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August 7th

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768*Stephen III begins his reign as Catholic Pope.Ref: 5
1409*The Council of Pisa closed. Convened to end the Great Schism (1378-1417) caused by two rival popes, the Council in fact elected a third pope, Alexander V (afterwards regarded as an antipope).Ref: 5
1560 Ratification of the Scots Confession by the Scottish Parliament marked the triumph of the Reformation in Scotland, under the leadership of John Knox. (In 1647, the Scots Confession was superseded by the Westminster Confession.)Ref: 5
1620*Kepler's mother arrested for witchcraft.Ref: 5
1782*George Washington creates the Order of the Purple Heart, a decoration to recognize merit in enlisted men and non-commissioned officers.Ref: 5
1789*Congress establishes the U.S. Lighthouse Service. 
1789*The U.S. War Department is established by Congress.Ref: 5
1790*Muskogian Indians sign peace treaty with George Washington.Ref: 10
1807*Robert Fulton's steamboat "The Clermont"makes first regular voyage from New York to Albany.Ref: 10
1820*Potatoes are first planted in Hawaii.Ref: 5
1830*Louis Phillipe accepts the crown of France.Ref: 10
1840*British Parliament passes Act prohibiting boys to work as chimney sweeps.Ref: 10
1841*John "Red" Kelly, father of Australian bushranger and folk hero Edward "Ned" Kelly, sails in the convict ship 'The Prince Regent' in the port of Dublin with 182 convicts on board to the prison colony called Van Diemens Land, now Tasmania. Ref 
1858*Ottowa becomes the capital of Canada.Ref: 10
1888*The Xenia Torchlight newspaper goes out of existance as it is absorbed by the Xenia Daily Gazette. (Ref: McAllister, Douglas, "A Short History of the Xenia Torchlight Newspaper", an unpublished manuscript) 
1893*53rd Congress (1893-95) convenes.Ref: 5
1909*The first Lincoln penny is issued. 
1912*Progressive (Bull Moose) Party nominates Theodore Roosevelt for pres.Ref: 5
1922*The Irish Republican Army cuts the cable link between the United States and Europe at Waterville landing station.Ref: 2
1927*The Peace Bridge between the United States and Canada was dedicated during ceremonies attended by the Prince of Wales and Vice President Charles Dawes.Ref: 5
1928*The US dollar began to shrink. New bills, one third smaller than previous bucks, were issued by the US Treasury Department.Ref: 4
1936*The United States declares non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War.Ref: 2
1940 Largest amount paid for a stamp ($45,000 for 1¢ 1856 British Guiana).Ref: 5
1954*Charles Mahoney becomes first US black to serve as a full UN delegate.Ref: 5
1960 Students stage kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches.Ref: 5
1960*Ivory Coast (C"te d'Ivoire) gains independence from France.Ref: 5
1962*President John F. Kennedy signed National Security Action Memorandum 177. This memorandum enhanced the government's foreign police-training program. In connection with this program, Director Hoover agreed to accept up to 20 foreign police officers into each session of the FBI National Academy.Ref: 14
1963*Jackie Kennedy becomes first, 1st lady to give birth since Mrs Cleveland.Ref: 5
1966*Race riot in Lansing Michigan.Ref: 5
1978*Thousands of mourners file past the body of Pope Paul VI.Ref: 5
1979*The accidental release of enriched uranium at a top secret fuel plant near Erwin, Tenn results in 1000 people being exposed to some abnormal levels of radiationRef: 62
1981 After 128 years of publication, The Washington Star ceased operation. Only one daily newspaper remained to serve the nation’s capital: The Washington Post.Ref: 4
1983*Some 675,000 employees strike AT&T.Ref: 5
1984*An urbanologist at the University of Chicago issued a report stating that the richest community in America was Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Per capita income in that neighborhood was $32,000.Ref: 4
1987 5 Central American presidents sign peace accord in Guatemala.Ref: 5
1987*The SEC issues a definition of insider trading. 
1991*Court rules Manuel Noriega, may access some secret US documentsRef: 5
1991*The five permanent members of the UN Security Council agreed to authorize Iraq to sell as much as $1.6 billion in oil over six months to pay for food, humanitarian supplies and war reparations; however, Baghdad rejected the resolution.Ref: 6
1994*The 10th International Conference on AIDS opened in Yokohama, Japan. 
