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August 22nd

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565 St. Columba reports seeing monster in Loch Ness.Ref: 5
1241*Pope Gregory IX dies.Ref: 69
1350*John II, also known as John the Good, succeeds Philip VI as king of France.Ref: 2
1454*Jews are expelled from Brunn Moravia by order of King Ladislaus.Ref: 5
1654*Jacob Barsimson becomes first man of Jewish extraction to set foot in America.Ref: 10
1670*In Massachusetts, English-born colonial missionary John Eliot, 66, founded an Indian church at Martha's Vineyard, with educated Indians Hiacoomes and Tackanash appointed pastor and teacher, respectively.Ref: 5
1762*Ann Franklin became the first woman to hold the title of newspaper editor. She assumed those duties at The Newport Mercury in Newport, RI.Ref: 4
1775*England's King George III refuses the American colonies' offer of peace and proclaims the American colonies in the state of open rebellion. (XDG, p 4A, 8/22/2000)Ref: 83
1788*British settlement in Sierra Leona founded as asylum for slaves.Ref: 10
1795*In France, the Constitution of the Year Ill is adopted, establishing the Directory. 
1803*Benjamin Whiteman is commissioned to repair a blockhouse and it is converted into a jail, the first in Greene County OH. (XDG, p 5, 4/22/2003)Ref: 83
1803*The first session of the Supreme Court in Greene County OH was held in Beavercreek. (XDG, p 5, 4/22/2003)Ref: 83
1803*The Greene County, OH Court establishes a bounty of 50 cents per wolf scalp.Ref: 55
1846*The United States annexes New Mexico.Ref: 70
1851*Gold fields discovered in Australia.Ref: 5
1864 Geneva Convention signed, by 12 nations.Ref: 5
1901*Cadillac car company founded in Detroit;named after 18th C. explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.Ref: 10
1902*President Theodore Roosevelt became the first US chief executive to ride in an automobile, in Hartford, Connecticut.Ref: 70
1910*Japan annexes Korea.Ref: 5
1911*The Mona Lisa, the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, is stolen from the Louvre in Paris, where it had hung for more than 100 years. It is recovered in 1913.Ref: 2
1921*William J. Burns, the head of a famous private detective agency, became Director of the BOI. Twenty-six year old J. Edgar Hoover was named Assistant Director.Ref: 14
1923*The Ku Klux Klan marches down Main Street in Xenia OH. 
1948*The Amsterdam Assembly of the World Council of Churches convened (through Sept 4) to ratify the Constitution for this newly-formed experiment in organizational and global Christian unity.Ref: 5
1950*Althea Gibson becomes first black competetor in natl tennis competition.Ref: 5
1956*President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon were nominated for second terms by the Republican National Convention in San Francisco.Ref: 70
1959*Stephen Rockefeller of the wealthy, powerful Rockefeller family, married Anne Marie Rasmussen. Anne was once a maid in the Rockefeller household.Ref: 4
1963*CDC 6600 introduced.Ref: 62
1967*The population clock at the US Department of Commerce turns over to 200M people at a few minutes past 11 AM.Ref: 62
1967*President Lyndon B. Johnson welcomed the Shah of Iran to the U.S. for a two-day visit. Two months later, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlevi was crowned King of Kings. One of the Shah’s major proclamations provided for a general amnesty for political prisoners overflowing Iran’s jails.Ref: 4
1968*(Chicago 7) Rennie Davis tells city officials it would be "suicide" not to allow demonstrators to sleep in city parks.Ref: 87
1968*Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota, Colombia, for the start of the first papal visit to Latin America.Ref: 70
1972*The Republican party renominated Richard M. Nixon (President of US) and Spiro T. Agnew (Vice President) in Miami, FL.Ref: 4
1972*Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 1,000 points for the first time.Ref: 70
1973*Royal Wedding in Britain Princess Anne marries commoner Captain Mark Phillips. Until 1992.Ref: 70
1979*200 black leaders, meet in NY, to support Andrew Young.Ref: 5
1982 Gen Ariel Sharon urges Palestinians to discuss peaceful coexistence.Ref: 5
1984*The last Volkswagen Rabbit rolled off the assembly line in Westmoreland, PA. Over 11 million of the economical cars had been produced.Ref: 4
