Kolinski composer, dies at 79.Ref: 5
1982*Alfred Adam dies at 72.Ref: 5
1983*Peter Edel writer, dies.Ref: 5
1985*Dawn Addams actress (Alan Young Show, Star Maidens), dies at 54.Ref: 5
1986*Gaston Deferre French politician, dies at 75.Ref: 5
1987*Colin Blakely actor: Murder on the Orient Express, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, The Dogs of War, Equus; dies at age 56.Ref: 4
1988*Actor Divine [Harris Glenn Milstead] dies of natural causes at 42.Ref: 5
1989*-Guy Williams actor (Zorro, Lost in Space), dies in Argentina at 65.Ref: 5
1990*Jessica James actress (Spring Break), dies of breast cancer at 60.Ref: 5
1991*Negro League baseballer James Bell died. Believed to be the fastest man in baseball, he could round the bases in 13 seconds.Ref: 4
1993*Mary Philbin actress (Phantom of the Opera), dies at 89.Ref: 5
1994*Margaret Skeete oldest American, dies at 115.Ref: 5
1994*Clement Greenberg US art critic (Art & Culture), dies at 85.Ref: 5
1995*Ray McKinley musician: drummer: Big Boy, Hard-Hearted Hannah, Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume, You Came Along Way [from St. Louis]; led Glenn Miller Band for estate [1956-66]; dies at age 84.Ref: 4
1995*Ernest H Martin impressario, dies at 75.Ref: 5
1995*Lawrence Josset engraver, dies at 84.Ref: 5
1995*Maria Luisa Bemberg film maker, dies at 73.Ref: 5
1996*Howard Frank Trayton Smith diplomat/head of MI5, dies at 76Ref: 5
1996 Albert Meltzer anarchist, dies at 76.Ref: 5
1996*Henry Diamond Irish Nationalist MP, dies at 87.Ref: 5
1996*Don McNeill radio host: The Breakfast Club [The Pepper Pot], ABC Radio, 34 years with Eddie Ballantine, Sam Cowling and Fran Allison; dies.Ref: 5
1997*Murray Kempton Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaperman; dies.Ref: 4
1998*Eddie Rabbitt songwriter: Kentucky Rain [Elvis Presley]; singer: I Love A Rainy Night, Travelin’ My Life Away, Suspicions, Every Which Way But Loose; his 17 albums garnered 26 #1 country hits and 8 pop hits; dies.Ref: 4
1998*Allan MacLeod Cormack, South African-bn. Am. Nobel Prize-winning physicist, dies at age 74.Ref: 70
1999*Movie director Stanley Kubrick dies in Hertfordshire, England, at age 70. (TWA, 2000)Ref: 95
1999*NATO jets struck the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three people and injuring 20; President Clinton called the attack a "tragic mistake." (TWA, 2001)Ref: 95
2000*Douglas Fairbanks Jr. actor: Ghost Story, Gunga Din, The Prisoner of Zenda, Accused, Catherine the Great, Scarlet Dawn; TV host: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents; dies.Ref: 4

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