1998*The Federal Aviation Administration, in a follow-up to the probe of the 1996 explosion that destroyed TWA Flight 800, ordered the inspection of Boeing 747 fuel tanks. 
2000*Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore selected Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman to be the first Jewish vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket.Ref: 70
2002*Former ImClone Systems chief executive Samuel Waksal was indicted in New York on charges of obstruction of justice and bank fraud in addition to previous securities fraud and perjury charges.Ref: 70
1498*Columbus arrives in Caribbean.Ref: 5
1566*UFO sighted above Basle, Switzerland is first to be chronicled.Ref: 10
1847*George Page of Washington D.C. granted patent on a plow to pulverize soil.Ref: 10
1888*Theophilus Van Kannel of Philadelphia receives a patent for the revolving door.Ref: 2
1947*The balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki, which had carried a six-man crew 4,300 miles across the Pacific Ocean, crashed into a reef in a Polynesian archipelago.Ref: 70
1951*Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket reaches 1,992 kph.Ref: 5
1953*Eastern Airlines enters the jet age, uses Electra prop-jet.Ref: 5
1959*The United States launches Explorer 6, which sent back the first pictures of the Earth from space.Ref: 5
1961*Cosmonaut Gherman Titov circles Earth for a full day in Vostok 2.Ref: 5
1970*First computer chess tournament.Ref: 5
1971*Apollo 15 returns to Earth.Ref: 5
1976*US Viking 2 goes into Martian orbit after 11-month flight from Earth.Ref: 5
1976*Scientists in Pasadena, Calif, announce Viking I found strongest indications to date of possible life on Mars.Ref: 5
1996*More than six million American Online customers worldwide were left stranded when the system crashed for almost 19 hours.Ref: 6
1588*Midnight-British fleet begins its defeat of the Spanish Armada at Calais.Ref: 10
1819 Battle of Boyac; Bolivar defeats Spanish in Colombia.Ref: 5
1864*Union troops capture part of Confederate General Jubal Early's army at Moorefield, West Virginia.Ref: 2
1914*French forces invade Alsace. Gen. Joffre in supreme command of French army. Montenegro at war with Austria. Great Britain's Expeditionary Force lands at Ostend, Calais and Dunkirk.Ref: 38
1914*Spain declares herself neutral in WWI.Ref: 10
1916*Persia forms an alliance with Britain and Russia.Ref: 2
1917*Liberia at war with Germany.Ref: 38
1918*Second battle of the Marne ends with German retreat.Ref: 10
1942*The US first Marine Division under General A. A. Vandegrift lands on the islands of Guadalcanal and Tulagi in the Solomon islands. This is the first American amphibious landing of the war.Ref: 2
1942*British General Bernard Montgomery takes command of Eighth Army in North Africa.Ref: 36
1943*Canadian forces in Sicily are put into reserves. 
1944*RAF pilot T. D. Dean becomes the first pilot to destroy a V-1 buzz bomb when he tips the pilotless craft's wing, sending it off course. 
1944*The 1st Canadian Army attacks German positions toward Falaise, France. 