1984*Rep convention in Dallas renominates Pres Reagan & VP Bush.Ref: 5
1985 $41,000,000 NY State Lottery won by 21 workers at a Mount Vernon printing plant.Ref: 10
1986*Kerr-McGee Corp. agreed to pay the estate of the late Karen Silkwood $1.38 million, settling a 10-year-old nuclear contamination lawsuit.Ref: 70
1988*Australia unveils first platinum coin (Koala).Ref: 5
1990 Scores of angry smokers blocked a street near Moscow's Red Square for hours in protest of the summer-long cigarette shortage.Ref: 4
1990*President Bush signs an executive order calling up reservists to bolster the US military buildup in the Persian Gulf. (XDG, p 4A, 8/22/2000)Ref: 83
1991*President Bush signed an order calling up reservists to bolster the US military buildup in the Persian Gulf.Ref: 6
1991*(August 1991 Coup) Pugo commits suicideRef: 89
1992*Andrew becomes a hurricane. It will become one of only 3 Force 5 hurricanes in the last 100 years to hit the US coastline. (USA Today, p 3A, 8/23/2002)Ref: 13
1996*Congressman Mel Reynolds (Democrat, IL) was convicted in Chicago of sexual misconduct involving an underage campaign volunteer. (Reynolds was sentenced to five years in prison; he was later convicted of lying to obtain loans and of illegally siphoning campaign money for personal use, and sentenced to six and a-half years in federal prison.)Ref: 6
1996*President Clinton signed welfare legislation ending guaranteed cash payments to the poor and demanding work from recipients.Ref: 70
2000*Hurricane "Bret" rumbled ashore on the TX Gulf Coast with winds over 100 miles-an-hour.Ref: 6
1770*Captain James Cook, having landed at Australia, claims it for the British Crown.Ref: 4
1787*Inventor John Fitch demonstrates his steamboat on the Delaware River to delegates of the Continental Congress.Ref: 5
1865*William Sheppard of New York City patents liquid soap.Ref: 4
1906 The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, New Jersey began to manufacture the Victrola (record player). The hand-cranked unit, with horn cabinet, sold for $200.Ref: 4
1921*Drs Frederic Banting and Charles H. Best announce discovery of insulin first isolated on July 27.Ref: 70
1939*Aerosol can for dispensing liquids under pressure patented by inventor Julian Kahn.Ref: 10
1963*NASA pilot Joseph Walker pilots an X-15 to a record altitude of 354,200 feet, slightly over 67 miles.Ref: 5
1986*NASA announces tests designed to verify ignition pressure dynamics.Ref: 5
1989*First complete ring around Neptune discovered.Ref: 5
1138*David I of Scotland is defeated at the battle of 'the Standard' in Yorkshire. 
1642*Civil war in England begins as Charles I declares war on Parliament at Nottingham.Ref: 2
1717 The Austrian army forces the Turkish army out of Belgrade, ending the Turkish revival in the Balkans.Ref: 2
1776*The British Fleet anchors in NY harbor.Ref: 52
1777*With the approach of General Benedict Arnold's army, British Colonel Barry St. Ledger abandons Fort Stanwix and returns to Canada.Ref: 2
1791*100,000 slaves revolt in Haiti.Ref: 10
1940*In the South Irish Sea off Milford Haven, Wales, German aircraft bomb Canadian merchant ship Thorold. 
1942*Brazil declares war on the Axis powers. She is the only South American country to send combat troops into Europe.Ref: 2
1945*Soviet troops land at Port Arthur and Dairen on the Kwantung Peninsula in China.Ref: 2
1945*Conflict in Vietnam begins when a group of Free French parachute into southern Indochina, in response to a successful coup by communist guerilla Ho Chi Minh.Ref: 2
1956 Budapest uprising.Ref: 70
1969*Moratorium Day.500,000 march in San Francisco & Washington to end Vietnam war.Ref: 70
1988 5,000 + dead as Hutus battle Tutsis in Burundi.Ref: 10
2003*Six US soldiers are wounded when their five-ton truck runs over a roadside bomb. (Time, p 33, 9/01/2003) 
1851 The Hundred Guinea Cup, a silver trophy, was presented by the Royal Yacht Squadron to the U.S. yacht, America, the winner of an international race around the Isle of Wight. The trophy was eventually turned over to the New York Yacht Club and is now known as the America’s Cup. (XDG, p 4A, 8/22/2000)Ref: 83
1886*Louisville's Chicken Wolf hits a game-winning home run thanks to a stray dog tearing at Reds' Abner Powell's pant leg causing the center fielder to miss the ball.Ref: 1
