Ken Fussichen's History Of The Day For
September 8th

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695*Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is instituted.Ref: 62
1522*Spanish navigator Juan de Elcano returns to Spain, completes 1st circumnavigation of globe, expedition begins under Ferdinand Magellan. One ship, the Victoria, of five returns. Eighteen of 250 of the original sailors live to see home.Ref: 22
1529 The Ottoman Sultan Suleiman re-enters Buda and establishes John Zapolyai as the puppet king of Hungary.Ref: 2
1553*City of Lichfield, England established.Ref: 5
1565*The parish of St. Augustine, Florida, was founded by Father Don Martin Francisco Lopez de Mendozo Grajales. This is the first permanent settlement in America.Ref: 5
1628*John Endecott arrives with colonists at Salem, Massachusetts, where he will become the governor.Ref: 2
1636*Harvard College (later University) was founded by the Massachusetts Puritans with the help of £800 from Rev. John Harvard at New Towne. It was the first institution of higher learning established in North America, and was originally founded to train future ministers.Ref: 5
1644*The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam surrenders to the British fleet that sails into its harbor. Five years later, the British change the name to New York.Ref: 2
1745*"God save the King" is sung for the first time following the defeat of English forces by Jacobites.Ref: 62
1771*Mission San Gabriel Archangel forms in California.Ref: 5
1845*Oxford Movement leader, John Henry Newman, 44, resigned from the Church of England -- convinced that it had severed itself from its ancient episcopal moorings and true apostolic succession -- and became a Roman Catholic.Ref: 5
1858*Lincoln makes a speech about when you can fool people.Ref: 5
1860*Loss of steamer, "Lady Elgin".Ref: 5
1883*Northern Pacific RR's last spike driven at Independence Creek, MT.Ref: 5
1892*The original version of the Pledge of Allegiance, written by a former Baptist preacher Francis Bellamy, is published in "Youth's Companion", a magazine. (TWA, 1997)Ref: 95
1920*US Air Mail service begins (NYC to SF).Ref: 5
1924*Alexandra Kollontai of Russia becomes 1st woman ambassador.Ref: 5
1925*(Sweet) After telling the police of his intentions, Dr. Sweet and his family move into their new home on Garland. That night a crowd of 500 to 800 people gather outside the Sweet home.Ref: 87
1926*Germany is admitted to the League of Nations. (Also 18)Ref: 36
1928*Pius XI issued the encyclical "Rerum Orientalium," promoting study of the history, doctrine and liturgy of Eastern Orthodoxy. He recommended that priests apply themselves to special studies at the Oriental Institute in Rome, founded in 1917 by Benedict XV.Ref: 5
1930*NYC public schools begin teaching Hebrew.Ref: 5
1935*Huey P Long (Sen-LA) is shot at the Baton Rouge Capitol building allegedly by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr. He dies two days later. (XDG, p 4A, 9/8/2000)Ref: 83
1945*Korea is partitioned by the Soviet Union and the United States.Ref: 2
1951*A peace treaty with Japan was signed by 48 nations in San Francisco.Ref: 70
1953*Continental Trailways offers the first transcontinental express bus service in the U.S. The 3,154-mile ride from New York City to San Francisco lasted 88 hours 50 minutes. 
1954 The United States, Australia, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand sign the mutual defense treaty that established the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). Ref 
1958 Oman turns over Gwadur (on Bal£chist n coast) to Pakistan.Ref: 5
1967 Uganda abolishes traditional tribal kingdoms, becomes a republic.Ref: 5
1970*(Mississippi Burning) Two of the conspirators are badly beaten by black inmates in a federal prison in Texarkana.Ref: 87
1971*Prison revolt begins at Attica Prison, New York.Ref: 10
1974*President Ford pardons former President Nixon. "…grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from July (January) 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974." (XDG, p 4A, 9/8/2000)Ref: 83
1975*Boston's public schools began their court-ordered citywide busing program amid scattered incidents of violence.Ref: 70
1977*Interpol sends a resolution concerning video piracy.Ref: 5
1984*Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 41G mission.Ref: 5
1986*Nissan Motor Company Ltd. opens its Sunderland, England plant, the first Japanese automobile factory in Europe. 
1987*Microsoft announces the shipment of its first CD-ROM application, Microsoft Bookshelf, a collection of 10 of the most popular and useful reference works on a single CD-ROM disk. Bookshelf is the first general purpose application to bring the benefits of CD-ROM technology to personal computer users. 