1944*German forces launch a major counter attack against U.S. forces near Mortain, France.Ref: 2
1945*In the absence of an immediate surrender, a crash effort begins to print and distribute millions of leaflets to major Japanese cities warning of future atomic attacks. The date for dropping Fat Man is moved up to August 10, then to August 9, to avoid a projected 5 days of bad weather. This requires skipping many check out procedures during assembly.Ref: 91
1964*The House and Senate, by a vote of 416-0 and 88-2, respectively, approve the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which allows the president to take any necessary measures to repel further attacks and to provide military assistance to any SEATO member.Ref: 41
1966*The United States loses seven planes over North Vietnam, the most in the war up to this point.Ref: 2
1973*A U.S. plane accidentally bombs a Cambodian village, killing 400 civilians.Ref: 2
1990*U.S. troops leave for Saudi Arabia to enact Operation Desert Shield which intends to protect the Saudi oil fields from attacks by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces. (XDG, p 4A, 8/7/2000)Ref: 83
2003*A soldier on guard duty in Baghdad is shot and killed by sniper fire. (Time, p 33, 9/01/2003) 
2003*A car bomb explodes in Baghdad outside the Jordanian embassy, killing 19 and wounding dozens. (Time, p 33, 9/01/2003) 
1900*‘Sunny’ Jim Fitzsimmons had his first horse race victory as Agnes D won at Brighton Beach Race Track in NY. By the end of his illustrious 50-year career, Fitzsimmons logged more than 2,000 winners.Ref: 4
1907*Walter Johnson pitched his first major-league victory by leading the Washington Senators to a 7-2 win over the Cleveland Indians. Johnson won 414 games in his career.Ref: 4
1923*Hitting a double and five singles, Indian Frank Bower goes 6-for-6 as Cleveland routs the Senators, 22-2.Ref: 1
1926*First British Grand Prix raced at Brooklands.Ref: 10
1929*Ruth ties record by hitting grand slams in consecutive games.Ref: 5
1943*The Giants leave eighteen runners on base, exactly two each inning in a 9-6 loss to the Phillies.Ref: 1
1948*A new Olympic Games record was set when 83,000 spectators attended the final day of track and field events. The Games, held in London, England, had gate receipts totaling more than $2 million.Ref: 4
1950*Three white players of the Chicago American Giants are barred by police from participating in a Negro American League doubleheader against the Birmington Black Barons.Ref: 1
1951*A crowd of 57,000 at the Orange Bowl, the largest ever to attend a minor league game, watches an ageless Satchel Paige, 51, hit a double and get the win as the Miami Marlins beat Columbus Jets in International League action, 6-2.Ref: 1
1956*A crowd of 57,000 at the Orange Bowl, the largest ever to attend a minor league game, watches an ageless Satchel Paige, 50, hit a double and get the win in the Miami Marlins' 6-2 victory over the Columbus Jets in International League action.Ref: 1
1968*Joe Keough of the Oakland Athletics hits a home run in his first major league at bat (second game).Ref: 12
1972*Yogi Berra, Sandy Koufax, Lefty Gomez and Early Wynn were among eight players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this day.Ref: 4
1982*Dwight Muhammad Qawi, still fighting under the name of Braxton, KO's Matthew Saad Muhammad in the 6th round in a light-heavyweight boxing title match.Ref: 97
1983*The Yankees honor Bobby Mercer by giving him a day at the Yankee Stadium.Ref: 1
1983*First World Track & Field Championships.Ref: 5
1983*Grete Waitz of Norway, wins first all-women Marathon (Helsinki Fin).Ref: 5
1984*Jim Deshales becomes 1,000th playing Yankee.Ref: 5
1984*Japan beats US for olympic gold medal in baseball.Ref: 5
1985*Baseball players end a 2 day strike.Ref: 5
1986 Daniel Buettner, Bret Anderson, Martin Engel & Anne Knabe begin cycling journey of 15,266 miles from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Argentina.Ref: 5
1987 Lynne Cox swims 4.3 km from US to US in 39ø F (4ø C) Bering Sea.Ref: 5
1987*Bill Mazerowski's uniform jersey #9 is officially retired from active service by the Pittsburgh Pirates.Ref: 1
1988*A record five sacrafice flies are hit by the Mariners (D. Coles, A. Davis, J. Presley, J. Buhner & R. Quinones) in a 12-7 victory over the A's.Ref: 1
1990*NY Yankee Kevin Mass sets record with 12th HR in first 92 at bats & becomes 21st to hit a ball into 3rd deck of Seattle's Kingdome.Ref: 5