1886 William J. Kendall swims through the Niagara Rapids wearing a cork vest. 
1917*In a 22-inning contest against the Dodgers, Pirates' outfielder Carson Bigbee sets a major-league record with 11 at-bats. The game was also the fourth straight extra-inning game played by Pittsburgh (total of 59 innings) which sets a National League record.Ref: 1
1927*Babe Ruth hits 40th of 60 homers.Ref: 5
1934*Red Sox pitcher Wes Ferrell hits 2 HRs to beat White Sox 3-2 in 12.Ref: 5
1939*At Comiskey Park, the Yankees win their first night game in franchise history as the Bronx Bombers defeat the White Sox, 14-5.Ref: 1
1947*The college all-stars win for the first time in the annual charity football game between the Chicago Bears and a select team of college football standouts. The 14th annual game was played at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL.Ref: 4
1951*The largest crowd to see a basketball game -- 75,052 -- looked on as the Harlem Globetrotters performed before a non-paying crowd.Ref: 4
1954*Native Dancer, with career earnings of $785,240, was retired from horse racing. A foot ailment put the famous horse -- fourth on the all-time thoroughbred winner’s list -- out to pasture.Ref: 4
1957*St. Louis Cardinal, Stan Musial tears a muscle and chips a bone in his shoulder blade as he swung at and missed a high, outside pitch. The injury ends Musial's National League endurance record of 895 consecutive games played.Ref: 86
1958*Argos' Boyd Carter, Dave Mann combine for record 131-yd punt return.Ref: 5
1959*Lamar Hunt's proposed new football league was named the American Football League. Ref 
1959*Cin Red Frank Robinson hits 3 consecutive HRs.Ref: 5
1960*Gil Hodges set NL righty HR record with #352.Ref: 5
1961*Roger Maris, in his record-setting season, becomes the first player to hit his 50th home run in the month of August. The 26-year old all-star outfielder connects off Ken McBride as the Yankees lose to the Angels, 4-3.Ref: 1
1965*Juan Marichal thinks Johnny Roseboro throws too close to his head returning the ball to Sandy Koufax and attacks Dodger catcher with his bat. The Los Angeles backstop suffers cuts on the head during the 14-minute brawl.Ref: 1
1975*Dave McKay of the Minnesota Twins hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 12
1982*Ernie Banks becomes the first Cub to have his uniform number (14) retired.Ref: 1
1982*With two outs and two strikes in the 12th inning, reserve catcher Glenn Brummer steals home giving the Cardinals an overtime victory over the Giants.Ref: 1
1983*Carmelo Martinez of the Chicago Cubs hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 12
1984*By striking out nine Padres, Met phenom 19-year old Dwight Gooden becomes the 11th rookie to strike out 200 batters in a season.Ref: 1
1984*Evelyn Ashford of US ties world women's mark for 100 m, 10.76 sec.Ref: 5
1989*On a 96 mph fastball, A's Rickey Henderson swing and misses to become Nolan Ryan's career 5000th strikeout. The 'Ryan Express' strikes out 13 and gives up only five hits, but the Texas Rangers lose the game to Oakland, 2-0 .Ref: 1
1989*Paul Assenmacher, Atlanta Braves, strikes out 4 batters in the 5th inning. (Sporting News Complete Baseball Record Book, 2002, ISBN 0-89204-668-0) 
1998*With his 52nd home run, Mark McGwire breaks Babe Ruth's record for round-trippers in three consecutive seasons. 'Big Red' has 162 homers in three seasons (1996-52, 1997-58) compared to the Bambino's 161 dingers hit in 1926-28.Ref: 1
1998*In Oriole's 6-3 win over the Indians, Cal Ripken scores his 1,500th career run.Ref: 1
1999*Cardinal first baseman Mark McGwire becomes the first player to reach the 50 home run plateau in four consecutive seasons. 'Big Red' goes deep twice (#'s 49 & 50) in a 8-7 loss to the Mets at Shea Stadium.Ref: 1
2000*Hitting a solo blast and a three-run round tripper during a nine-run sixth inning of a 14-6 victory over the Expos, Dodger first baseman Eric Karros becomes the first player in the 111-year franchise history to hit two homers in an inning.Ref: 1