1990*The Ellis Island Historical Site opens on Eliis Island, NYC, honoring the immigrants.Ref: 5
1991*President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev arrived in Helsinki, Finland, for a one-day summit sparked by the Persian Gulf crisis.Ref: 6
1994*Microsoft announces that Microsoft Windows 95 is the official name for the next version of Windows, code-named "Chicago", replacing Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and MS-DOS as the mainstream desktop operating system. 
1995*(OJ Simpson) Appeals court rejects Ito's jury instruction.Ref: 87
1996 Bosnia's warring sides reached a compromise in Geneva, agreeing to divide the nation into two states: one for the rebel Serbs and another for the Muslims and Croats.Ref: 6
1997*America Online acquired CompuServe, the oldest US on-line computer service. The billion-dollar deal also saw AOL involved with WorldCom, a telephone company with hundreds of miles of high-capacity line. Under the deal, WorldCom kept CompuServe’s global data network and agreed to provide network services to AOL. The deal gave AOL much-needed cash to develop new online content and expand its base of 9 million subscribers.Ref: 4
1999*A 5.9 earthquake hits Athens, Greece. 
2000*Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley officially kicked off his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination with a rally in his hometown of Crystal City, Missouri.Ref: 6
2000*The head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs apologized for the federal agency's "legacy of racism and inhumanity" that included massacres, forced relocations of tribes and attempts to wipe out Indian cultures.Ref: 70
2003*On page B8 of todays WSJ, Microsoft Corporation has agreed to pay $23.3M to Be Inc to settle an antitrust suit that alleges Microsoft illegally shut Be out of crucial deals with personal computer makers. Microsoft did not admit wrongdoing.Ref: 33
2003*(Mutual Funds) New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer subpoenas 11 other hedge funds for information regarding illegal mutual fund trading. (WSJ, p C1, 10/29/2003)Ref: 33
1906*Robert Turner invents the automatic typewriter return carriage.Ref: 2
1940*Marcel Ravidat discovers entrance to Lascaux cave in Montignac, France. Paintings revealed 9/12.Ref: 10
1945*A bus equipped with a two-way radio was put into service for the first time -- in Washington, DC.Ref: 4
1960*NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., was dedicated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Center is named for General George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff during World War II, and a Nobel Prize winner for his post-World War II "Marshall Plan."Ref: 2
1967*Surveyor 5 launched; makes soft landing on Moon Sept 10.Ref: 5
1983*NASA launches RCA-6.Ref: 5
1985*Discovery flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB.Ref: 5
70 Following a six-month siege, Jerusalem surrenders to the 60,000 troops of Titus' Roman army. Over a million Jewish citizens perished in the siege and, following the city's capture, another 97,000 were sold into slavery.Ref: 5
1380*Russians defeat Tatars at Kulikovo, marking the beginning of the decline of Tatars.Ref: 5
1565 Great seige of Malta ends; Maltese and Knights of St. John finally beat Turks who attacked in May.Ref: 5
1754*News of Washington's surrender at Fort Necessity reaches London and stimulates Newcastle to appeal for help from Cumberland.Ref: 92
1755*British forces under William Johnson defeat the French and the Indians at the Battle of Lake George.Ref: 2
1760*The French surrender the city of Montreal to the British.Ref: 2
1796*Battle of Bassano-French beat Austrians.Ref: 5
1845*A French column surrenders at Sidi Brahim in the Algerian War.Ref: 2
1863*Confederate Lieutenant Dick Dowling and 47 Texas volunteers thwart a Union naval landing at Sabine Pass, northeast of Galveston, Texas.Ref: 2
1914*First aerial victory for a Russian aircraft, when captain P. N. Nesterov, in an unarmed Morane-Saulnier M, rammed an Austrian aircraft. He was killed in the process.Ref: 49
1915*Germany begins a new offensive in Argonne on the Western Front.Ref: 2
1939*President Franklin Roosevelt declares a "limited national emergency" in response to the outbreak of war in Europe. (XDG, p 4A, 9/8/2000)Ref: 83
1942*Germany's siege of Leningrad begins. It will last 900 days. 