1991*US sets 400m relay record at 37.67 secondsRef: 5
1994*Again, the Colorado Rockies eclipse one of their own attendance marks, opening turnstiles for their 3 millionth fan in just the 52nd home date; 1993 saw Colorado crack 3 million in 53 dates.Ref: 86
1999*For the second consecutive day, a Major Leaguer gets his 3000th career hit as Wade Boggs homers in the sixth off of Indian Chris Haney; the Devil Ray's third baseman, who is the first player to reach the milestone with a home run, rounds the bases pointing skyward blowing a kiss in memory of his mom and gets down on his knees to kiss home plate. He is the 23rd player to reach 3000 hits.Ref: 1
1999*John W. Henry unveils his vision of a new ballpark for the Florida Marlins and reveals six possible sites: Miami River, Bicentennial Park, Miramar, Davie, Lauderhill and Downtown Fort Lauderdale.Ref: 82
2000*The Yankees claim Jose Canseco off waivers from the Devil Rays.Ref: 1
2001*Home plate umpire Angel Hernandez ejects Steve 'Mongo' McMichael from Wrigley Field as the former Chicago Bear football player is about to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. McMichael, presently a pro wrestler, tells the crowd over the P.A. system "he'll have a talk with the ump" concerning a close call made by earlier in the game and then boos and blows a kiss toward the ump.Ref: 1
2001*Boston's backstop Scott Hatteberg hits into a triple play, but the catcher redeems himself in his next at-bat by hitting a grand slam putting the Red Sox ahead in a 10-7 win over the Rangers. The triple killing, the third in Texas history, occurs when Hatteberg lines to shortstop Alex Rodriguez who flips to second base doubling up the runner on second with second baseman Randy Velarde tagging the running arriving from first.Ref: 1
2001*Black Betsy, Shoeless Joe Jackson's 40-ounce warped hickory bat, is won by 30-year-old businessman Rob Mitchell in a 10-day eBay auction. The $577,610 price tag is believed to be the largest amount ever paid for a baseball bat.Ref: 1
2001*Passing the mark of 68 established Christy Mathewson (Giants 1913) and Randy Jones (Padres -1976), Braves right-hander Greg Maddux sets the National League record for consecutive innings without allowing a walk as he pitches six innings without a giving up a base on balls to extend the new record to 70 1-3 innings. The major league record with 84 1-3 innings set in 1962 by A's hurler Bill Fischer.Ref: 1
2002*Major leaguers agree to be checked randomly for illegal steroids starting next year. The proposal, which addresses a major issue in the current contract talks, ends the players decades-old opposition to mandatory drug testing.Ref: 1
2002*After piloting the club to a 45-45 record as the interim skipper, Clint Hurdle is given a two-year contract extension by the Rockies. The club's former hitting coach replaced Buddy Bell, who was fired April 26.Ref: 1
1928*Mickey Mouse appears in "Gallopin' Gaucho", the 2nd MM cartoonRef: 62
1933*The Alley Oop cartoon strip first appears.Ref: 62
1934*In Washington, the US Court of Appeals rules that the govenment can neither confiscate nor ban James Joyce's novel Ulysses.Ref: 2
1937*Bunny Berigan and his orchestra recorded I Can’t Get Started for Victor Records. The song became Berigan’s longtime theme song.Ref: 4
1941*Television station WNBT, Channel 4 in NY City, broadcast the first audience-participation show. Studio guests played charades as part of the fun.Ref: 4
1949 Martin Kane, Private Eye was first heard on Mutual radio. William Gargan starred on the Sunday afternoon program.Ref: 4
1970*Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac as the group’s first female member. McVie was married to bass player John McVie. She quit touring with the group in 1991.Ref: 4
1974*Musician Peter Wolf married actress Faye Dunaway in Beverly Hills, CA.Ref: 4
1974*French daredevil Philip Petit tightroped his way between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in NY. The stunt caused a massive traffic jam on the street -- 1,350 feet below.Ref: 4
1975*The Rolling Stones received a gold album for Made in the Shade.Ref: 4
1985*Barbra Streisand records "The Broadway Album".Ref: 5
1987 Back to the Beach opened at theatres around the country. The film reunited Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, who played middle-aged parents with rebellious kids -- kids like Frankie and Annette had played in their Bikini Beach movies in the 1960s.Ref: 4