2000*Working a scoreless 12th in a 7-6 victory over the Braves, Rockies' catcher Brent Mayne becomes the first position player to be a winning pitcher since 1968 when outfielder Rocky Colavito, as a Yankee, homered and threw 2 2/3 shutout innings against his former teammates helping the Bronx Bombers to beat the Tigers.Ref: 1
2000*Reds' outfielder Alex Ochoa helps to set a major league record by hitting the 142nd grand slam of the season. The Cincinnatti's outfielder first career bases-full homer eclipses the previous mark of 141 grand slams established in 1996.Ref: 1
2000*Against the Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Dodger Eric Karros sent two more round trippers out of the park - in the same inning, becoming the first Dodger in franchise history to accomplish such a feat.Ref: 86
2000*Boxer Mike Tyson was fined $187,500 for his behavior after his 38-second victory over Lou Savarese but escaped a ban from fighting again in Britain.Ref: 98
1851 "Moby Dick"by Herman Melville first published in the USA.Ref: 70
1921*Amelita Galli-Curci makes N.Y. debut in "La Traviata"at the Metropolitan opera.Ref: 70
1922 BBC transmits first daily radio programme from Alexandra Palace inc. 6:00 news.Ref: 70
1932*The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) began its first experimental TV broadcast in England.Ref: 4
1936*BBC Television begins first regular transmissions in England.Ref: 10
1938*Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers appear, dancing, on the cover of LIFE magazine, published on this day.Ref: 4
1938*Count Basie recorded the classic swing tune, Jumpin’ at the Woodside, for Decca Records.Ref: 4
1947 After many years as a 15-minute daily serial, Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, was heard for the first time as a 30-minute feature on ABC radio. Remember, if you want to grow up to be big and strong like Jack Armstrong, keep these three rules in mind: Get plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise. Make a friend of soap and water, because dirt breeds germs -- and germs can make people sickly and weak. And for sound nourishment and keen flavor, eat a big bowlful of Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions, with plenty of milk or cream and some type of fruit.Ref: 4
1950*John Van Druten's "Bell Book and Candle"opens on Broadway at the Barrymore Theatre.Ref: 70
1960 Beyond the Fringe opens at Edinburgh Festival with P. Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett & J. Miller.Ref: 10
1968*Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce on adultry.Ref: 5
1987*Madonna’s single Who’s that Girl hit #1 in the U.S for a short and sweet one-week stay at the top.Ref: 4
1988*NBC premieres "Later" with Bob Costas (1st guest Linda Ellerbee).Ref: 5
1988 Picasso's "Maternite"sold for record $24.7 million in New York.Ref: 70
1990 Greta Garbo's Renoirs ‘Edmond' and ‘Léontine and Coco Reading' sell for $7 and $5.7 million in NY.Ref: 70
1647*Denis Papin, inventor of the pressure cooker, is born.Ref: 2
1760*Pope Leo XII is born.Ref: 69
1770*James Bruce discovers the source of the Nile.Ref: 70
1800*Birth of Edward B. Pusey, English biblical scholar and Tractarian spokesman. A devoted church leader all his life, Pusey worked to establish religious orders in Anglicanism, founding in 1845 the first Anglican sisterhood.Ref: 5
1831*Birth of William H. Cummings, English musicologist. In 1855 he adapted a theme from Mendelssohn's "Festgesang," which afterward became the melody of the Christmas carol, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing".Ref: 5
1832*First horse-drawn streetcar goes into service in New York City.Ref: 70
1834*Aviation pioneer Samuel Langley is born.Ref: 4
1836*Archibald M. Willard artist: The Spirit of ’76; is born.Ref: 4
1848*Melville Stone journalist: founder/publisher: Chicago Daily News, Associated Press; autobiography: Fifty Years a Journalist, is born.Ref: 4
1861*Mary Elizabeth Wood, American librarian and missionary, is born.Ref: 70
1862*Claude Debussy, composer, is born near Paris, France.Ref: 68