1942*Third War Loan drive began.Ref: 37
1943*The Italian surrender is announced.Ref: 36
1944*The first V-2 missles are launched from Holland against Britain.Ref: 5
1945*MacArthur enters Tokyo. 
1945*US invades Japanese-held Korea.Ref: 5
1868*NY Athletic Club formed.Ref: 5
1883*NY Giants score 13 runs in an inning against the Phillies.Ref: 5
1905*Pitts Pirates strand NL record 18 men on base & lose to Reds 8-3.Ref: 5
1916*In front the smallest crowd in American League history, A's catcher/outfielder Wally Schang, with 23 fans attending the game, becomes the first switch-hitter in major league history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same game.Ref: 1
1925*In the nightcap of a doubleheader at Fenway Park, Babe Ruth hits his 300th career home run of southpaw Buster Ross as the Yankees defeat the Red Sox, 7-4.Ref: 1
1935*Trailing 5-1 in the ninth against the Indians, the Red Sox rally for two runs with no outs and have the bases loaded when Joe Cronin hits a line drive to third baseman Odell Hall. The ball deflects off Hall's head to shortstop Bill Knickerbocker who catches it in the air for the first out and throws to second, doubling up Billy Werber with second baseman Roy Hughes relaying to first base tripling up Mel Almada to complete the 5-6-4-3 triple play ending the rally and the game.Ref: 1
1937*Yankees trail 6-1, come up with 8 in the 9th, beat Boston 9-6.Ref: 5
1939*Yanks beat Red Sox 4-1 in 7, game called because of lightning.Ref: 5
1939*With his 12-1 victory over the Browns in St. Louis, Bob Feller becomes the youngest modern-era player to win 20 games.Ref: 1
1940*Johnny Mize hits homers #'s 38, 39 and 40 in the first game of a doubleheader becoming the first player to hit three homers in one game four times in his career. Despite the 'Big Cat's' heroics, the Cardinals drop a pair to the Pirates, 16-14 and 9-4.Ref: 1
1943*Buddy Kerr of the New York Giants hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 12
1943*New York Giants player Ace Adams pitched his 62nd game, and set a major-league baseball record for number of games worked by a pitcher in a single season.Ref: 4
1946*San Francisco 49ers play first AAFC game, lose to NY Yankees 21-7.Ref: 5
1950*Sandy Sadler grabbed the world featherweight boxing title from Willie Pep by a knockout. Peps shoulder was dislocated while he was in a clinch with Sadler. Yeeeeeeowwwwccccchhh! That was probably more of a passout than a knockout.Ref: 4
1954*With a 3-2 count, Phillies Richie Ashburn fouls next 14, then walks.Ref: 5
1955*The Brooklyn Dodgers won the National League pennant this day -- the earliest a team had done so.Ref: 4
1957*Mal Anderson & Althea Gibson win tennis' US Open.Ref: 5
1958*Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates tied a major-league baseball record by hitting three triples. Clemente led the Bucs to a 4-1 win over the Cincinnati Reds.Ref: 4
1963*For the thirteenth and final time in his career, Braves' lefthander Warren Spahn has a twenty-win season as he beats the Phillies, 3-2.Ref: 1
1965*Bert Campaneris of the Kansas City Athletics plays all nine positions as the Athletics lost to the California Angels, 5-3 in 13 innings. He gave up one run while playing the role of pitcher.Ref: 4
1972*Chic Cub Ferguson Jenkins wins his 20th game for 6th straight year.Ref: 5
1972*Jim Ryun (US) & Billy Fordjour (Ghana) collide & fall in qualifying competitions for 1,500m finals, ending Ryan's chances for gold.Ref: 5
1973*Home run number 709 went into the record books for Hank Aaron. The Atlanta slugger established a major-league baseball record for the most home runs hit in one league. Aaron eclipsed Babe Ruth’s record of 714 homers in 1974.Ref: 4
1973*Texas Ranger manager Whitey Herzog is replaced by former Detroit skipper Billy Martin as Rangers manager.Ref: 86
1973*Texas Ranger second baseman Dave Nelson ties a major league record by stealing second, third and home in the first inning against Cleveland's Dick Bosman.Ref: 86