1988 Writers guild end their 6 months strike.Ref: 5
1991*Manhattan Cable final day of amnesty to return illegal cable boxesRef: 5
1993*The rap trio Cypress Hill saw their Black Sunday hit #1 on U.S. LP charts. The group, which brought a Latin flavor to hip-hop, was made up of Sen Dog (real name Senen Reyes), B-Real (real name Louis Freese) and D.J. Muggs (real name Larry Muggerud). A sampling of the cuts: I Wanna Get High, Legalize It, Hits from the Bong, Cock the Hammer, Hand on the Glock and the single smash Insane in the Brain. Said B-Real, “I never dreamed it would be number one.” Surprised us too.Ref: 4
1996*A federal appeals court in NY ruled that two former members of Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers waited too long to claim that they were cowriters of the group’s legendary 1955 hit Why Do Fools Fall in Love. A previous court ruling had cleared the way for royalties to go to Jimmy Merchant and Herman Santiago for writing the song with lead singer Frankie Lymon (he died of a overdose of heroin on Feb 28, 1968).Ref: 4
1997*Garth Brooks played to a crowd estimated at between 250,000 and 900,000 -- with an HBO audience of more than 15 million. The crowd at the free concert, was the laregest ever for a concert in NY’s Central Park. Said Garth of the preparations required, “We rehearse indoors at a place here in NY. Then we rehearse with no sound for the camera guys, so they will hopefully be in the vicinity of what's going on. And then the rest of it’s really, man, just fly by the seat of your pants. You know, once the show starts, all the rules are out the window.”Ref: 4
317*Constantius II Roman emperor (337-61), is born.Ref: 5
1533*Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga, Spanish soldier and poet, is born.Ref: 70
1598*Georg Stiernhielm "father of Swedish poetry" (Hercules), is born.Ref: 5
1742*Nathanael Greene American Revolutionary War General, is born.Ref: 5
1779*Carl Ritter cofounder of modern science of geography, is born.Ref: 5
1783*John Heathcoat inventor (lace-making machinery), is born.Ref: 5
1813*Paulina Kellogg Davis, American feminist and social reformer, is born.Ref: 70
1852*Birth of Franklin L. Sheppard, Presbyterian organist and hymnbook editor. It was Sheppard who composed the hymn tune TERRA PATRIS, to which we sing "This is My Father's World".Ref: 5
1864*Ellen Fitz Pendleton, American educator; president of Wellesley College (1911-36), is born.Ref: 70
1876*Mata Hari (Gertrud Margarete Zelle) dancer, courtesan, double agent: German spy: Agent H-21; is born.Ref: 68
1885*Billie Burke (Mary William Ethelbert Appleton), Washington DC, actress (Glinda-The Wizard of Oz), is born.Ref: 5
1886*Louis Hazeltine inventor (neutrodyne circuit, making radio possible), is born.Ref: 5
1886*Bill (William Boyd) ‘Deacon’ McKechnie Baseball Hall of Famer: Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Braves, NY Yankees, Indpls Hoosiers, Newark Peppers, Cincinnati Reds, NY Giants; manager: Pittsburgh Pirates, SL Cardinals, Boston Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians; first manager to win pennants with 3 different teams; died Oct 29, 1965Ref: 4
1886*77 Alan Hazeltine 8/7/1886 5/24/1964 American electrical engineer and physicistRef: 70
1896*Ernesto Lecuona Havana Cuba, composer (Malague¤a)Ref: 5
1903*Louis Leakey, anthropologist, archeologist and paleontologist, believed Africa was the cradle of mankind, is born.Ref: 2
1903*Rudolf Ising Academy Award-winning cartoonist: Milky Way [1948]; w/Hugh Harmon: Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, first talkie cartoon synchronizing soundtrack dialogue with on-screen action; is born.Ref: 4
1904*Ralph Bunche, US diplomat and the first African-American Nobel Prize winner, is born.Ref: 2
1911*Nicholas Ray, American film writer and director, is born.Ref: 70
1921*Warren Covington bandleader: trombone: played with Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights; is born.Ref: 4
1921*Karel Husa Prague Czechoslovakia, composer (Trojan Women), is born.Ref: 5
1925*Felice Bryant songwriter [w/husband Boudleaux]: Bye Bye Love, Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have to Do is Dream, Bird Dog, Devoted to You, Problems, Only the Lonely, is born.Ref: 4