1868*Willis Whitney, American chemist; founded General Electric research laboratoryRef: 70
1880*George Herriman, cartoonist creator of Krazy Kat and longtime L.A.resident, born.Ref: 73
1891*Jacque Lipchitz, sculptor, is born.Ref: 2
1891*Francis McDonald Bowling Green Ky, actor (Will-Adv of Champion), is born.Ref: 5
1893*Dorothy Parker (Rothschild) author: News Item: Men seldom make passes/At girls who wear glasses; is born in West Bend, N.J.Ref: 4
1895*Paul White Bangor Maine, composer (Adante & Rondo for Cello)Ref: 5
1896*Light Locomotives Act passes in London; motor cars freed from 4 miles per hour speed limit.Ref: 70
1900*Elizabeth Bergner, Vienna Austria, actress (Catherine the Great), is born.Ref: 5
1902 Leni Reifenstahl is born.Ref: 10
1903*Ren‚ Wellek Vienna Austria, writer (Concepts of Criticism), is born.Ref: 5
1904*Deng Xiaoping, the powerful leader of the People's Republic of China from the late 1970's until his death in 1997, is born.Ref: 70
1908*Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer, is born.Ref: 2
1909*Mel Hein NFL center (NY Giants), is born.Ref: 5
1911*Edith Atwater Chic, actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop), is born.Ref: 5
1913*Arthur M. Sackler, American physician, publisher and art collector, is born.Ref: 70
1917*John Lee Hooker Mississippi, blues musician (Canned Heat), is born.Ref: 5
1920*Dr Denton Cooley heart surgeon (1st artifical heart transplant), is born.Ref: 68
1920*Ray Bradbury, science fiction writer whose works include Farenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, is born.Ref: 2
1920 John Lee Hooker is born.Ref: 10
1922*Micheline Presle Paris, actress (Nea, Donkey Skin), is born.Ref: 5
1924*James Kirkwood, American librettist, actor and playwright, is born.Ref: 70
1926*Bob Flanigan singer: group: The Four Freshmen: It’s a Blue World, is born.Ref: 4
1926*Honor Blackman, London, actress (Pussy Galore-Goldfinger), is born.Ref: 5
1928*John Lupton Highland Park Ill, actor (Tom-Broken Arrow), is born.Ref: 5
1928*Karlheinz Stockhausen M”drath, Germany, composer (Kontrapunkte), is born.Ref: 5
1929*Elmo Langley auto racer: NASCAR pace car driver and official, is born.Ref: 4
1930*James KirkwoodRef: 10
1932*Gerald P Carr Denver Colorado, Col USMC/astronaut (Skylab 4), is born.Ref: 5
1933*Sylvia Koscina actress (Jessica, Hercules), is born.Ref: 5
1934*Desert Storm General H. Norman Schwarzkopf is born. (TWA, 1997)Ref: 95
1934*Diana Sands actress (Raisin in the Sun, Doctor's Wife), is born.Ref: 5
1935*E. Annie Proulx, writer (Postcards, The Shipping News).Ref: 2
1935*Morton Dean Fall River Mass, TV newscaster (CBS, ABC), is born.Ref: 5
1938*Paul Maguire football: SD Chargers, Buffalo Bills; NBC, ESPN TV NFL color analyst, is born.Ref: 4
1939*Carl Yastrzemski NY, Boston Red Sox great (1967 AL MVP, Hall of Fame), is born.Ref: 5
1940*George Reinholt Phila, (Another World, One Life to Live), is born.Ref: 5
1940*Valerie Harper Sufferin NY, (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Valerie), is born.Ref: 5
1941*Bill (Duane) Parcells football coach: Air Force Academy, NY Giants [Sporting News Coach of the Year: 1986], New England Patriots, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, is born.Ref: 68
1942*Joe Chambers musician: guitar; singer: group: The Chambers Brothers: Time Has Come Today, is born.Ref: 4
1943*Singer Kathy Lennon (The Lennon Sisters) is born in Santa Monica CA. (TWA, 1988)Ref: 95
1944*Tom Mitchell football: Baltimore Colts tight end: Super Bowl: III, V, is born.Ref: 4
1945*CBS newsman Steve Kroft is born in Kokomo IN.Ref: 68
1945*James G Richardson Gainesville Fla, actor (Tim Cassidy-Sierra), is born.Ref: 5
1945*Ron Dante Staten Island NY, rocker (Archies-Sugar, Sugar), is born.Ref: 5
1947*Actress Cindy Williams (Shirley of Laverne and Shirley) is born.Ref: 4
1948*Delles Howell football: NO Saints, NY Jets, is born.Ref: 4
1949*Diana Nyad swimmer (1st to swim Bahamas to Fla-1979), is born.Ref: 5
1950*(Bertram) Ray Burris baseball: pitcher: Chicago Cubs, NY Mets, NY Yankees, Montreal Expos, Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, SL Cardinals, is born.Ref: 4