1973*First all Australian women's US Open final, (Court beats Goolagong).Ref: 5
1977*Cub relief pitcher Bruce Sutters strikes out the first six batters he faces including three men in the ninth on nine pitches.Ref: 1
1978*2nd game of the Boston Massacre; Yanks beat Red Sox 13-2.Ref: 5
1980*Commissioner Bowie Kuhn suspends Ferguson Jenkins as a result of the pitcher's drug arrest on August 25th.Ref: 1
1984*Some 6000 of the Notre Dame student body (total: 7300) assembled in what may have been the longest bus caravan ever. The students traveled from South Bend to Indianapolis, IN, in 147 buses, to see the sold-out Notre Dame-Purdue football game.Ref: 4
1985 Alayson Gibbons sets 24 hr women swim record of 42.05 mi in 25 m pool.Ref: 5
1985*At Wrigley Field off Cubs' hurler Reggie Patterson, Pete Rose gets two hits, including a historic single to tie Ty Cobb's career record of 4,191 hits. The game will be suspended due to darkness which will enable the Reds' player-manager to break the record at home.Ref: 1
1986*Herschel Walker makes his start in the National Football League. He led the Dallas Cowboys to a 31-28 win over the New York Giants. Walker had played in the USFL for the New Jersey Generals.Ref: 4
1988*Javier Sotomayer of Cuba high jumps world record 2.43 m (7' 11")Ref: 5
1990*Gabriella Sabitini beats Steffi Graff to win the US Open.Ref: 5
1990*Darryl Strawberry, the Mets all-time home run leader (252), ends his eight-year tenure with New York and signs a five -year free-agent deal with his hometown Dodgers.Ref: 1
1991*Gabriela Sabatini won the US Open women's championship and her first grand slam title as she defeated Steffi Graf.Ref: 6
1991*Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly passes for 6 touchdowns vs Pitts (52-34).Ref: 5
1991*Stefan Edberg wins the US OpenRef: 5
1995*The Cleveland Indians defeat the Baltimore Orioles, 3-2, clinching the AL Central Division. The Indians go 100-44, winning the Division by 30 games, the largest margin ever.Ref: 86
1996*Todd Hundley joins Mickey Mantle as the only other switch hitter to hit 40 homers in a season. His 40th home run also breaks Strawberry's Met club record for most homers in a single season.Ref: 1
1996*A Gary Sheffield fifth inning home run against the Expos' Pedro Martinez breaks the major league home run record for a season; the previous record of 4,458 was set 1987.Ref: 1
1998*Marlon Anderson of the Philadelphia Phillies hits a home run in his first major league at bat.Ref: 12
1998*Cardinal first baseman Mark McGwire connects off of Cub hurler Steve Trachsel and sends a 341-foot line-drive over the left field fence for his historic 62nd home run breaking the single-season home run record set in 1961 by Roger Maris. Big Mac's historic homer comes in the fourth inning of a national televised game.Ref: 1
2000*Florida Marlins Manager John Boles receives a one-year contract extension through the 2002 season.Ref: 86
2000*The Toronto Blue Jays reach an agreement to remain in Dunedin for spring training for an additional 15 years beginning in 2002.Ref: 86
2002*When Rafael Palmeiro goes long against the Devil Rays in the sixth inning the Rangers establish a new a major league record by hitting a home run in their 26th consecutive game.Ref: 1
1504 Michelangelo's 13-foot marble statue of David is unveiled in Florence, Italy.Ref: 2
1921*Margaret Gorman of Washington, D.C., was crowned the first Miss America in Atlantic City, N.J.Ref: 70
1930*The comic strip "Blondie" first appeared.Ref: 5
1935*The Hoboken Four, featuring Frank Sinatra as lead singer, appeared on Major Bowes Amateur Hour on WOR radio. The group won the competition held at the Capitol Theatre in NY City.Ref: 4
1941*Harry James and his orchestra recorded Miserlou for Columbia Records.Ref: 4