1926*Stan Freberg comedian: Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America, The Old Payola Roll Blues, St. George and the Dragonet, John and Marcia; commercial producer, is born in Los Angeles CA.Ref: 4
1927*Edwin Edwards, governor of Louisiana, is born.Ref: 2
1927*Rocky (Everett Lamar) Bridges baseball: Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Redlegs, Washington Senators [all-star: 1958], Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, SL Cardinals, LA Angels, is born.Ref: 4
1928*Amazing "James" Randi Toronto Ontario, skeptic magician, is born.Ref: 5
1929*Don Larsen pitcher (NY Yankees), on what must have been a perfect day, is born.Ref: 5
1929*Ruth Carter-Stapleton Plains Ga, first sister/evangelist, is born.Ref: 5
1932*Abebe Bikila, barefoot runner from Ethiopia, winner of the 1960 Olympic marathon, is born.Ref: 2
1932*Ann Harding US, actress (East is West, Janie), is born.Ref: 5
1937*(Heisman Trophy 1959) Billy Cannon football: Heisman Trophy winner: LSU [1959]; Oakland Raiders tight end: Super Bowl II, is born.Ref: 68
1938 Helen Caldicott Melbourne Australia, physician/anti-war activist, is born.Ref: 5
1939*Ron Holden singer: Love You So; is born.Ref: 4
1940*Marlyn Mason San Fernando Cal, actress (Making It, Peyton Place), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Garrison Keillor PBS radio personality (Prairie Home Companion), is born.Ref: 5
1942*B.J. (Billy Joe) Thomas singer, is born: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Hooked on a Feeling, [Hey Won’t You Play] Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, I Just Can’t Help Believing, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.Ref: 4
1942*Middleweight boxing champion Carlos Monzon is born in San Jairir, Santa Fe, Argentina.Ref: 97
1942*Anjanette Comer Dawson TX, actress (Baby, Lepke), is born.Ref: 5
1943*Lana Cantrell Sydney, Australia, singer (Those Were the Days), is born.Ref: 5
1944*David Rasche actor: Out There, Dead Weekend, The Masters of Menace, An Innocent Man, Native Son, Manhattan, Sledge Hammer!, Nurses, is born.Ref: 4
1944*John Glover Kingston NY, actor (52 Pick-Up, Something Special), is born.Ref: 5
1945*John Gilliam football: Minnesota Vikings wide receiver: Super Bowl VIII, IXRef: 4
1945*Alan Page defensive tackle (Minn Vikings), is born.Ref: 5
1950*Dave Wottle Olympic Gold Medalist: 800-meter [1972]; track coach: Bethany College, WV, is born.Ref: 4
1950*Rodney Crowell singer/guitarist (for Emmylou Harris), is born.Ref: 5
1951*Gary Hall International Swimming Hall of Famer: U.S. Olympic team captain [1972]; opening ceremonies U.S. flag bearer [1976); silver medalist: 400-meter medley [1968], 200-meter butterfly [1972], bronze: 100-meter butterfly; Doctor of Ophthalmology, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Caroline Aaron actress: Crimes and Misdemeanors, Edward Scissorhands, Husbands and Wives, Sleepless in Seattle, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Primary Colors, Running Mates, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Andy Fraser musician: bass: group: Free: All Right Now, My Brother Jake, Little Bit of Love, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Alexei Sayle actor: Stuff, Alexei Sayle’s Stuff, Gorky Park, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Carry On Columbus, is born.Ref: 4
1954*Steve (Steven F) Kemp baseball: Detroit Tigers [all-star: 1979], Chicago White Sox, NY Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, is born.Ref: 4
1955*Wayne Knight actor: Seinfeld, Dead Again, JFK, Jurassic Park, 3rd Rock from the Sun, is born.Ref: 4
1956*Kent V Rominger Del Norte Colo, US Navy Lt Commander/astronaut, is born.Ref: 5
1957*Alberto Salazar marathon runner: winner: Boston Marathon [1982]Ref: 4
1957*Aleksandr Ditiatin USSR, gymnast (Olympic-gold-1980), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Larisa Karlova US, team handball player (Olympic-gold-1976, 80), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Alberto Salazar marathoner (NYC Marathon Winner), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Bruce Dickinson heavy metal rocker (Iron Maiden-Run to Hills), is born.Ref: 5
1960*Jacquie O'Sullivan rocker (Bananarama-Venus), is born.Ref: 5
1960*David Duchovny actor: The X-Files, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Beethoven, Red Shoe Diaries series, Playing God, is born.Ref: 4
1961*Yelena Davydova USSR, gymnast (Olympic-gold-1980), is born.Ref: 5