1950*Sam Neely singer: Love You Just Crossed My Mind, is born.Ref: 4
1951*Ike (Isaac Bernard) Hampton baseball: NY Mets, California Angels, is born.Ref: 4
1952*Gary (Ray) Beare baseball: pitcher: Milwaukee Brewers, is born.Ref: 4
1956*Paul (Leo) Molitor baseball: Milwaukee Brewers [all-star: 1980, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1992/World Series: 1982]; Toronto Blue Jays [all-star: 1993, 1994/World Series: 1993: MVP: only player to hit 5 for 5 in World Series; designated hitter record for stolen bases [24]]; Minnesota Twins, is born.Ref: 4
1957 Steve Davis is born.Ref: 10
1959*Juan Croucier heavy metal rocker (Ratt-Round & Round), is born.Ref: 5
1960*Debbi Peterson musician: drums, singer: group: Bangles: Walk like an Egyptian, Manic Monday, is born.Ref: 4
1961*Roland Orzabal singer (Tears for Fears-Shout, Head over Heels), is born.Ref: 5
1963*Terry Catledge NBA star (Orlando Magic), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Mats Wilander Sweden, tennis player (1988 US Open), is born.Ref: 5
1964*Tori Amos, actress, is born in North Carolina. (TWA, 1998)Ref: 95
1966*Mark Michaels heavy metal guitarist (Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar), is born.Ref: 5
1986*$100,000,000 record fine paid by Ivan F. Boesky to SEC;agrees to plead guilty of insider trading.Ref: 70
1485*King Richard III of England, last of the Plantagenets, dies in the Battle of Bosworh Field at age 32 ending the War of the Roses.Ref: 70
1553 -John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland executedRef: 10
1806*Jean-Honore Fragonard, French rococo painter, dies at age 74.Ref: 70
1818*Warren Hastings first governor-general of India (1773-84), dies at 85.Ref: 5
1831*Nat Turner's Revolt. Nat Turner initiates his slave uprising by slaughtering his owner Joseph Travis and Travis's family. Over the next twenty-four hours, Turner and an estimated 70 followers rampaged through Southampton County, Virginia, killing 55 whites, while attempting to incite other slaves into revolt. (Schneider, Dorothy, "Slavery in America", (c) 2000, ISBN 0-8160-3863-5) 
1849*The Portuguese governor of Macao, China, is assassinated because of his anti-Chinese policies.Ref: 2
1890*Vasile Alecsandri, Romanian lyric poet and dramatist, dies at age 69.Ref: 70
1922*Michael Collins, Irish revolutionary leader and statesman, is killed in an ambush at age 31.Ref: 70
1926*Charles William Eliot, American educator, President of Harvard (1869-1909), dies at age 92.Ref: 70
1933*The Barker Gang holds up a Federal Reserve mail truck and kills a highway patrolman.Ref: 52
1940*Sir Oliver Lodge, English physicist and parapsychologist, dies at age 89.Ref: 70
1942*Michel Fokine, Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, dies at age 62.Ref: 70
1958*Roger Martin du Gard, French Nobel Prize-winning author, dies at age 77.Ref: 70
1967*Gregory Pincus, the American scientist whose discoveries led to the development of the first birth-control pills, dies.Ref: 70
1977*Sebastian Cabot actor (Mr French-Family Affair), dies at 59.Ref: 5
1978*Jomo Kenyatta president of Kenya, dies at 83.Ref: 5
1979*James Thomas Farrell US, author (Studs Lonigan trilogy), dies.Ref: 4
1989*Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton is shot to death in Oakland, CA at age 47. Tyrone Robinson was later sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. (XDG, p 4A, 8/22/2000)Ref: 83
1991*Colleen Dewhurst Tony Award-winning actress: All the Way Home [1960], A Moon for the Misbegotten [1974]; Desire Under the Elms, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Mourning Becomes Electra, Ah, Wilderness; Emmy Award-winner: Between Two Women [1986], Those She Left Behind [1989], Murphy Brown: Bon and Murphy and Ted and Avery [1991]; dies of cancer at age 67.Ref: 4
2000*Art dealer Leo Castelli died in NY at age 91. (TWA, 2000)Ref: 95
2000*A China Airlines jet burst into flames at Hong Kong's new airport, killing three people and injuring more than 200.Ref: 6

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