1944 Ed Wynn resumed his radio career after seven years off the air. Wynn starred in Happy Island on the NBC Blue network.Ref: 4
1945*Bess Myerson of New York is crowned "Miss America" in Atlantic City, New Jersey, becoming the first Jewish contestant to win the title.Ref: 70
1952 Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man & the Sea" is published.Ref: 5
1955*Disneyland entertains its One Millionth GuestRef: 67
1956*Harry Belafonte's album "Calypso," goes to #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks.Ref: 5
1957*Pope Pius XII encyclical On motion pictures, radio, TV.Ref: 5
1960 Penguin Books in Britain is charged with obscenity for trying to publish the D.H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterly's Lover.Ref: 2
1966*"Star Trek" (The Man Trap) premiers on NBC-TV. (Ref: Engle, Joel, "Gene Roddenberry, The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek, ISBN 0-7868-6004-9, 1994) 
1966*"That Girl" starring Marlo Thomas premiers on ABC-TV.Ref: 5
1971*The Kennedy Center opens in Washington, DC with a performance of Leonard Bernstein's Mass.Ref: 2
1977*Jimmy McCullough quits Wings.Ref: 5
1985*"USA Weekend's" first issue, appears in 255 newspapers.Ref: 5
1990*Jon Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory hit number one on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 singles list. The song, from the album of the same name, was the theme song from the movie Young Guns II and earned Jon Bon Jovi an Academy Award nomination for Best Song.Ref: 4
2003*(Napster) The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) files 261 lawsuits against individuals it says have illegally used file-sharing software to distribute copyrighted music online, the first of what it says could be thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits.. (WSJ, p B1, 9/09/2003)Ref: 33
1157*Richard the Lionheart Coeur de Lion: Richard I: King of England [1189-1199]; is born possibly at the Palace of Beaumont in Oxford.Ref: 4
1474*Ludovico Ariosto Italy, poet (Orlando Furioso), is born.Ref: 5
1588*Marin Mersenne, France, mathematician/musician/philospher (Cartesian), is born.Ref: 5
1767 Wilhelm von Schlegel is born.Ref: 10
1828*Margaret Olivia Sage, American philanthropist, is born.Ref: 70
1830*Frederic Mistral Proven‡al poet (Nobel 1904), is born.Ref: 5
1837 Joaquin Miller is born.Ref: 10
1841*Antonin Dvorak composer: Slavonic Dances, Fifth Symphony, The Water Nymph, Carnival, Gypsy Melodies; is born. (Cross, Milton, "Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music", Doubleday & Co, 1953) 
1863*Jessie Willcox Smith, American painter and illustrator, is born.Ref: 70
1866*James and Jennie Bushnell became the proud parents of sextuplets in Chicago, IL. Three boys and three girls were born. Though two babies died, the surviving four lived long lives. This was the first recorded birth of sextuplets.Ref: 4
1873*David O McKay Huntsville, Utah, 9th pres of Mormon church, is born.Ref: 5
1873*Max Reinhardt Austria, theatrical director (Oedipus Rex), is born.Ref: 5
1886*Siegfried Sassoon, British author and poet famous for his anti-war writing about World War I, is born.Ref: 2
1889*Robert A Taft (Sen-R-Ohio, co-author of the Taft-Hartley Act) is born.Ref: 68
1896 Howard Dietz is born.Ref: 10
1897*Jimmie (James Charles) Rodgers ‘The Blue Yodeler’: Country Music Hall of Famer: ‘T’ for TX, Brakeman’s Blues, Blues Yodel , Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues; first country singer to be in a film: Singing Brakeman; member: Country Music Hall of Fame; is born in Mendoza MS.Ref: 4
1898*Queenie Smith NYC, actress/dancer (Funny Side)Ref: 5
1900*Claude (Denson) Pepper US Senator from Florida [1936-1950]; member of Congress for fourteen terms; champion of social welfare for the elderly; is born.Ref: 4
1907*Gavin Muir, Chicago IL, actor (Hollister-Betty Hutton Show), is born.Ref: 5
1907*Leon Askin Vienna Austria, actor (Pierre-Charlie Farrell Show), is born.Ref: 5