1961*DeLane Matthews actress: Dave’s World, FM, Eisenhower & Lutz, is born.Ref: 4
1963*Marcus Lewis Pontiac Mich, singer (Sing me a Song), is born.Ref: 5
1967*Charlotte Lewis Kensington London, actress (Golden Child, Pirates), is born.Ref: 5
1969*David Hollander LA Calif, actor (Lewis & Clark, What's Happenings?)Ref: 5
1971*Sydney Penny actress: The Thorn Birds, Santa Barbara, All My Children, Pale Rider, Running Away, Bernadette, St. Elsewhere, is born.Ref: 4
1975*Charlize Theron actress: That Thing You Do!, Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, The Devil’s Advocate, Hollywood Confidential, Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, Reindeer Games, is born.Ref: 4
-480 -BC- Leonidas of Sparta, Greek hero, dies.Ref: 62
44*-King Herod Antipas (the Lessor), persecutor of the Apostles, dies.Ref: 62
117*Death of Marcus Trajan, 65, Roman emperor from A.D. 98-117. His attitude toward Christianity gradually changed from toleration to persecution. It was during Trajan's rule that Apostolic Father Ignatius of Antioch was martyred.Ref: 5
1106*Henry IV Holy Roman emperor (1036-1106), dies.Ref: 17
1657*British Admiral Robert Blake dies.Ref: 68
1821 Queen Caroline of Brunswick is born.Ref: 10
1834*Joseph-Marie Jacquard, French inventor of the Jacquard loom, dies at age 82.Ref: 70
1867*Ira Aldridge actor dies at 63 in Lodes Poland.Ref: 5
1882*Hatfields of south WV & McCoys of east KY feud, 100 wounded or die.Ref: 5
1894*Francis Henry Underwood, American lawyer/author, dies at age 69.Ref: 70
1906*In North Carolina, a mob defies a court order and lynches three African Americans which becomes known as "The Lyerly Murders."Ref: 2
1927*Leonard Wood, American medical officer and governor general of the Philippines (1921-7), dies at age 66.Ref: 70
1931*Leon Bismarck "Bix" Beiderbecke, jazz cornetist and composer, dies at age 28.Ref: 68
1937*Konstantin StanislavskyRef: 10
1938*2 die in a NYC subway accident.Ref: 5
1938*Constantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, one of the greatest masters of Russian drama and a founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, dies.Ref: 70
1938*Konstantin Stanislavsky, Russian actor, director and co-founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, dies.Ref: 17
1941*551 Jews are shot in Kishnev ghetto in Romania.Ref: 5
1941*Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel prize-winner: literature [1913]; Hindu poet, mystic, musical composer; dies.Ref: 4
1957*Oliver (Norvell) Hardy comedian: vaudeville team with Stan Laurel: uncountable number of Laurel and Hardy feature films, most from the early 1930s; dies at age 65.Ref: 4
1969*Russ Morgan orch leader (Welcome Aboard), dies at 65.Ref: 5
1970*Four, including presiding judge, killed in courthouse shootout in San Rafael, Calif (Police charge Angela Davis provided weapons).Ref: 5
1971*Homer (Henry D. Haynes), comedy singer of Homer and Jethro, dies.Ref: 4
1972*Joi Lansing (Joyce Wassmansdoff) actress: Easter Parade, Singin’ in the Rain, The Merry Widow, Big Foot, dies at age 44 of cancer.Ref: 4
1974*Virginia Apgar physician: the Apgar Score System: method of evaluation of newborns’ need for medical care; dies.Ref: 4
1976*Murvyn Vye actor (Bob Cummings Show), dies at 63.Ref: 5
1983*Bartholomeus J "Bart" Bok Dutch/US astronomer (Milky Way), dies at age 77.Ref: 70
1984*‘Little’ Esther Phillips (Esther Mae Jones) pianist, singer: Release Me, What a Diff’rence a Day Makes; Grammy nomination: Best female R & B vocalist [1973], Aretha Franklin won but gave award to Esther; dies.Ref: 4
1989*A small plane carrying Congressman Mickey Leland, D-Texas, and 15 others disappeared during a flight in Ethiopia. (The wreckage of the plane was found six days later; there were no survivors.) (TWA, 1990)Ref: 95
1991*Shotzie Cincinnati Red dog mascot, dies at 9Ref: 5
1996*A flash flood at a Pyrenees mountain campsite in Spain claimed at least 86 lives. (TWA, 1997)Ref: 95
1998*A pair of major explosions near US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killed 224 people, including 12 Americans. “Clearly, this is a terrorist attack,” US State Department spokesman Lee McClenny said.Ref: 4
2003*Mickey (Maurice Joseph ‘Maury’) McDermott baseball: pitcher: Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals, NY Yankees [World Series: 1956], KC Athletics, Detroit Tigers, SL Cardinals; dies.Ref: 4

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