1907*Buck Leonard, American baseball playerRef: 70
1910*Jean-Louis Barrault France, actor (Les Enfants du Paradis), is born.Ref: 5
1912*Leo Cherne NYC, economist/commentator (All Star News), is born.Ref: 5
1914*Hillary Brooke (Beatrice Peterson), (Abbott & Costello's neighbor, Hillary) is born.Ref: 4
1915*Duffy (Hugh) Daugherty College Football Hall of Famer: player, coach: Syracuse University; coach: Michigan State: won two Big Ten championships; is born.Ref: 4
1921*Harry Secombe Wales, actor (Down Among the "Z" Men), is born.Ref: 5
1922*Sid Caesar Emmy Award-winning actor, comedian: Your Show of Shows [1951], Caesar’s Hour [1956]; Sid Caesar Invites You, Admiral Broadway Revue, is born.Ref: 4
1922*Lyndon LaRouche, American presidental candidate (1980), is born.Ref: 5
1924 Grace Metalious is born.Ref: 10
1924*Wendell Ford (Sen-D-Ky), is born.Ref: 5
1925*Peter (Richard Henry) Sellers comedian, English actor: The Pink Panther series, What’s New Pussycat, The Mouse that Roared, The World of Henry Orient, Casino Royale, Dr. Strangelove, Being There, is born.Ref: 68
1925*Denise Darcel Paris France, actress (Dangerous When Wet), is born.Ref: 5
1929*Christoph von Dohn nyi Berlin Germany, conductor/pianist, is born.Ref: 5
1929*Severn Darden actor (Popesco-Mary Hartman), is born.Ref: 5
1930*Jeanette Altwegg England, figure skater (Olympic-gold-1952), is born.Ref: 5
1931 Jack Rosenthal is born.Ref: 10
1932*Patsy Cline (Virginia Petterson Hensley) Country Music Hall of Famer: Crazy, I Fall to Pieces, Walkin’ After Midnight, She’s Got You, Heartaches, Sweet Dreams (Of You), Faded Love; is born.Ref: 4
1933*Michael Frayn, playwright (A Very Private Life, Noises Off), is born.Ref: 2
1934*Peter Maxwell Davies Manchester England, composer (Prolation), is born.Ref: 5
1937*Virna Lisi (Pieralisi) actress: Assault on a Queen, Bluebeard, Christopher Columbus, Le Serpent [Night Flight from Moscow], Casanova, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, is born.Ref: 4
1938*Sam Nunn (Sen-D-Ga): Chairperson of Senate Armed Forces Committee, is born.Ref: 4
1940*Willie Tyler Red Level Ala, ventriloquist (Lester), is born.Ref: 5
1941*Christopher Connelly actor: The Messenger, Mines of Kilimanjaro, Benji, The Martian Chronicles: Part 3; is born.Ref: 4
1941*Dante Drowty singer: group: Dante and The Evergreens: Alley-OopRef: 4
1941*Alan Feinstein NYC, actor (Max-Berrengers, Family Tree), is born.Ref: 5
1942*Brian Cole musician: bass, singer: group: The Association: Along Comes Mary, Cherish, Windy, Never My Love, Everything That Touches You, Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies, is born.Ref: 4
1945*Lem Barney Pro Football Hall of Famer: Detroit Lions cornerback: NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year [1967]; played in 10 Pro Bowls, is born.Ref: 4
1945*Rogie Vachon, Quebec, NHL goalie (Canadiens, Kings, Vezina-1968), is born.Ref: 5
1946*Ken (Kenneth Roth) Forsch baseball: pitcher: Houston Astros [all-star: 1976], California Angels [all-star: 1981], is born.Ref: 4
1946*L.C. Greenwood football: Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end: Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV, is born.Ref: 4
1947*Ann Beattie Wash DC, short story writer (New Yorker Magazine), is born.Ref: 5
1951*Mark McCumber golfer, is born.Ref: 5
1951*Tom Gullikson Wisc, tennis player (US mixed Doubles 1984), is born.Ref: 5
1954*Clayton Norcross actor (Bold & Beautiful, Colbys, Santa Barbara), is born.Ref: 5
1956*Maurice Cheeks NBA guard (NY Knicks, Phila '76ers), is born.Ref: 5
1957*Heather Thomas Greenwich Ct, actress (Jody-Fall Guy, Coed Fever), is born.Ref: 5
1958*Michael Lardie musician: group: Great White, is born.Ref: 4
1958*David Lewis guitarist (Atlantic Starr-Touch a 4 Leaf Clover), is born.Ref: 5
1959*Chessie Moore actress: X-rated films, is born.Ref: 4
1960*-Aguri Suzuki, Japanese racing phenomenon, is born. 
1960*David Steele musician: keyboards, bass: group: Fine Young Cannibals, The Beat: Stand Down Margaret, Wha’appen, Can’t Get Used to Losing You, is born.Ref: 4
1961*Franny Michel Bkln NY, actress (Patricia-Apple's Way), is born.Ref: 5
1962*Scott Levy pro wrestler/actor: WCW Saturday Night, WWF Monday Night RAW, Wrestlemania X, WCW Thunder, WWF Smackdown!, Armageddon, WWF No Way Out, is born.Ref: 4
1963*Ines Cuervo de Priete, 34, gives birth to quintuplets, all boys.Ref: 5
1971*David Arquette actor: The Outsiders, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Webbers, Dead Man’s Walk, Dream with the Fishes, Scream 2, WCW Monday Nitro, WCW Thunder, Scream 3, 3000 Miles to Graceland, is born.Ref: 4
1971*Cristy Thom Los Angeles Ca, playmate (Feb, 1991), is born.Ref: 5
1973*Jason Downs actor is born.Ref: 5
1981*Jonathan Taylor Thomas actor: The Adventures of Pinocchio, Tom and Huck, Man of the House, Home Improvement, Itsy Bitsy Spider cartoon, is born.Ref: 4
701 Saint Sergius I dies.Ref: 10
1100*Clement III, first antipope (1084-1100), dies.Ref: 69
1784*Ann Lee, English-born American religious leader, dies at age 48.Ref: 70
1888*Annie Chapman is murdered, believed to be the second of five women murdered by Jack "The Ripper".Ref: 8
1900*Galveston, Texas was struck by the worst hurricane (and deadliest natural disaster) in American history. 23 foot waves fronting winds up to 135 mph took 6,000 lives. The storm battered Galveston for 18 hours. When the city, on an island connected to the mainland by a 2-mile long causeway, was rebuilt, it was raised 15 feet above its previous level; and a new sea wall was built six feet higher than the previous high-water mark. Hurricanes were not named until the mid-1950's.Ref: 4
1903 Between 30,000 and 50,000 Bulgarian men, women and children are massacred in Monastir by Turkish troops seeking to check a threatened Macedonian uprising.Ref: 2
1910*World's first mid-air collision in Austria. The pilots were brothers.Ref: 10
1933 King Faisal Iraq dies.Ref: 10
1934*A fire aboard the liner Morro Castle off the New Jersey coast claimed 134 lives.Ref: 70
1941*The entire Jewish community of Meretsch, Lithuania is exterminated.Ref: 5
1947*Victor, Baron Horta, Belgian architect, dies at age 86.Ref: 70
1949*Richard Strauss composer: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Don Quixote, Till Eulenspiegel; dies at age 85.Ref: 4
1953*(US Supreme Court Justice) Frederick Vinson 13th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Congressman, WWII Director of War Mobilization; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury [1945]; dies.Ref: 68
1954*Andre Derain, French painter and theatrical designer, dies at age 74.Ref: 70
1961*Secretary General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold of Sweden is killed in a plan crash. (Ref 
1965*Joshua Lionel Cowen, electric toy train inventor, dies.Ref: 68
1965*Dorothy (Jean) Dandridge actress: Island in the Sun, Carmen Jones, dies at age 41 in Hollywood CA.Ref: 4
1965*Hurricane Betsy kills 75 in Louisiana & Florida.Ref: 5
1969*Bud (Clayton Johnson Heermance, Jr.) Collyer radio: Superman; TV host: To Tell the Truth, Beat the Clock, Masquerade Party, Winner Take All; dies at age 61 in Greenwich CT.Ref: 68
1977*Zero (Samuel Joel) Mostel, actor, dies at age 62.Ref: 68
1979*Jean Seberg actress: Paint Your Wagon, The Mouse That Roared, Airport, Joan of Arc, Bonjour Tristesse; dies at age 40.Ref: 4
1981*Roy Wilkins longtime executive director of NAACP, dies at 80.Ref: 5
1985*7 die in a car & train crash in San Jose Calif.Ref: 5
1991*Alex North music composer (Spartacus), dies at 80 of cancerRef: 5
1994*USAir flight 427 crashed as it was approaching Pittsburgh International Airport. All 132 people on board the Boeing 737 were killed. In March of 1999, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that rudder malfunction was the most likely cause of the crash.Ref: 4
1994*Sen. Quentin Burdick, D-N.D., died at age 84.Ref: 70
2000*Economist Herbert Stein, who served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Nixon administration, died in Washington DC at age 83.Ref: 6
2003*Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler's filmmaker, whose documentary, "Triumph of the Will", depicted the Nazis' 1934 Nuremburg rally, dies in Poecking, Germany at age 101. (WSJ, p 1, 9/10/2003)Ref: 33

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